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  1. How do you use 2022 client on years 2012
  2. 1000 -> 1020 = 2% bonus2 bAddClass,Class_All,2; bonus2 bMagicAddClass,Class_All,2;
  3. Like Chaos92 said. Please check if any script used addrid command (Use File in files by Notepad++)
  4. Use Divine Pride API. You will get official database information.
  5. setrandomoption(HEAD_TOP,2,0,0,0); If not working setrandomoption(HEAD_TOP,2,1,0,0);
  6. \rathena\src\map\status.cpp (Line 1583) Not sure comment this line will work like you want or not. Try it if it ruin the game please wait for answer from other people.
  7. I found it now. Location: data\texture\Γ€Β―Γ€ΓΊΓ€ΓŽΓ…ΓΓ†Γ€Γ€ΓŒΒ½ΒΊ\basic_interface\collection_bg.bmp or \skin\default\basic_interface
  8. It's located on data/textures (Not sure which files, but you can search)
  9. Select that patch while using NEMO program.
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