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    Project will expire in 14 days and 11 hours

    Implementation of Lapine UI features, DdukDdak (just call it Synthesis!!) and Upgrade, features from 2016 lying under LapineDdukDdakBox.lub and LapineUpgradeBox.lub. But for this features, only will be added for client (after) 2018-06-20e RagexeRE, also tested by using 2018-06-21a RagexeRE. $20 is not the real goal, it's juts a number that I wll donate to rAthena when this crowdfunding project is reached its goal (which will be deducted from my account credits). So, don't need to donate here, it won't be counted in crowdfunding. I repeat, do not hit the donate button on this page. The crowdfunding detail is posted on my web page: Lapine DdukDdak and Lapine Upgrade. The goal progress will updated after payment is completed (payment methods are written there & instructions will be told). Paypal, and Indonesian payment methods (Bank transfer, GoPay, OVO) are available.
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    20151104 Here's the Client List : http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi I finished the majority of my residential apartments 3d model sets, missing a few little things... food, toilet paper rolls, and a few jackets to hang up instead of just those dresses Also I saved them as KITCHEN and not APARTMENTS... itd take a few minutes to fix but leaving it as it is... I included my personal map with this in case someone wants to make something and have me include it in my game, these walls are split in half for the interior... and the sizes are good for iro sprites and mine... btw sorry if you were building with any of my old models


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    Hey, guys! I've been looking for an updated EMP breaker test room in the forum and i come across with this script. All credits goes to the real owner of this script which was not included. if you know please do comment it here. What i did was just edit some message and maybe some errors. prontera,155,181,5 script EMP Manager 4_GEFFEN_13,{ // What Map will be used .Map$ = "job3_arch01"; // How many Top Breaker will be Recorded .TopRank = 3; // Message to Inform Players while inside the Room setarray .Instruction$[0], "Please listen here carefully...", "This is a emperium breaker test room which is use to test your breaking time.", "Players are required to have a guild when entering the room.", "If you got everything then let's do this Good luck!!"; [email protected]$ = "[ EMP Manager ]"; while(1) { mes [email protected]$; mes "This is emperium breaker test room you are able to calculate your emperium breaking speed in this room."; mes "what do you want to do now?"; next; switch( select( ( getmapusers( .Map$ ) )?"^FF0000Room is not available":"^0000FFRoom is available^000000", "Top ^FF0000"+.TopRank+"^000000 Breaker ranking", ( getgmlevel() < 90 )?"":"^FF0000[GM]^000000 Reset Room", ( getgmlevel() < 90 )?"":"^FF0000[GM]^000000 Reset Ladder" )){ case 1: mes [email protected]$; if( getmapusers( .Map$ ) ){ mes "There is another player inside it now."; next; break; } warp .Map$,0,0; killmonster .Map$,"All"; donpcevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnReady"; end; case 2: mes [email protected]$; mes "Latest record: " + LatestRecord/1000+"."+LatestRecord%1000+" seconds."; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .TopRank; [email protected] ){ if( !$TopRankTime[[email protected]] ) break; mes "Top "+( [email protected] + 1 )+" - ^0000FF"+$TopName$[[email protected]]+"^000000"; mes "Time taken: ^ED1ADC"+$TopRankTime[[email protected]]/1000+"."+$TopRankTime[[email protected]]%1000+"^000000 sec. "; } next; break; case 3: mes [email protected]$; mapannounce .Map$,"Admin resets the emperium ladder room.",bc_all,0xFFFF00; killmonster .Map$,"All"; sleep 3000; mapwarp .Map$,"prontera",155,171; mes "Done reset. and player who are inside are warped out."; next; break; case 4: switch( select( "^0000FFAll Player^000000:^FF0000One Player^000000" ) ){ case 1: deletearray $TopRankTime[0],getarraysize( $TopRankTime ); deletearray $TopName$[0],getarraysize( $TopName$ ); mes "RESETED WHOLE LADDER."; break; case 2: mes "Please input the ^FF0000EXACT NAME^000000 of player you want to delete."; input .Name$; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .TopRank; [email protected] ){ if( .Name$ == $TopName$[[email protected]] ){ deletearray $TopName$[[email protected]],1; deletearray $TopRankTime[[email protected]],1; mes "Removed ^FF0000"+.Name$+"^000000 from the List."; } } } next; break; } } OnReady: sleep 3000; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize( .Instruction$ ); [email protected] ){ mapannounce .Map$,.Instruction$[[email protected]],bc_map,0xFFFF00; sleep 2500; } for( [email protected] = 5; [email protected] > 0; [email protected] ){ mapannounce .Map$,"Count Down: " + callfunc("F_InsertPlural",[email protected],"second") + "!",bc_map,0xFFFF00; sleep 1000; } monster .Map$,29,27,"Breaker Test",1288,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBreaked"; .Record = 0; sleep 500; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer600000: if( !mobcount( .Map$,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBreaked" ) ) end; mapannounce .Map$,"You spent too much time. I think you are AFK , so you are out.",bc_map,0xFFFF00; sleep 3000; mapwarp .Map$,"prontera",156,191; stopnpctimer; end; OnBreaked: .Time = getnpctimer(0); copyarray [email protected]$[0],$TopName$[0],getarraysize( $TopName$ ); copyarray [email protected][0],$TopRankTime[0],getarraysize( $TopRankTime[0] ); LatestRecord = .Time; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .TopRank; [email protected] ){ if( .Time < $TopRankTime[[email protected]] || !