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    Discord: https://discord.gg/DYsHMHG Website: https://afrielro.com (Still in creation process) Forum: https://forum.afrielro.com AfrielRO is a new low rate pre-renewal server that thrives to offer its players a classic yet new and exciting experience. Right now the Afriel is in the creation process. The official opening date will be announced early September, but today we are officially announcing that the server will open near the end of October. Our mentality is really focused on offering a place where veterans and newcomers are gonna enjoy Ragnarok Online the way it should. Every content we implement & create is modified to be as stable and balanced to the max. We offer an anti P2W environnement, which means we only offer costumes in our Cash Shop. The reason is simple, the whole staff at Afriel is still very passionate by this game and we simply want to share this with all of our players. Players are still gonna be able to acquire cool consumables and other interesting items with Poring Coins for exemple (Event Currency). But what matters most to us is that everyone will have the chance to participate and obtain the items they wish for without spending any real money. Base: 10x Job: 10x Drop: 7x Card / Item / Equipement: 7x Mvp Item / Equipement Drop: 1x Mvp Card Drop: 1x Quest: 5x Pre-Renewal Episode 11.2 Main Town: Prontera Max Level: 99/70 Max Stats: 99 Max Attack Speed: 190 Instant Cast: 150 Dex Gepard 3.0 DDOS Protection Afriel Novice Training Ground Start-up Freebies NPC Town Warper Stylist Automated Events Manager [1] = Dices. [2] = Find the Porings. [3] = Escape from the Bombrings. [4] = Guess the Monster. [5] = Pick the candy. [6] = Devil Square. [7] = Cluckers. Various Headgear Custom Quests Air Force's (Bounty) Hourly & Daily Rewards Cash Shop (NO P2W!! Only Costumes) Event Cash Shop (Use Poring Coins to get some very useful usable items) Black Market @commands @event & @events @rates @uptime @showdelay @mobinfo / @mi @iteminfo / @ii @whodrops @time @jailtime @hominfo @homstats @showexp @showzeny @whereis @noks @autotrade @request @breakguild @channel @langtype @whosell @whobuy @arealoot @refresh @partybuff / @spb Bounty Boards (All available on the Air Force's airship) Daily Monster Invasion (Izlude) Race Of The Day & Monster Of The Day Gramps Monster Invasion Endless Cellar Endless Tower BM Wide Map Hunting Missions Extended Battleground System (The first modes to be released are gonna be Conquest & Team Deathmatch) Ghost's PvP System Vanilla WoE WoE SE (To be released when the staff will judge the time is right) Guild Package Guild Member Package RWC Battleground 2012
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