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    E - Script Collection Last Update : September 10, 2013 [table] https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2962-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/3089-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2961-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2933-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2859-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2821-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2550-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2506-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2505-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2504-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2503-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2502-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2499-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2498-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2497-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2501-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2496-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2495-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2493-%7B?%7D/ https://rathena.org/board/index.php?/files/file/2821-%7B?%7D/ [/table] * Going to clean these below topic too later on ..... [spoiler=Misc Scripts.....] Freebies Script Card Trader Gold Room [ Pick Gold ] Gold Room [ Guild Tax ] Map Restriction [ GM Based ] Daily Reward Monthly Reward Monster Spawner Monster Summoner with Last Summoned Display Players Stats & Equipments 3rd Job Item Giver Exchanger [ Cashpoint to Coins ] Exchanger [ Poring Coin - Zeny ] Exchanger [ Points to Tickets ] Exchanger [ Item to Item ] Exchanger [ Item to Item ] Exchanger [ Multi Item to 1 Item ] Party Match Auto Ban Over Stats Users Soul Link Buff Kill Players gain Cash Points Party Members All Get Items [ Snippet ] Message Board Stalker Class Skill Reproduce NPC Multiple Selection Quest [ Template ] In-Game Item Rewarder In-Game Points Rewarder Invasion Event Custom Item Rate Status Point Seller [ Snippet ] Anti Bot Security Script Anti Bot Script [ Code / Question ] Item Combo Restriction [ LHZ Card ] Drop Item Upon Death PVP Switcher + Announcer [ Guild Master ] Rotating Waitingroom Messages +10 Refiner [ Specific Items ] Random Rate Item Exchanger MVP Invasion Premium Users [ Boost Rates ] Display Cutin Image upon Login Custom Randomed Box Items Kick GM during WOE Custom Crafting NPC Restrict Same IP [ Certain Map ] Coloured Items Exchanger Guild Master Changer Party Team PK Match Gambling Game IRC Channel Crafting NPC Guild Storage Restriction Tons of others script you can found at Script Support / Script Release sections.... [spoiler=Extra Informations] Notes : I am abit lazy to write all those Script Descriptions, i do believe that all of you able to get how this script works. Anyway, i will still doing my best to write the Updated Changelog or informations about the script as detail as possible. All the Scripts above are uploaded to Pastebin . Abide the Following Rule : Scripts Error / Not Working , you have to Explain it in Details. ( Add in Images / Modified Scripts ) Do not SPAM / BUMP in my Topic. Dont ask for Support stuffs for other Scripts in this Topic. Link Down , then drop [ @Emistry ] a message. I Reserved the Right for NOT Answering your Posts if you did not abide my Topic's Rules. Keep This In Your Mind : All the Scripts i distribute here are NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USES . DONT remove my Credits if you are using part of the scripts to modify your own. DONT re-release the scripts in any form / way. Special Thank you for my Tutor : If you ♥ these Scripts , Click on to Vote this Topic up . Or you may also click on at above the Topic
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    All headgear official bRO euRO iRO idRO jRO twRO tRO Update August 2018 HeadGear update to Agus 2018.7z (14Mb) HeadGear update to Agus 2018.exe (160Mb) Iclude list and miss headgear
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    Euphy's Scripts Disclaimer You may use, modify, and host all of my released scripts. You may not sell them, re-release them in any way (modified or otherwise), or remove the credits. < Event Manager > < Hunting Missions > < Queue System > < Euphy's WOE Controller > < All-In-One NPC > < Euphy's Quest Shop > < Euphy's Warper > < Item Rewards > < Custom Currency Multi-Shop > < Build Manager + > < Class Mastery System > < Class Specialization > < Badge System > < Guarantee Refine Ticket > < Item Fusion > < Euphy's MVP Ladder > < Card Trader > < NPC Duplicate Generator > < Auto-Potion >
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    Version 2.2.0


    Third Job Costumes + New Classes The Correction With the advent of jRO releasing new Job Costumes, and also, the new classes from the Taekwon branch, many of server owners want to replace the vanilla sprites or even, implement the bodystyle system. But, there's a catch! Originally jRO, and now, even kRO spriters, have made it completely off of the default pattern of palette. In a classic example, you can notice the pattern of the RO palettes. What matters is the position of the colours, as an example, for all jobs, the white-ish tones will be always on the same row, so we can use it to create custom palettes. See how it works: But jRO didn't follow the classic pattern, making it incompatible with custom palettes (@Kamishi ones included). So, I edited frame by frame of each job sprite, of each gender, mounted or not, correcting them, converting them in a way so many of the previously created palettes will work. This package includes: Alternate Outfits: Alternate Royal Guard M/F + Gryffon Battlemount + Lion Mount Alternate Ranger M/F + Warg Battlemount + Ostrich Mount Alternate Minstrel/Wanderer + Ostrich Mount Alternate ArchBishop M/F + Alpaca Mount Alternate Warlock M/F + Fox Mount Alternate Mechanic M/F + Savage Mount Alternate Genetic M/F + Savage Mount Alternate Guillotine Cross M/F + Hyena Mount Alternate Shadow Chaser M/F + Hyena Mount Alternate Sorcerer M/F + Fox Mount Alternate Sura M/F + Alpaca Mount Alternate Rune Knight M/F + Dragon Battlemount + Lion Mount New Classes Star Emperor M/F + Wolf Mount Soul Reaper M/F + Wolf Mount As requested by @Emistry, I also added an extra, making it more compatible to default palettes: Kagerou/Oboro + Frog Mount Following the another @Emistry's request, all files are now already on GRFs. The previous version had no Cashmount palette included, this one fixes the issue. Only the already released costumes are supported at this moment. The Rune Knight seems to be the last of them, it's over a year from the first release! As a final part of the package, I'm including Classic Palettes for all Alternate Costumes. Enjoy the final product!