$TopRankTime[[email protected]] ){ set $TopRankTime[[email protected]],.Time; set $TopName$[[email protected]],strcharinfo(0); copyarray $TopRankTime[[email protected] + 1],[email protected][0],getarraysize( [email protected] ); copyarray $TopName$[[email protected] + 1],[email protected]$[0],getarraysize( [email protected]$ ); announce strcharinfo(0)+" has achieved the rank " + ([email protected] + 1) + " in emperium breaking with " + .Time/1000 + "."+.Time%1000+" seconds.",bc_all,0xFFFF00; break; } } stopnpctimer; announce "Current time taken " + .Time/1000 + "." + .Time%1000 + " seconds",bc_self,0xFFFF00; sleep 5000; mapwarp .Map$,"prontera",156,191; end; } job3_arch01 mapflag nocommand 50 job3_arch01 mapflag gvg on job3_arch01 mapflag gvg_castle job3_arch01 mapflag monster_noteleport job3_arch01 mapflag nosave SavePoint also for this script to fully work. you need to add this in your rathena/db/castle_db.txt 69,job3_arch01,Emperium Test Breaker Room,EMP Manager#OnBreaked If something came up let me know, and i will try my best to fix it.
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    made in 2013 Set character position、move distance and what skill you want to use and just use it
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    Marketplace link: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=secretdataz.athena-language-support This extension provides rAthena-flavored Athena language syntax highlighting and code snippets and automatically highlights files with .rascript extension. The following is the non-exhaustive list of code snippets provided by Athena Language Support. * `defnpc`, `defnpcfloat`, `defwarp`, and `defshop` (In-game objects definition) * `deffunction` (Function definition) * `On:` event handler snippet * `for`, `while`, `do` flow control snippet report issues: https://github.com/secretdataz/athena-language-support/issues show me I suck at making extensions: https://github.com/secretdataz/athena-language-support/pulls Special thanks to @JoWei for the base extension for Atom.
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    Need gepard asap. Message me thankyou!
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    made in 2014 semifinished product just play like game boy's Sokoban in the 1990s
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    [email protected] is the loop variable set by this : so anywhere above that it is zero. However if you bought only one item at a time, then @bought_nameid [0] does reference that item correctly. Otherwise it'll only show the first, as it's displayed outside the loop. furthermore, the loop finds you which item in your Price array was bought - and that's in [email protected] So the correct price is .Price[[email protected]] and again, only inside the loop, below the Line which ensures the variable [email protected] has the correct number.
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    as for me outside of the box basically new game ...it's not about pre-renewal or renewal (but what from i heard in my country they like pre-renewal than renewal) what's more important is uniqueness "whats make it different from other private server to your private server that would catch their attention"
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    kindly look at it first before asking http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/ & https://github.com/MegamiNoBisho/UnpackedkROclients you can find here in my git and on the site
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    what i suggested is pre-doram client if you want older than that without oborou & kagerou feature you can use 20130807
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    20150513 & 20150916 can be found in my git files former files of zackdreaver: https://github.com/MegamiNoBisho/UnpackedkROclients
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    Você pode remover a mensagem em conf/map_msg_por.conf mas não recomendo... Vai acabar interferindo na funcionalidade normal do jogo, não apenas do comando. Pode postar o dif do atcommand aqui? Talvez eu consiga mostrar pra você onde remover a mensagem de error. É a melhor forma de resolver o problema sem causar problema em outros sistemas hehe
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    Hey Functor, Read my message at skype. I already paid and send the files but you are not answering Its been 2 days already...
