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  1. Try to look at normal official quest and see how rAthena wrote it.
  2. Start_


    Do a custom bindatcommand (Scripts). or src modifications.
  3. Cute & Clean with RO styles! I like it.
  4. use bonus_script in item script. D:\rathena\doc\script_commands.txt line 5917
  5. I had this issue too, I only found 'tur_d03_i' maps fix.
  6. OnPCLoginEvent: atcommand "@showexp"; end;
  7. Try @makeegg and hatch it.
  8. Try repeat ./athena-start stop ./athena-start restart till it's end.
  9. No bg, no border is best in my opinions.
  10. Patching nemo 'chat flood allow'.