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    BrowEdit Tutorial Videos Here is a list of free tutorial videos I made about a year ago that gives BrowEdit users a good grasp on using the BrowEdit Mapping Program. The tutorial videos teaches young BrowEdit users from the ground up of how to install BrowEdit, get familar with the interface and functions and finally actually producing a fully functional map you can integrate in a ragnarok server. I plan on expanding this list to cover a broader range of topics. Browedit Tutorial #1 - Getting Started Video Information: Downloading and setting up BrowEdit. Configuring BrowEdit to be usable & providing recommendations on BrowEdit revisions. - Browedit Tutorial #2 - Basics of Designing Video Information: Understanding the user inferface of BrowEdit & editing functions. Teaches navigational controls and introduces how to properly setup a map for editing. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Browedit Tutorial #3 - Intermediate Level Terrain Editing Video Information: Teaches how to apply textures, build walls, making slopes and environmental terrain changes, and controlling water levels. Part 1 - Part 2 - Browedit Tutorial #4 - Intermediate Level Light Editing Video Information: Introduces how to implement lights to brighten and colorize a map. Gives recommended RGB combinations and lighti strength parameter settings in giving ideal light and shadow outputs. Part 1 - Part 2 - Browedit Tutorial #5 - Adding Effects Video Information: How to add effects to a map to fit the needs of the environment. Examples can be torches, flying bats, magic circles etc.. - Browedit Tutorial #6 - Adding Sounds Video Information: How to add ambient sounds to your map. This includes noises you hear in niflheim, prontera, geffen etc.. - Browedit Tutorial #7 - Making a Sky Map Video Information: Ever wanted to make a sky map? Well this tutorial will show you how to make a floating blue sky based map with cloud formations. - Browedit Tutorial #8 - Adding Custom Textures to BrowEdit Video Information: How to add your own custom textures to BrowEdit and using them in your custom map. - Browedit Tutorial #9 - Adding Custom BGM Music to a Map Video Information: How to add your own personal background music to a map as well as making sure the BGM file is compatible with the client. - Browedit Tutorial #10 - Adding a Custom Map to a Server Video Information: How to add your own personal map to a eAthena test server so you can test your own maps. - Browedit Tutorial #11 - Adding a Duplicate Model that Utilizes Custom Textures Video Information: Ever wanted to use a model in a map that doesn't come into conflict with another model. Perhaps for the sake of the maps theme? - Browedit Tutorial #12 - Quick Tips/Tricks & Useful Hotkey Info Video Information: Creating a new map can take a while. This tutorial will cover useful tips/tricks to reduce the development time of your map as well as avoiding long processes to complete a task. - Browedit Tutorial #13 - New Lightmaps Tutorial Video Information: This tutorial is a revamp of the previous lightmaps video tutorial. This particular tutorial is a more concise and easier to learn version of how to create lightmaps with ease in the areas of shadows/sun/colors/global lighting and light fixes. - Browedit Tutorial #14 - Making Slopes Video Information: This is a quick tutorial that explains how to create sloped terrain primarily based on ramps that can lead up to raised areas. It also shows how to make slopes on the edge of a map. - Browedit Tutorial #15 - Making Map Minimaps Video Information: Want to make a minimap that matches your coordinates perfectly whether it be a minimap with color or black/white gradient? Well this tutorial will cover just that! - Browedit Tutorial #16 - GAT Editing Video Information: Explains the main kinds of gats, how to place them, slope them, and what applications they are used in. - Browedit Tutorial #17 - 3ds Max Modeling [Acquiring Models] Video Information: A quick video covering several different sites you can get models for free that are supported by 3ds Max. - Browedit Tutorial #18 - 3ds Max Modeling [importing/Apply Textures to Model] Video Information: Using 3ds Max, you will be able to import models supported by 3ds Max, apply textures to them, and UV Unwrap the model to have it ready for RO. - Browedit Tutorial #19 - 3ds Max Modeling [Polygon Limit & Splitting Models] Video Information: RO has limits to how many polygons it can draw per model. This tutorial will explain what those limits are and how to split a model into parts. - Browedit Tutorial #20 - Exporting & Importing Lightmap Shadows for Editing Video Information: How to remove or add specific shadows on a map without having to redo all of the lightmaps through means of exporting & editing the shadow png file directly. - Browedit Tutorial #21 - Cleaning Up Shadows Along Walls & Ground Video Information: Didn't like the shadow drop across the edge of a map or lifted platform/wall? - Browedit Tutorial #22 - How to Create Transparent Objects Video Information: How to provide transparency in a model by means of TGA support. - NOTE: If you wish to see a certain topic covered in a future tutorial video, please make a request by leaving a comment in this thread!