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    he intentado implementarselo pero ahi que agregar bastantes lineas en diferentes archivos y cuesta bastante trabajo. Creo que de todas maneras en las futuras versiones de rathena se implementaran. no creo que tarden mucho. esperare a futuras versiones. falta lo siguiente y otros lugares mas. // Episode 16.2 "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "que_swat", "rebel_in", "slabw01", // Episode 17.1 "[email protected]", "[email protected]_a", "[email protected]_b", "[email protected]", "rgsr_in", "pub_cat", "sp_cor", "sp_os", "sp_rudus", "sp_rudus2", "sp_rudus3",
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    Hey functor, I wanna pay for gepard, send me pm. Does it work on 2010-07-30 hexeds? Old times emulator (2rd) aprox. 2010 emulator.
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    El emulador tiene implementado hasta cierta parte el episodio 16.1, porque hasta cierta parte? Porque si bien tiene la Main quest del 16.1 hacia atras, pero se a brincado algunas otras implementaciones antes de dicho episodio (ej. illusion dungs, OGH Nightmare, etc)
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    hey func, check your pm. gonna order gepard thanks.
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    View File [SCRIPT COMMAND] Fake Player This modification allows you to create fake players without further using mob_avail for such behavior. Usage: [email protected] = fakeplayer( map, x, y, name, job_id, sex, hair_style, hair_color, weapon, shield, head_top, head_mid, head_bottom, option, cloth_color ); Submitter Zell Submitted 08/26/2019 Category Source Modifications Video Content Author Zell  
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    Version 2.0.0

    1 download

    Hello rACommunity, This themes is Responsive . If you want a Light Version you are freely to contact me. if you purchase this Themes: You have Free 1 Year Webhost on my Web hosting just contact me to get your Freebies. PHP VERSION REQUIRE: - PHP Version 7.2 WEB THEMES VERSION: - V.1 = PREVIEW - V.2 = PREVIEW PACKAGE INFORMATION: - MATERIAL BOOTSTRAP - EXCLUSIVE FONT AWESOME - EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL FONT ICONS WATCH SAMPLE:


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    I have it on my NYRO server.
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    Você precisa criar colunas de level no arquivo job_exp.txt O arquivo atual suporta 99 leveis (pre-re) e 175 (re) No caso, se o seu servidor é pre-re, você deve criar mais 201 colunas de experiência , sério! Mas eu tenho um arquivo aqui do meu antigo servidor Substitua em db\pre-re e vê se funciona sem nenhum erro. As vezes dependente da versão do rAthena pode ocorrer algumas variações de classe. job_exp.txt
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    If you want to remove/change the link in the window you can edit tb_cashshop_banner.lub, just replace the kRO link with a link of your own. You can also remove additional banners with the file. tb_cashshop_banner = { [1] = { "shop_banner.bmp","Insert Link Here" }, }
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    June Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of June 2019. Staff Changes: None. Development Highlights: CORE: Fixed dissapearing items when cart is full (8ed3d058) Corrected a potential crash from equip switch (8cfee2c8) Corrected Enchant Arms for older clients (754274bc) Corrected Weapon Forging inventory search (052a4fd1) Corrected the value returned by getmapflag script command for MF_RESTRICTED (f8ea43eb) Corrected PK Mapflag assignment (a548f20c) Sense - show 0 for negatives (19835b63) Implemented instance_live_info script command to retrieve some data of running instances (c1975d7e) DATABASE: Removed the duplicate item ID from item_db.txt (5c1ef394) Updated item_db.txt (aae31a19) SCRIPT: Corrected the map name for announcing the entrance in the Morse cave instance (3cb23fd5) Fixed an issue with a cooldown after killing Wounded Morroc (34971e57) Implemented the Paramarket shops (a16f0ebb) OTHERS: Added the skeleton for the yaml converter (c2899d75) Added missing gitignores for csv2yaml (a4bbb932) Add SnakeDrak as author (46d04269) Fixed csv2yaml for guild skill tree (232b3885) Clean-up doc script commands (7cc8c964) List of Contributors: @aleos89, @attackjom, @Atemo, @Daegaladh, @flamefury, @functor-x, @jenkijo, @Lemongrass3110, @LiamKarlMitchell, @Normynator, @Tokeiburu July Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of July 2019 Staff Changes: None Development Highlights: CORE: Implemented convertpcinfo script command (5fae7c26) Fixed a clone issue (912d97e4) Corrected autospell stacking (32525bad) Pet Fix Client after 20180704 (87b85819) Prevent moving/dropping the pet egg if it's hatched (454163c4) Fixed invalid item errors in achievements (8bb6b119) Fixed STR affecting mob damage in pre-renewal (2ca417b6) Cleaned up Joint Beat behavior (cb2c553f, 6d199ca7, 5702dc3c) Fixed Achievement Level progression (ac46920e) Fixed CZ_STANDING_RESURRECTION check (17f32a17) Fixed typo with wrong password length (d9db877d) Corrected Strip duration (4ea1b254) Corrected RENEWAL_ASPD macro processing (d476934c) Corrected pre-renewal Heal formula (3caf6687) Corrected a compile warning on GCC 8 (3dd388ac) Properly free function script counter (8050f7c8) Removed leftover variable (90d603d1) DATABASE: Corrected Magnum Break delay (fc2c6e02) SCRIPT: Fixed quest cooldown display bug for Quest Board NPC (bf52c52a) OTHERS: Fixed pet evolution upgrade script (e6eaa9fe) Made mob sprite column unique (d80e111e) Updated README.md (68e98a87) Small doc/script_commands.txt correction (0b1184e4) List of Contributors: @4144, @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @Asheraf, @Badarosk0, @cahya1992, @cydh, @daisyanne1380, @Everade, @gengstergile, @Indigo000, @laziem, @mazvi, @mrjnumber1, @naffej, @Normynator, @Playtester, @RadianFord, @rfperuch, @sader1992, @SeravySensei, @Stingor, @teededung, @Tokeiburu Show your support to rAthena by submitting your Issue or Pull Requests! 
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    View File @autostore - Picked item will be sent to storage automatically Type (at)autostore Choose the option Kill monster, pick item Submitter Cydh Submitted 06/13/2019 Category Source Modifications Video https://youtu.be/o6y26dZIc7U Content Author Cydh  
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    Hi, maybe you did not applied properly the diff? Make sure that you have edited next files: src/custom/battle_config_init.inc // Cashshop UI item currency shop: { "cashshop_currency_itemid", &battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid, 0, 0, MAX_ITEMID, }, src/custom/battle_config_struct.inc // Cashshop currency ItemID shop int cashshop_currency_itemid; conf/battle/items.conf // Instead of Cashpoints in Cashshop UI (interface) // Use ITEMID with ID below. The item must exists in the game // The item must have tradable flags, etc like a normal item // Instead of cashpoints will be consumed the item from players inventory // Set it to 0 if you wish completely disable the system. // Max ID = 65k cashshop_currency_itemid: 505 src/map/cashshop.cpp Find (inside function cashshop_buylist): if(pc_paycash( sd, totalcash, kafrapoints, LOG_TYPE_CASH ) <= 0){ clif_cashshop_result( sd, 0, CASHSHOP_RESULT_ERROR_SHORTTAGE_CASH ); return false; Replace to: // Custom code for using instead of cashpoints itemID as a currency in cashshop UI shop. if(battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid) { struct item_data *id_cash_currency = itemdb_search(battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid); if (!id_cash_currency) { clif_cashshop_result(sd, 0, CASHSHOP_RESULT_ERROR_SHORTTAGE_CASH); ShowError("cashshop_currency_itemid: %d itemID not exists in the game, try another one.\n", battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid); return false; } int item_idx = pc_search_inventory(sd, battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid); if (item_idx < 0 || pc_delitem(sd, item_idx, totalcash, 0, 0, LOG_TYPE_CONSUME)) { clif_cashshop_result(sd, 0, CASHSHOP_RESULT_ERROR_SHORTTAGE_CASH); return false; } } else // Original Function { if (pc_paycash(sd, totalcash, kafrapoints, LOG_TYPE_CASH) <= 0) { clif_cashshop_result(sd, 0, CASHSHOP_RESULT_ERROR_SHORTTAGE_CASH); return false; } Recompile. Tested with latest github hash
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    you probably didnt import the item_db sql into your database.
