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    Hello good afternoon, How do I get Gepard 3.0? Thanks
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    Hi can i avail a again gepard 3.0?? for 30$ again?? i'l wait for your reply thanks
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    What is your Skype
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    Heey Functor! Sent u a msg on Skype. About get Gepard 3.0.
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    hi functor please check my msg on skype. this is thof Dc the one i ordered gepard. thankyou
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    Please check my skype message.
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    olá amigo é com você que falo para adquirir o gepard 3.0
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    hi i want to rent gepard with LGP monthly? whats ur cost?
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    too lazy to upload free mod, too lazy to upload paid mod here nobank mapflag to disable account bank functions (deposit & withdraw) nocashshop mapflag to disable cashshop (icon) functions (open the window & buy) force_drop mapflag to drop all items in player inventory if leaving the map (except if the item cannot be dropped) auto_respawn mapflag to auto-respawn killed player just like in castle hp mapflag to set minimum and maximum player's hp sp mapflag to set minimum and maximum player's sp modified pvp_nightmaredrop to drop all items from player inventory on dead also able to specify the amount to drop (except if the item cannot be dropped) all $8. PM me if interested
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