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    This is designed for the incompetent. The same information can be found in my nfo file. If you wish to keep a little pice of me with you. You can download it off of my public cloud. Spread me around like a cancer! Pour some sugar on me~ P.S. This will be updated, improved regularly. If I miss something please get in touch with me. Keep it up everyone, let's work together! ^_^V SVN rAthena GIT~ https://github.com/rathena/rathena SVN Downloader TortoiseSVN ~ http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html Codeplex ~ http://downloadsvn.codeplex.com/ SmartSVN ~ http://www.syntevo.c...n/download.html KRO Installer Miruku ~ http://miruku.rathena.org/ RateMyServer ~ http://ratemyserver....wnload_kROLinks RSU ~ http://nn.nachtwolke.com/dev/rsu/ Clients & Diff Patchers k3dT 2013 Clients - http://k3dt.eu/Ragexe/unpacked/ Weetools Clients ~ https://subversion.a...etools/clients/ Supportmii Clients ~ http://supportmii.com/ro1/Clients/ Earthlingz CleintSide ~ http://www.assembla....bversion/nodes/ ShinsDiffPatcher ~ https://subversion.a...insDiffPatcher/ rAthena's Online Diff Patcher ~ http://rathena.org/t...iff_patcher.php LUA/LUB & Data LUA/Data ~ http://svn6.assembla...svn/ClientSide/ LUB ~ http://code.google.c.../downloads/list Packet_dbs & Packet_lengths Packets ~ http://svn6.assembla...ntSide/Packets/ actRO, Browedit, GRF, Sprite, Client Tools Ratemyserver Tools ~ http://ratemyserver....e=download_tool Supportmii Tools ~ http://supportmii.com/ro1/tools/ Browedit ~ http://browedit.exca...com/?a=download Shins Programs WeeMapCache ~ https://subversion.a...nk/WeeMapCache/ WeeThumbnail ~ https://subversion.a...k/WeeThumbnail/ rAthena's Tools rA's Login Background Screen Generator ~ http://rathena.org/t...gin_background/ Game Server Patchers Thor ~ http://thor.aeomin.net/ Triad ~ http://www.nitroconc...d/index_eng.php Control Panels FluxCP ~ https://github.com/c.../fluxcp-renewal CeresCP ~ http://sourceforge.n.../cerescp/files/ Guides & Info Judas Bible ~ http://supportmii.co.../JudasBible.pdf rAthena Wiki ~ http://rathena.org/wiki/ Misc Helpful Links eAthena Board ~ http://eathena.ws/forum/ RMS Sprite Bible ~ http://ratemyserver....riot_bible_main Web Host Talk ~ http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ Codes / Scripts Paste Sites kPaste ~ http://rathena.kpaste.net/ uPaste ~ http://upaste.me Pastebin ~ http://pastebin.com/ Security / Client Protection Harmony ~ https://harmonize.it/ Setup.exe BlueGhost Setup.exe ~ http://rathena.org/b...up/#entry144124 OpenSetup ~ http://www.mediafire...abj2jau2wxbvoiu
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    This data folder is a fresh and clean data folder. It does not have custom items or other modifications (Only I added some kafra cutins). Based upon CalciumKid's folder, OnNplay's folder, Megasantos's folder, Michieru and dastgirpojee. Basic kRO Fonts Basic Translated Textures Official Hairstyles (Only if your rdata.grf has been updated) 553 Clothes Dyes / 251 Hair Dyes Pack fixed by KamiShi Kafra anime style (you can remove them if you want texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\illust) Data Version 4.0 ! NOTE: This version is for 2012 and 2013 clients. Download: [Dropbox] [Mega] [4shared] [Gamefront] [Rapidgator] [Uploaded] [Putlocker] [Turbobit] ChangeLog: Fixed: Palletes are working properly. Added: More sprites Added: More textures translated !Merge with Client Translation Project rev. #31 MD5 Hash: 10cb8c6819acc00978417dbbedfa5638 ========================================================== Data Version 3.0 ! NOTE: This version is for 2012-04-10 or older. Download: [Dropbox] [Mega] [4shared] [Gamefront] [Rapidgator] [Uploaded] [Putlocker] [Turbobit] ChangeLog: Delete all those files for pre-renewal. Updated idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt by Ziu Updated msgstringtable.txt by TrueNoir Added: Dewata Quest Translated Lua v1.1 by Dastgir Pojee MD5 Hash: e3806675a03529a154d644e565bd33aa ========================================================== Data Version 2.0 ! NOTE: This is a PRE-RENEWAL version, only for 2010 or older. Download: [Dropbox] [Mega] [4share] [Gamefront] [Rapidgator] [Uploaded] [Putlocker] [Turbobit] ChangeLog: Added: More sprites (Latest) Added: Official Hairstyles Added: More NPC sprites MD5 Hash: 220ae49fc6dc50ef7b8df3c49e007939 ========================================================== Data Version 1.0 Download: [Dropbox] [Mega] [4share] [Gamefront] [Rapidgator] [Uploaded] [Putlocker] [Turbobit] ChangeLog: -Initial release- MD5 Hash: 72a16ec1e3854727cf853d13d6cdbf6f ========================================================== Let me know if you have any problems
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    Latest Stable Client Latest Stable LUB Latest Stable Data Files/GRF Clean RO Folder PM Judas if you have any useful content to add, suggestions, or information to make this setup process much easier! Thanks!
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    Shin's Diff Patcher Info: Supports all Windows 32 bit versions (Windows XP SP2 and higher) and probably all 64 bit versions. Features: Plug-in based Uses list view instead of two seperate list boxes for easier selection Shortcuts to simplify your work Resizable window Inline diff descriptions (as long as the plug-in supports it) Auto-save and load of diffs Includes PlainDiffPlugin which provides support for *.diff files Allows items to be sorted either by type, group or diff name Prevents diff collision when selecting diffs that reference the same group CRC file check Data missmatch check Downloads: ShinsDiffPatcher SVN (Version 1.1.3b; 198kb) WeeDiffPlain Plugin Src SVN (Version 1.0; 11kb) Quick Usage 1. Select patch engine. 2. Select client exe. 3. Select diff file (if plug-in needs it). 4. Select output exe. 5. Click on "Patch It!" 6. Done. All patches that you have selected are automatically saved and will be restored the next time you select a diff file. You can also use the following shortcuts: - Ctrl + A = Select all diffs (only one item from each group if any) - Ctrl + D = Deselect all selected diffs - Ctrl + C = Copy all selected diffs into Clipboard Notes: You may think "What? Another patcher? Man..". Yes, another one. I'm not quite satisfied with the currently available diff patchers because they either lack of features or just don't provide the freedom I would like to have. I think I have chosen this name for the patcher because it's kinda convention to use his own name in the title bar (even though the initial name is WeeDiffPatcher). This is just an alpha release since there are some optimizations I would like to complete before I release a final version. I've included the source code for the DiffPlainPlugin to show you how you can implement your own plug-ins in order to get them working with my patcher. I would still like someone else to implement a proper plain diff plug-in because I haven't focused to optimize it to it's best (even though I have removed all possible memory leaks) since I developed this patcher for another plug-in based solution. If you have any suggestions or features that your plug-in needs in the future, don't hesitate to ask.