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    So here's the story why i created something like this. well all of us surely want some custom items so we took some from other servers grf. and yes, A LOT OF THEM. but come on..... If you took hundreds of them, you will surely take time to edit the following 1. Item Names 2. accessoryid.lub 3. accname.lub 4. iteminfo.lua .. (well i haven't created this one yet since im still thinking of a way to make one faster) So what i created will help you to do the things i mentioned above. For now it's still on the make, and i want to ask if there are things you still want to make easy. Just reply!. This is still on beta, so currently NO BROWSE BUTTON but will surely put it there. and also "save file to" for generating lub.
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    Sorry guys, the vedio is made with mandarin . The camp have a few functional NPC and a command @back: warp to the camp and get some support. heal : you can heal you teammate with NPC , the area will be 10x10. Jump: you can jump out the wall you choose and against the giant mobs. Shop: get whatever you need. The instance has 3 walls. When giants break down the defense line(mobs:1906) then the wall will goes disappear after 3 walls all gone and you lose. * You can make any damage to defense lines only giants can. map and mobs by Soulestar
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    For test (Remove all hat_effects and add selected effect to char) ID 0 = no effect prontera,170,180,1 script Test hat effect#test_effects 122,{ for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < 100; [email protected]){ hateffect [email protected],false; } input [email protected]; hateffect [email protected],true; end; } Script info: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt *hateffect(<Hat Effect ID>,<State>); This will set a Hat Effect onto the player. The state field allows you to enable (true) or disable (false) the effect on the player. The Hat Effect constants can be found in 'src/map/script_constants.h' starting with HAT_EF_*. Requires client 2015-05-13aRagEXE or newer. You can change effects in your data.grf (hateffectinfo.lub) hatEffectID = effect ID
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    Who does this system have? I wanted to add to my VIP players, I've been looking for this for a long time. @Edit I still managed to find this (is it to change the color of the name? Or change the color of the chat lines?), But it is outdated. Anyone understanding of source could update these codes?
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    // 2015-05-13aRagexe 48FA1E change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 B5 0C BA FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 48FAE1 change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 F2 0B BA FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 6CB3B8 change 20 28 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 29 20 5D 20 3A 20 to 20 00 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 5D 20 3A 20 00 00
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    View File 72 RO Skin Packs These files are not created by me. I just found someone share a complete package of it on facebook. Thank him/her for collecting all these Skin across the world wide web, I believe some skin files was updated or fixed by him/her. So, I'll just provide a text file that contain the link to download these files from my dummy OneDrive Folder. Album Preview : http://imgur.com/a/b1MHG Installation Guide : Pick any RO Skin that you like and Download it to your PC/Laptop. Extract the files using 7-Zip / WinRar / WinZip / etc. Copy and paste the extracted files into the %System%/kRO/Skin/ folder. Again, I don't own any of these files. I just sharing the files. None of these are commercial items. Please insert / remain the credits in case you know who're them. Thank you. Submitter Emistry Submitted 10/22/2015 Category Skins Video Content Author Unknown  
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    Version 1.0


    this is the poring collection that i previously grabbed from The Sprite Repository. inside got about 25 custom poring sprites ... previously i have edited the name of each sprites which allow me to install all the mob sprite into the test server of mine easily. I dont own any of these sprite .. and I dont know who are the original users who start to distribute it since the source no longer available. Do remain any credits of respective author if you know.


