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  1. You can use my scripts (Make sure you modify it to your own way) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kaninhot004/rathena/team-craft/npc/utilities/die_event.txt
  2. He mean when you leeching the monster (Ex. There are tons of high orc behind you) And anybody kill that orcs. Leecher will get EXP. This is possible when you had a party and use even share exp. Then modify EXP received from share will boost EXP by cards.
  3. Do you mean you had changed the image of items but it doesn't change. Right? If so try look at itemInfo again.
  4. My way is remember 'Day' that players logged in. (gettimestr) When player login again on next days, you just use OnPCLoginEvent to check and reset those variables.
  5. You have to written custom @ go by 'bindatcommand' And check boolean for unlocked maps.
  6. Why not config it on 'conf > battle > homun'
  7. Nice to meet you. I'm pretty sure rAthena can improve your skills in many ways.
  8. data/msgstringtable.txt or use GRF Editor to extract it from .grf
  9. Use @fakename with OnLogin, OnPCLvUp events.
  10. Made a OnTouch NPC on those maps. (Store temporary char variable @ is_buff_removed and use this variable to checking further)
  11. \rathena\src\map\itemdb.cpp Around Lines 150 Change value_sell = 1 (There are other 2-3 lines that contain sell value, please change that too.)
  12. You can check damage logs (Client Chat Log) and sum it up.
  13. data/msgstringtable.txt Line 3024 Or you can search C#
  14. https://github.com/kaninhot004/rathena/blob/98f137b681235f423d7d277e624b851468da4227/npc/pk/pvp.txt Please be aware of bad people in server.
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