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    RO Open Setup About Clone of the default game setup application, shipped with every RagnarokOnline installation. It works on every 32-bit Microsoft* Windows* platform. Source is available for customizations. Known Issues None. TranslationsEnglish - 100% (primary) French - 100% (Valioukha) German - 100% (Xalion) Brazilian Portuguese - 100% (EvilPuncker) Czech - 100% Japanese - 100% (Mintmoon) Russian - 100% (Jarek) Simplified Chinese - 100% (tinpont) Spanish - 100% (jaBote) Thai - 100% (iSuzutsuki) Traditional Chinese - 100% (Angelmelody) translate OpenSetup into your language Q & A Why does the client not use the Lua settings? Use latest OpenSetup version. If that's already the case, use newer client. Why does OpenSetup not let me to save without Administrator? A few settings are still written to a location in the registry, that needs Administrator rights. I have have issues with OpenSetup, is there something I should add to my report? When you experience the issue, press Shift+Esc inside the OpenSetup window until it closes and provide the generated log file (exename.log) along with your report. Download & Website http://ai4rei.net/p/opensetup License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.
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    I'm currently working on a custom client and wanted to share some screenshots about the progress. Some of you might wonder why there is again another project like this one with the same goal as the others, and why not just join the others to speed up development? In fact, I thought about this opportunity. However, I'm still learning to work with virtual reality and I want to learn as much as possible. And that's why this projects main goal is not to be finished as fast as possible. But still, it looks like I'm at good pace. I still don't have a "good" name for this project, even though there's a proto-name. One of the other goals of this project is to provide a stable client that runs on both, unix and windows systems. It is being developed in C/C++ and Ogre3D, takes advantage of multithreading where it is appropriate, uses atlas textures to reduce batch count and some other fancy algorithms to improve performance. Even though the complete terrain is being loaded instantly, it takes some milliseconds to finish the objects. That's why I'm currently working on further algorithms, allowing caching and paging of objects. I will release a working demo in the style of RagCam as soon as the new algorithms are finished and working. Here's a list of things that are implemented so far: GND (Terrain) Lightning Shadowmaps Colormaps (with reduced colors to match the original client) Vertex diffuse color Walls Smooth Normals RSM (Objects) Smooth Normals (with smooth groups) Animations Transparency Two Sided Triangle Faces (with correct normal vectors for both sides) RSW (World) Water (with texture and wave animation) Objects Ambient and diffuse lightning Performance is always a very important part for me. A lot of things are optimized as good as possible. This project will stay closed-source providing plug-in functionality in the future. Most of the information that has been used in this project has been discovered through reverse engineering of the original client. Rendering a map is almost completely done using the same and some improved approaches done by the original client itself. The main focus after this will be the visual improvement of the maps themself, like BumpMapping, Cel Shading support, etc. blah blah. When this is done also, I will focus on implementing network functionality and a GUI. I have started in november and worked effectively 5-6 weeks on this project. I had to stop at the end of december and started to work again two days ago. Enough talked, here are some screenshots using OpenGL as renderer (the results in DirectX are the same): Vertex color mapping: Each tile can have a diffuse color. This color, however, is not being applied to all four corners of a tile, but only to the bottom left vertex and all vertices that share the same coordinate. Textures have been disabled in this image to show that diffuse colors are being applied correctly. The border of a map is also being rendered correctly when vertex diffuse colors are applied. Shadowmaps: Some devs are still wondering why their shadowmaps look a bit weird. The reason is plain simple: A lightmap consists (most of the time) of 8x8 tiles, where only the 7x7 pixels in the center are used. Nothing new. However, the tiles are combined into a large texture. If texture filtering is being applied, then the borders of the different textures interpolate into each other, fatal for colormaps when they have different colors. This is called texture bleeding. Because of this, Gravity added a padding of 1 pixel to each tile (resulting in 8x8, instead of 7x7) and filled them with colors that still look nice when they are interpolated. The image below shows the correct display of shadowmaps. Colormaps: They are the same as shadowmaps, but use RGB colors instead. When applied to the terrain, they look smooth. If you look into a dungeon, you will notice that colormaps are not smooth at all. In fact, they look like the colors were reduced. This process is also called posterization. The best result are done with 16 levels. The idea is basically to use float colors, multiply them with the amount of levels, convert the result to an integer (and so dropping the decimal part) and divide the result by the amount of levels. Done. This image displays correct colormaps. Notice the borders of the lightning. Prontera indoor: Transparency: I've used BrowEdit to compare my results and found an issue that was the same as in my project. Some models had wrong depth writing. Using the correct order, it is possible to render objects regardless of their transparency. You can try to open BrowEdit and compare dicastes01 with this image. Instancing: A lot of objects in a map reference the same model, so it makes common sense to combine them for reducing the batch count. This image shows pretty could FPS, even though all objects of yuno are rendered. Instancing in prontera: I would also like to show animations, but am too lazy to upload a video. I am not generating MipMaps yet, since this will be part 2 of this project. As you can see from the screenshots, rendering itself is almost complete. Only some minor issues that have to be done. If you want to see a screenshot of a specific map, don't hesitate to ask. I will upload one. I let you guess which of the posted screenshots are made on linux and which on windows.