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    If possible, create a new translation on Translate Client patch to translate that to english (2018-01-24bRagexeRE): 25 64 20 BD C3 B0 A3 C0 CC 20 B0 E6 B0 FA C7 DF BD C0 B4 CF B4 D9 2E 00 B0 FA B5 B5 C7 D1 20 B0 D4 C0 D3 C0 CC BF EB C0 BA 20 C1 A4 BB F3 C0 FB C0 CE 20 C0 CF BB F3 BB FD C8 B0 BF A1 20 C1 F6 C0 E5 C0 BB 20 C1 D9 20 BC F6 20 C0 D6 BD C0 B4 CF B4 D9 ANSI: %d ½Ã°£ÀÌ °æ°úÇß½À´Ï´Ù..°úµµÇÑ °ÔÀÓÀÌ¿ëÀº Á¤»óÀûÀÎ ÀÏ»ó»ýÈ°¿¡ ÁöÀåÀ» ÁÙ ¼ö ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. UTF-8: %d 시간이 경과했습니다..과도한 게임이용은 정상적인 일상생활에 지장을 줄 수 있습니다. Offsets: 008FD990 - 008FD9E0 Another suggestion: If possible, create a new patch to use "/AI/" folder instead of "/AI_sakray/". Thanks for the NEMO update. I appreciated. <3
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    You can change it by using any HEX editor. // 2015-11-04aRagexe 4B51CE change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 85 B8 B7 FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 4B5291 change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 C2 B7 B7 FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 6FAFB0 change 20 28 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 29 20 5D 20 3A 20 to 20 00 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 5D 20 3A 20 00 00 // 2016-02-03aRagexeRE 4D209E change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 95 08 B6 FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 4D2161 change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 D2 07 B6 FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 71D994 change 20 28 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 29 20 5D 20 3A 20 to 20 00 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 5D 20 3A 20 00 00
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    Version 1.1.0


    Hello peoples, I've been asked recently to create official instances that aren't release on rathena yet. So here's my version of Infinite Space instance, based over infos took here and there, videos and divine-pride database. In the rar, you'll find all you need, including Instance file, mob, item and quest db. You'll still need up to date client (I personnaly use 20160201) to ensure the mobs are created client side. Have fun.


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    Version 2.0


    You know when you login to your server that you work on, or even play on, and you always end up typing the same commands each time before you even say hello to anyone? @autoloot, then @uptime to see when the last reboot was, @rates if you've got fluctuating exp/drop rates, etc etc. @showexp cos you want to know what's going on, blah blah blah. With this Settings NPC, a player can set those commands to automatically execute when they login. These are account based, but could easily be modified to char based. Following the general format of the script, it should be easy to add/remove commands from those available to the player. @main is listed at the bottom of the script, so if you don't use it you may as-well remove that line. This script is years old, revamped to make it work with recent revisions - i've tested it on both our live server, and my dev server and seems to work.. but if you find any bugs or glitches, or something that could be optimised abit more, please let me know


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    I'm still trying to get this to work if anyone is interested. My main concept here is to create NPC's that look like human players that will go around the map attacking monsters like humans do, but when attacked by a human, will attack back. I've been successful in getting my mobs to attack each other, and to attack players, but not both. Kind of at a loss here, if this is even possible.
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    - script gobind -1,{ // Script-Based @go Alternative by jTynne // Version: 2.0 - January 2013 // Feel free to edit this script or simply use it as a base. // Please give credit if you re-release this script with your own modifications. // Want to show your thanks via Paypal? Shoot me a buck or two : [email protected] - Thanks! OnInit: bindatcmd "go","gobind::OnAtcommand",0,10; end; OnAtcommand: if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"list")) { dispbottom "Usage: @go #"; dispbottom "0= Invek 1=Prontera 2=Morroc 3=Geffen 4=Payon"; dispbottom "5=Alberta 6=Izlude 7=Al De Baran 8=Lutie 9=Comodo"; dispbottom "10=Yuno 11=Amatsu 12=Gonryun 13=Umbala 14=Niflheim"; dispbottom "15=Louyang 16=Novice Grounds 17=Prison 18=Jawaii 19=Ayothaya"; dispbottom "20=Einbroch 21=Lighthalzen 22=Einbech 23=Hugel 24=Rachel"; dispbottom "25=Veins 26=Moscovia 27=Midgard Camp 28=Manuk 29=Splendide"; dispbottom "30=Bloodyprontera 31=El Dicastes 32=Mora 33=Dewata 34=Malangdo"; dispbottom "35=Port Malaya 36=Eclage"; end; } // map name,x,y,level requirement, group id minimum requirement if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"invek") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "0") { callsub Process,"invek",146,166,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"prontera") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "1") { callsub Process,"prontera",156,191,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"morocc") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "2") { callsub Process,"morocc",156,93,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"geffen") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "3") { callsub Process,"geffen",119,59,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"payon") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "4") { callsub Process,"payon",177,101,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"alberta") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "5") { callsub Process,"alberta",192,147,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"izlude") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "6") { callsub Process,"izlude",128,114,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"aldebaran") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "7") { callsub Process,"aldebaran",140,131,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"lutie") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "8" ) { callsub