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  1. Copy the way of 1 handed dagger works maybe?
  2. It could be -Wrong file position or it's located on data folder -Wrong file edited -Check grf order on DATA.INI Try change many file and see how it goes.
  3. Latest rAthena is compatible with 20180620. Downgrade is not good option.
  4. The word your show is located at data/msgstringtable.txt try search those words.
  5. Try atcommand "@whereis fabre";
  6. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kaninhot004/rathena/monster_room/npc/bomberland/bomberian.txt This function give you new buff everytime you call it. callfunc("RefreshBomberian"); So if you hold a 'character variables' for rebirth count. Then use it for drop rate. Done
  7. use bonus_script to handle droprate per rebirth. (See doc/script_command)
  8. It's show apple because your iteminfo have no data.
  9. Start_

    Add mob error

    Oh I see you new mob is not follow rAthena indent. That is the problem. rAthena indent
  10. Start_

    Add mob error

    Try check this 3 points
  11. Ummm you do this on item script right? For ::OnXXX just call the main npc that contain every item script to call. - script MawJustin ,{ OnSetChaosCheck: end; OnSetPowerfulCheck: end; } then call it on function MawJustin::OnSetChaosCheck instead of strcharinfo(3).
  12. Try change this function to npc script-based.
  13. It should limit all bonus not just subdefele try look at src on my repo. (Use Notepad++ Find all by [Start]) https://github.com/kaninhot004/rathena/tree/monster_room In my server player had random option about 1000% and they still died
  14. if (sd->indexed_bonus.subdefele[type2] > 99) sd->indexed_bonus.subdefele[type2] = 99; Limit it on src '\src\map\pc.cpp' line 4353
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