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    Version 1.8.0


    Hey everyone, This is a GRF tool I started to develop for my own personnal use, but I thought I'd share it since I've upgraded the UI. Its primary goal is to be easy to use while offering a wide variety of options and customizations. The software is quite stable and can handle large operations easily. How to install Download the zip archive provided from the download link at the bottom of this description or directly from there : http://www.mediafire.com/?aflylbhblrzpz0h Install the application with GRF Editor Installer.exe; if you are missing a .NET Framework you will be prompted to download it. Once you are done, you can start the program from the link on your desktop. Key features Overall speed is faster (or at least equal) than any GRF tool. Common operations : add, delete, merge, extract, preview, save. Undo and redo for any operation. It can open any GRF file. Clean and very interactive interface. Saving formats supported : 0x200, 0x103 and 0x102 (through the Settings page) and conversion to the Thor format. Instant filter and search options (example : "map .gat"). File association and context menus integration for .grf, .gpf, .rgz and .thor (through the Settings page). Can rebuild separated images into one file easily. Drag and drop (with the ALT key, can be modified in the Settings page). This is a big part of the software; most of the items can be moved around within the application itself or from/to Windows Explorer. Tools Sprite editor : a simple sprite editor with powerful features. Semi-transparent images can be added, you can easily change the order or replace images, etc. This tool can convert images in the wrong type by showing you multiple solutions (merging a new palette, dithering the image by using current palette, using the closest color, and a few more). Grf validation : allows you to validate a GRF with multiple settings. It can detect corrupted GRF entries, invalid sprites, empty files, non-GRF files, duplicate files and a lot more. Flat maps maker : generates flat maps from .gat and .rsw files. Useful to generate WoE maps or to fasten up the loading time. Patch maker : generates a GRF patch based on two different GRFs. Hash viewer : shows the hash code (both CRC32 and MD5) for files. Image converter : converts an image to any format requested (BMP, PNG, JPG, TGA). GrfCL : used to create batch files (.bat) which can automate tasks on GRF files. See the content in GrfCL.rar in the download for more information. This tool can be customized from the sources as well. Palette recolorer : creates new sprites by changing their colors (this tool is now deprecated). Client database editor : allows modifications of the database client files (txt and lua) with easy and simple tools. Work in progress. Grf encryption The encryption feature has been enabled again. It's similar to what it used to be and it has been tested on client versions ranging from 2012-08-01 to 2014-02-05. Some error messages will be displayed if necessary. If you have an issue, copy the error message (with the code, if there's one) and send me the client executable with the cps.dll file generated by GRF Editor. There shouldn't be compatibility issues anymore though! Thor files Thor files are patches used by Thor Patcher ( http://thor.aeomin.net/ ). Because of their similarity with the GRF file structure, they have been integrated within GRF Editor. The primary utility of this feature is that it allows you to add encrypted files to a Thor patch. All the other options can be achieved by using Thor Maker. You'll find the necessary steps below, but test your patches before sending them off to players (I've done a lot of testing on my end, but better be safe). If you're using SecureGRF, then make a new GRF, add the files and encrypt it. In GRF Editor, open the encrypted GRF you just made, use "Save as" and name the new file with a .thor extension. That's it, if you want to change the output directory, click on the root node of the project and select the tab "Container options". You can select the output mode and the GRF to merge the patch with. Simply save again if you change these properties. If you're using GRF Editor's encryption, then make a new Thor file (File > New > New Thor) and add the files you want to patch it with. Right-click on the files you want to encrypt and use Encryption > Encrypt. Technical stuff Requires .Net Framework 3.5 (SP1) Client Profile to run (3.5 or more will work as well). Automatically converts file name encoding to their proper values (you can change the encoding). Data virtualization is used as much as possible to preview files, meaning the files aren't completely loaded. Right-clicking an item will bring up the available options with that file. Preview file formats : txt, log, xml, lua, lub, bmp, png, tga, jpp, db, ebm, pal, gnd, rsw, gat, rsm, str, spr, act, imf, fna and wav. Services are "crash ready", meaning that you will be warned about a failed operation and no work will be lost (the application won't close and crash). It tries to continue operating even if it meets unsual conditions. Operations can be cancelled by clicking on the button near the progress bar. The warning level can be changed to avoid messages like "Please select a folder first." When prompted with an error, use Ctrl-C to copy the current dialog's content. Some screenshots! 1) Previewing an act file, while showing the search feature 2) Preview of a model file (rsm) 3) Preview of GrfCL with the MakeGrf command 4) Preview of maps 5) Preview of Grf validation 6) Search feature (press Ctrl-F or Ctrl-H to bring up within a text editor) Got a feedback? I'd gladly hear you out and fix issues you have with the program.


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    File Name: Account Bound Items File Submitter: Xantara File Submitted: 16 Sep 2012 File Category: Source Modifications Content Author: Xantara, Zephyrus, RO Information This system would allow (non-stackable, non-pet-egg) items to be bounded onto a player's account. This means that the bounded items cannot be traded, dropped, auctioned, nor mailed. But, they can be storaged so that it can be shared among the characters of that account. Features: - Item coloration to distinguish bounded items and non-bounded ones (see screenshot) - Script commands (getitembound, getitembound2, equipisbounded) to create and check for bounded items - At commands (@itembound, @itembound2) to create bounded items - New group permission (can_trade_bounded) to allow the group to distribute these bounded items if enabled (mostly just for High GMs / Admins) - Changes to the SQL files to track bounded items. This would effect cart, inventory, and storage databases. Tested on rAthena revision 17294 (using v1.5.1). Script Command Documentations At Commands Documentations Known Issues - When moving a bounded item to storage, item colouration is gone. However, re-opening the storage or re-logging will fix this issue.1 - When moving a bounded item to the cart inventory, item colouration is gone. However, re-logging will fix this issue.1 1 If you are able to find these packets (ie. PACKET_ZC_ADD_ITEM_TO_STORE3 and/or PACKET_ZC_ADD_ITEM_TO_CART3), please let me know! Credits Created by @Xantara Popularized by Zephyrus Idea by Ragnarok Online License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Like my work? Rate/vote this download Rep up my support topic post Do not mirror without my consent. Click here to download this file