Process,"xmas",147,134,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"comodo") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "9" ) { callsub Process,"comodo",209,143,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"yuno") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "10") { callsub Process,"yuno",157,51,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"amatsu") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "11") { callsub Process,"amatsu",198,84,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"gonryun") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "12") { callsub Process,"gonryun",160,120,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"umbala") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "13") { callsub Process,"umbala",89,157,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"niflheim") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "14") { callsub Process,"niflheim",21,153,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"louyang") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "15") { callsub Process,"louyang",217,40,0,0; } if([email protected]_parameters$[0] == "16") { callsub Process,"new_1-1",53,111,0,10; } // Novice Grounds : GM Group 10 or higher only. if([email protected]_parameters$[0] == "17") { callsub Process,"sec_pri",23,61,0,10;} // Prison: GM Group 10 or higher only. if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"jawaii") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "18") { callsub Process,"jawaii",249,127,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"ayothaya") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "19") { callsub Process,"ayothaya",151,117,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"einbroch") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "20") { callsub Process,"einbroch",64,200,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"lighthalzen") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "21") { callsub Process,"lighthalzen",158,92,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"einbech") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "22") { callsub Process,"einbech",70,95,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"hugel") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "23") { callsub Process,"hugel",96,145,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"rachel") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "24") { callsub Process,"rachel",130,110,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"veins") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "25") { callsub Process,"veins",216,123,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"moscovia") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "26") { callsub Process,"moscovia",223,184,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"midgard") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "27") { callsub Process,"mid_camp",180,240,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"manuk") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "28") { callsub Process,"manuk",282,138,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"splendide") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "29") { callsub Process,"splendide",197,176,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"prontera2") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "30") { callsub Process,"prontera2",155,192,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"el dicastes") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "31") { callsub Process,"dicastes01",198,187,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"mora") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "32") { callsub Process,"mora",44,151,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"dewata") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "33") { callsub Process,"dewata",200,180,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"malangdo") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "34") { callsub Process,"malangdo",140,114,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"malaya") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "35") { callsub Process,"malaya",242,211,0,0; } if(compare ([email protected]_parameters$[0],"eclage") || [email protected]_parameters$[0] == "36") { callsub Process,"eclage",110,39,0,0; } // Custom @go locations below. Also edit them in or out of the master list found towards the top of this script file. else { dispbottom "[Server] : To use @go, enter a number 0 or greater. For a full list of available warps, type '@go list'."; end; } end; Process: set [email protected],getarg(4); set [email protected],getarg(3); set [email protected]$,getarg(0); set [email protected],getarg(1); set [email protected],getarg(2); if([email protected] > 0) { if(BaseLevel < [email protected]) { dispbottom "[Server] : You need to be at least base level "[email protected]+" or higher to teleport to this location."; end;} } if([email protected] > 0) { if(getgroupid() < [email protected]) { dispbottom "[Server] : This map cannot be accessed by your group/account level."; end;} } warp [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; end; }
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    Server side. item_db.txt ID,AegisName,Name,Type,Buy,Sell,Weight,ATK,DEF,Range,Slots,Job,Upper,Gender,Loc,wLV,eLV,Refineable,View,{ Script },{ OnEquip_Script },{ OnUnequip_Script } ID,Name card,Name card,6,20,,10,,,,,,,,Localisation,,,,,{},{},{} Put an unique ID, a name not necessarily unique and the localisation ( nb. where you insert the card) For Localisation : Client side. System/itemInfo.lub data/cardprefixnametable.txt for prefix equipment name when you insert your card in equipment (optionnal) data/num2cardillustnametable.txt if you want an illustration of your card (optionnal) data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/cardbmp/ to put the illustration (optionnal) itemInfo.lub Just follow the typo. Change the Display name, the description for identified/unindentified item. That's all. cardprefixnametable.txt Add in your file a line following the typo Card ID#Prefix# num2cardillustnametable.txt Add in your file a line following the typo Card ID#Name in cardbmp# cardbmp/ Add your illustration in bmp format 300x400
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