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  1. You need to level up guild and learn guild storage skills. And make sure you had guild permission to use storage.
  2. Can you rollback to original and try to add it one by one. That will show which line made an errors.
  3. Follow rAthena Wiki >>
  4. use getequipid(); doc\script_commands.txt line 2607 then just add $equip_id_blablabla = n;
  5. src\map\battle.cpp line 1588 try to add if (damage > 100) { if ((flag&BF_WEAPON) || (flag&BF_MAGIC) || (flag&BF_MISC) ) damage = 100; } and compile then test. Not sure it's working but you can try.
  6. Try to cap_value in src i'm not sure where it is maybe search wording 'Calculation, Cal' in src folders.
  7. You call this getitem callfunc("F_Rand",30016,30007,30012,30008,30018,30015,30011,30010),1; That's function F_Rand take 1 arguments is item id. Then you can easy send more argument to function like how much percent do you want to increase chance at index or whatever. By the way there are many ways to it.
  8. Your Client\data\msgstringtable.txt Find that message lines and replace it like this. "#"
  9. Sorry for not working code. Just find a way by yourself, Or wait other guys to answer it more clearly.
  10. if(killedidrid == 1002){ addrid(2); //Attach all party members. if(strcharinfo(3) == strcharinfo(3,getcharid(0,getpartyleader(getcharid(1))))){ getitem 501,1; end; } } end;
  11. if(killedidrid == 1002){ [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(3); //Save map name. addrid(2); //Attach all party members. if(strcharinfo(3)[email protected]$){ getitem 501,1; end; } } end;
  12. addrid(2); //Then all member in party will starting line of code here.
  13. if(getarg(1)>0){ targetIndex = n; if(rand(0,100)<=getarg(2)) getitem array[targetIndex]; }