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    File Name: Flux CP CMS Addon File Submitter: CalciumKid File Submitted: 26 Feb 2012 File Category: Web Resources Features: Integrates directly into FluxCP as an Addon. Designed to comply with FluxCP PDO programming techniques. WYSIWYG Editor (TinyMCE), you may change that with some tweaks. Designed to be skinned further for Integrated website designs via FluxCP CSS edits. Public sections are SQL injection protected. Simple administration user interface. "Last modified" functions. Ability to link a "read more" url. Planned Features: Automatically load news from IPB RSS Feed Download: Password: "RAthena" Installation: Basic Setup: Download the ContentManagement1.0.zip and extract it. Open the addons folder it extracted. Copy the content_management folder inside it to your webserver's FluxCP addons folder (or write over the addons folder with the extracted addons folder) Visit your FluxCP installation. You will be redirected to the installation system. Provide it with your details and allow it to install. You should be redirected to the home page of your FluxCP. If this goes without error, we're almost there. On your webserver, visit themes\default\main and open index.php for editing. Replace everything inside the file to contain this: <?php if (!defined('FLUX_ROOT')) exit; $this->redirect($this->url('news','view')) ?> Save the file and close. Upon visiting the home page of your site you should now be presented with the News System. Job done. Celebrate having a free CMS? Adding Content: Login as an account with Admin (level 99) access. In the admin menu, either click News or Pages. Then add or edit as required. Adding/Editing links on the CMS: Visit addons\content_management\config and open addon.php for editing. Edit the array entries under "// Sample items for pages function." as required making sure to edit the "path=" section to what you defined when you created content on the CMS. Known Issues: When using CleanURLs, you must change the addon.php file to use ExtURL on it's URLs. Example: // Sample items for pages function. 'Downloads' => array('module' => 'pages','action'=>'content&path=downloads'), Becomes: // Sample items for pages function. 'Downloads' => array('exturl' => 'http://<your FluxCP Install URL>/?module=pages&action=content&path=downloads'), If you like my work, please rate the topic and give reputation! Thanks! Click here to download this file
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    roBrowser is an open source project that try to port Ragnarök Online in the browser using web technologies (javascript, HTML5, WebGL). It's goal for now is to match the official client, and in future add custom features on its core. As it use web technologies, it will allow to use it in all OS, and in future should work in all ables system that can render a web page. Get the source (Thanks to report all bugs) If you like roBrowser, you can help me improving it or even thinking about doing a donation ? Screenshots Some usefulls links : Source code Installation guide WebSite API Guide Forum Demo (Yep there is even a demo if you want to try it).
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    Original topic and code here: link Idea: link You can enable or disable the cash / item in file db/item_vending.txt Vending title can be looks like: "[ITEM_ID] name" Version 1.8 preview: Changelog conf/battle/feature.conf db/item_vending.txt Modify your client data files: idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt idnum2itemresnametable.txt Enjoy. New: rAthena only: ExtendedVendingSystem_1.8.1.patch ExtendedVendingSystem_1.8.patch Old:
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    Hello all! Now i present to you my release : Faction system. Faction system settings: conf/battle/faction.conf Faction data base: db/faction_db.txt Faction alliances db: db/faction_alliance.txt New atcommands New Script commands New mapflag: fvf ( mf_fvf ) New map cell: nofvf ( cell_nofvf, cell_chknofvf ) Main Features: Faction versus Faction wars allowed only on FvF maps ( Min.lvl -> fvf_min_lvl: 55 ) Custom aura effects ( max is 3 by default, but you can increase it ) Aura can displaying for unit types in faction.conf: NPCs, Monsters, Pets, etc...( not only for Player ) Monster and other can change own base status to status from faction_db.txt ( race, element... ) If faction have Undead race or status faction members in this function can heal themselves ( if it allowed in faction_db.txt ) NPC shops can sell items to different factions at different prices. Now saving faction leader and relics of each faction. Multi - alliance support. Voting system ( voting for faction leader ). Relics support. Logging Faction chat. Youtube Preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7q-ExosLa8 Price: FREE PATCH FOR RATHENA REV. 17310 Faction_System_Complete_1.4_rA17310.patch FACTION.SQL Old BETA version
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    BotKiller 6 BotKiller 6 is a powerfull antibot system based on Scripts, useful to detect Bots without modify your server executables nor install external libraries. Features ​BK6 support external modules, giving flexibility and security to your server. BK6 was integrated with a new multi-language system that support multiple languages at the same time, the users can change the default language whispering to npc:lang BK6 give you enough time to find a safe place before initiate the interrogatory, during that time the player will glow to visually alert to other players about this process. During the interrogatory, the player will see the remaining time to respond in real time. BK6 rewards player when their effectiveness is OK responding the antibot (AGI,DEX,Zeny,Exp) BK6 will try to bypass recently interrogated players and definitely will ignore chatting or vending players. The Administrators are allowed to send a manual interrogatory to anyone in any moment. The players are allowed to send a manual interrogatory to any other common player, excepting players chatting, vending or in locked places (whisp to npc:bkconfig to configure BK6 safe zones) BK6 now uses "real time" in prison, the countdown only works when the guy remains logged in the jail. When the countdown is over, the player have to respond a new interrogatory to be sure is a human. if failed, the countdown is restarted and the Bot player is kicked from the server. BK6 store logs that helps administrators to detect Bots Players and apply other sanctions. Installation:Download​ the script: bk6.rar (6.17) Additional Languages:Portuguese: BK6_PT.txt (by Pedro Brito) Modify "script_athena.conf" setting this values to the check_* parameters.check_cmdcount: 655360 check_gotocount: 655360 Create this folders in your server root:npc/custom/bk npc/custom/bk/lang npc/custom/bk/mods Copy this scripts in the following paths:npc/custom/bk/LangManagement.txt npc/custom/bk/VarSystem.txt npc/custom/bk/BotKiller6.txt npc/custom/bk/lang/BK6_EN.txt npc/custom/bk/lang/BK6_ES.txt npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Asc2Num.txt npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Asc2Word.txt npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Fakename.txt npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Img2Num.txt npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_SMath.txt npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Lie2Me.txt npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_WordNum.txt To use Img2Num Module, use this client patch: BK6_Img2Num.rar Edit npc/scripts_custom.conf adding the following lines: // Unlimited Variable System npc: npc/custom/bk/VarSystem.txt // Multi-Language System npc: npc/custom/bk/LangManagement.txt // Translations npc: npc/custom/bk/lang/BK6_EN.txt // English Dialogs npc: npc/custom/bk/lang/BK6_ES.txt // Spanish Dialogs // Remember to copy and declare here any additional language // BotKiller Main Script npc: npc/custom/bk/BotKiller6.txt // BotKiller Modules npc: npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Asc2Num.txt npc: npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Asc2Word.txt npc: npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Fakename.txt npc: npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Img2Num.txt npc: npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_Lie2Me.txt npc: npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_SMath.txt npc: npc/custom/bk/mods/BK6_WordNum.txt Run your server and whisp to npc:bkconfig to configure BotKiller 6.