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  1. For 4th classes -> Just use latest rAthena. They're already merge 4CrAM into rAthena. --- For guild emblem -> You need to research how to pull from other branch into your current branch. (Git) Example: git pull https://github.com/vstumpf/rathena.git feature/webservice After merged guild emblem -> You need to 1.) Import required .sql files for guild emblem. 2.) Config inter_athena for guild emblem. 3.) Config ExternalSettings_kr.lub for guild emblem. (See screenshot) 4.) For linux -> This is my used commands. (Execute it on server directory) (If anyone knew correct commands please post it.) ./configure --enable-web-service cmake -G"Unix Makefiles" -DALLOW_SAME_DIRECTORY=ON -DINSTALL_TO_SOURCE=ON -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo .. cmake -DENABLE_WEB_SERVER=ON make clean && make server 5.) For linux -> Added webserver to chmod chmod a+x login-server && chmod a+x char-server && chmod a+x map-server && chmod a+x web-server && chmod a+x athena-start ./athena-start start If it doesn't work please check out firewall and some other requirements from Secret's and vstumpf's.
  2. That's each country data folder. You don't need to replace it to your data folder. Just use Chris data folder. Another point is mediafire link. That contain missing sprites and textures. (You don't need it if you only use kRO items in your server.)
  3. Did you use atcommand outside item bonus script? (Maybe post whole related things here.) But try use it directly on item bonus script first.
  4. No comma on that command. "@refine 4 +1"
  5. If you using SQL item database, You need to convert YAML to SQL first because rAthena will not sync YAML database to SQL anymore. For how to do it 1.) Hit yaml2sql.bat 2.) Answer questions from program. 3.) After you got new .sql files just import it.
  6. You need to compile first (It should done when you compile server) Then run csv2yaml.bat
  7. 2021-11-17 work fine for me. Remember to pull latest commits from rAthena then clean and build project again.
  8. I think about tricky way. You see [test] that send player name from server right? Just change it to send item name instead. (by source edit) Not sure just thinking.
  9. You can follow Divine Pride (Select Japanese server on top-right) Then browsing every item and follow their description. I don't know other way maybe if someone had jRO emulators?
  10. It's already on video (Below game window)
  11. 2021-12-13 17-08-18.mp4 Work fine on my end.
  12. Your way, it should work. (Just note on item info like "Please re-equip on different maps by effects information" or something else.) // Not sure un-equip -> Effect will not disappear if map is not the same or not but you can try haha.
  13. \rathena\conf\battle\player.conf Change weight percent to 99 or 100
  14. Are you modified any source code? and what is your rAthena commit hash currently. Also client date and some example scripts of yours.
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