* Note: BotKiller 6 doesn't work on TXT based servers, please don't request it * Some Demos: Basic Demo: Modules: Lie2Me Module: Asc2Number Module: Img2Num Module: Simple Math Module: Asc2Word Module: Word Num Module: Testing GM Commands trying to ByPass BotKiller 6: History: 2011-05-01: 6.0 - New version, a friendly Police in Midgard! 2012-01-18: 6.1 - Using the new version of Unlimited Variable System! 2012-01-19: 6.11 - Fixed some problems in the jail! 2012-01-19: 6.12 - Fixed another wierd function in the jail! 2012-01-28: 6.13 - npc:bk don't show player selector when found only 1' 2012-01-28: 6.13 - removed some useless variables in functions
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    Briefing & Concept Hi!. It's me again. Oh yes, you read it right, this is a free release... continue reading! First of all, I must give big thanks to all those members that allways takes their time to rate my work all this time. Really that says a lot for me. I appreciate that very much. In appreciation today, I will release another free map to you. For your server use, for share with your friends, to add it as a plus on your server... to all you want. Sincerely I believe that this community is all about Contributing with something. With whatever you can and you can afford. Thats the main reason that I'm sharing this one today. About the map: If you have played Super Smash Bros Brawl you will surely know about this stage About this map So, what do we have new on this map? This map is my first one of a new concept I tried by an Idea I had with a RO map long ago. I call this a Panoramic Map and I think you will notice it right away. I added space on this map, but by some camera angles edit and there, and doing some work with textures... I could add the effect of a far distance space area, that I hope you will enjoy. I recommend this map to be used only for small same matches of 1 vs 1, or 5 vs 5. Use it on your server for pvp tournaments, as a final stage. Or use it for a small GvG team tournament 2 teams of 5 or 7 users per each. Don't waste this map for a common pvp arena, be smart with your server and add it as a plus as a final stage of a tournament for ex. Anyway the main idea is, that this stage is for versus with the same conditions. That means 1 vs 1 would be epic here. Video ... watch it in HD 720p! HD Screenshot Screens are in Full HD resolution. You can allways hit the image thumbnaill to check the images on full size, and check some details that can only be appreciated in HD resolution. Only 1 Screen Is enough! Yes onnly 1 screen. Why? because this map is mainly a platform where an epic duel battle can be easily made wihout map obstructions. You can check the space decoration, and the final destination imported model on this one. Please check the video for a better idea of how this map is. I think that if you have play Smash Bros Brawl, or Melee, or 64 ... you will recognize this stage right away! and I-m sure you have play one of those before! <-- Download link --> IMPORTANT: Follow INSTRUCTIONS.TXT in your pack for install this map! Support this release! by posting your feedback here like: A comment is Greatly appreciated. A simple reputation makes me happy *A topic rating is allways a good detail from all On the other hand I must say that I'm allways busy with requests... It was very hard to me to make free time to offer this one for public and for free. So if you have time and you can afford a comment or rating... don't be shy! I will greatly appreciate it. Stay in tune for the download link. And take a look at the topic frequently to download this one! Thanks again, and good day to all
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    My tool allows you to take wings/rucksacks/whatever sprites, rename them numerically to place into the tool, and will automatically output the renamed files for each class, saving you hours of time having to manually rename each file.Originally inspired by this thread: http://rathena.org/board/topic/72734-guidecustom-wings-at-robe-place/ - I created this tool as a means of saving not only myself, but others time. The script can still use some improvements (automatic creation of folders from steps 2 through 6 in the instructions below for instance), but is for all general purposes ready and working as-is. My script uses PHP and web server magic to run. Your web server will also need to be able to .tar.gz files. I don't know how to check other than running the script, so.. yeah. You will need to download the following zip which contains a robes.php file: http://jtynne.com/rAthena/robetool.zip Next, follow these instructions: 1. Upload the robes.php file to your web server. 2. Create two folders "base" and "output" 3. CHMOD both folders to 0777 4. Inside of the "base" folder, place all of your .spr/.act files for the garment sprite you'd like to create. Number these from 1 upward and remember this number for the next step. 5. Inside of the "output" folder, create an equivalent amount of folders to the same number of .spr/.act's you put in the "base" folder. If you went up to 3.spr/3.act then make three folders: 1 2 3 6. Inside EACH of the numbered folders, create two additional folders with the names "³²" and "¿©" (male/female). This is important so do it! 7. Run the robes.php script from your browser and allow it to run. It will create a .tar.gz file containing all the necessary sprite files, but your work is not yet done. 8. Inside the .tar.gz you will find an "output" folder which contains numbered folders and renamed sprite files for all classes. Take the numbered folders and place them into : data/sprite/·Îºê/ (client-side) 9. Open data/lua files/datainfo/spriterobeid.lua AND data/lua files/datainfo/spriterobename.lua YOU MUST EDIT BOTH FILES. 10. Inside spriterobeid.lua in the SPRITE_ROBE_IDs = { section, add in your new robe reference. e.g. ROBE_MYRO_1 = 1, 11. Inside spriterobename.lua in the RobeNameTable = { section, add in your new robe reference using the data from the previous step as an addendum to the syntax. e.g. [sPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_MYRO_1] = "1", 12. You can then test these out in-game with @changelook 7 # or adjust the "view" field on a garment and voila. Note: If anyone has questions, I probably won't respond very quickly as I'm busy IRL with school/running my own server/working. Help each other, it's pretty straight-forward so long as you have an understanding of client-side data. If anyone would like to create a more detailed guide, be my guest. If you modify my script, please do give credit where credit is due, as I spent a considerable amount of time making this work. Thanks!
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    Fimbulwinter Client http://blog.fimbulwinter.org/ Overview Yes, this is another client project as I'm not satisfied with the current ones. FimbulwinterClient is developed in C++ using a barebone engine called YA3DE that I developed for use on it, remembers a lot XNA. The project was being developed in C# but with the release of MSVC11 with almost full C++11 support I decided to port it to C++ to take advantage of the new features. I don't plan to target old compilers that doesn't support the new spec as the major compilers already support it. YA3DE YA3DE(Yet Another 3D Engine) is a 3d engine that I developed to use it in my client. It remembers a lot of XNA but is in C++ and uses only OpenGL 3. Roadmap Map rendering: Done, perhaps the normal calculation isn't good at the moment. Mode rendering: Same as above. GUI: In development. Actors rendering: To be done. Network: To be done. Source code and license The project is licensed under GNU GPLv3 and the source can be found on my github repository: https://github.com/g...al/fimbulclient Screenshots Playing with the new GUI system Prontera prt_maze with surface colors Castle Prontera indoors Niflheim Comodo About the GUI https://github.com/greenboxal/fimbulclient/wiki/GUI-Overview I'll use the Awesomium project to create the game GUI, it's a hacked source of Chrominium that can be rendered and used in any project. Yes, the GUI will be done using HTML5+CSS3, but we have a problem: I suck at web programming and I really need help to develop a pretty GUI. So, if anybody is willing to help you can contact me Just for clarification, the 3d rendering is not web based, just the GUI. The world rendering is done with OpenGL and YA3DE. I'm developing the project alone and it's really a painful but rewarding task and I would be really thankful if someone helped me on this project. Thanks for your time, The green hollow cube.
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    Inds CeresCP Featuring KeyWorld's Theme. As you may know I'm the new head developer of the Ceres Control Panel, and I've been writing a completely new CP from the ground up. This thread is meant to introduce the project properly and to receive feedback and suggestions, make yourself comfortable to post all your thoughts. Inds CeresCP : Features Some of the highlights AccountsOne account can create subaccounts and manage all of them with a single login. Optional "Create Forum Account" checkbox on registration page, works for most popular forum software (ipb/vb/smf/phpbb/others) [*]Administration Features All CP settings (except db connection ones) and features can be managed from the webpage, no ftp/file editing required, this includes theme settings and languages (you can edit languages and add new language sets directly from the admin pages). New themes and modifications can be installed from the webpage as well by uploading their zip/rar file (no ftp required), the cp will process and install them accordingly. [*]System Features The whole control panel backend was written with a single thing in mind "performance". It uses as little queries as it can use and caches all it can in static files for the fastest available page load. It's faster than any control panel out there including the previous version of ceres and uses much less memory. All features of the previous version of ceres were redesigned and are also included.
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    Thanks for your interest in this guide. The main purpose of all these lines is, to have an -advance level- resource for those guys that wish to go further with their map creations. This guide will cover a useful amount of guides that has never been out there before. Yes, this is a compilation of things I have learned so far until this day; there is more mapping than just learning browedit! Requirements You have already read Aeries Browedit tutorial ---> http://rathena.org/b...e-for-browedit/ You have completely learned Syouji Browedit Tutorial ---> http://rathena.org/b...utorial-videos/ You already have experience with mapping. More than just edit maps, I mean, building your own. You have experience doing -re texturizing- Ragnarok Models and you are able to make your browedit read them You are capable to use Image Editors. Photoshop, GIMP, ... whatever. Probably just the basics, like flipping images or cutting an image. Please... Don't ask for support if you have not fullfilled the previous points I'm listing here. Another point: This guide will not contain links to download copyright software. Here, I will only list the software you will need to follow the video tutorials I will add... it is up to you too obtain this software by purchasing it, or Google it. GR2 Granny Custom 3D models in RO Watch in Full Screen at 1080p About: "An example of how you can add your own custom 3D GR2 models as mobs in Ragnarok Online just like the WoE Guardians or the emperium. You can add them as mobs, or even as NPC. Software Requirements: Granny Pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52175822/Granny.rar Granny Converter: http://rathena.org/board/files/file/3022-granny-converter-by-ricky92/ Umodel: http://www.gildor.org/downloads ActorXImporter: http://www.gildor.org/projects/unactorx RO2 GoTW: https://mega.co.nz/#F!tQwyQCTD!JNEehQnbvdl6Ww5JYo3Kcg If you want to only do a quick test maybe you can download directly the Mejonora already extracted: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52175822/mejonora_test.rar Tips & Troubleshoting: FBX to RSM Animated Models Watch in Full Screen at 1080p About: "Importing and doing your own animated RSM Models now it is possible.." Software Requirements: RSMConverter 3.0 by @xarple ---> LINK FBX Converter 2013.3 by Autodesk ---> LINK 3DS Max 2013 or More RSW and GND Maps into FBX Watch in Full Screen at 1080p About: "Think about the possibilities you can have by importing whole Ragnarok Maps and be able to edit them with the all powerful 3DS Max design tool" ... transform ground shapes, into complex structures with curves presents for ex. modify vertices structures of map areas, etc." Software Requirements: ROMAPCONV9 by Xarple LINK FBX Converter by Autodesk LINK 3DS Max 2012 or More Importing and Editing RSM Models into 3DS Watch in Full Screen at 1080p About: "You might know that it is possible to Import 3DS to RSM ... But how about the reverse of this? In this tutorial you will learn How to Import RSM to 3DS And open your possibilities to do complex editions to default Ragnarok Models" Software Requirements: Browedit 3D Object Converter any version. 3DS Max 7 or more. I use ver 9 here. I will try to keep this tutorial updated. Volume 1 is ready, and Volume 2 is under progress... Any Inquiries, suggestion or... thanks! are very well appreciated, and will keep me motivated to add more and more videos of all of these things I have learned in years with a lot of effort!. Thanks to all and don't forget to follow this thread. Have a nice day.~
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    Peopleperson49's Script Collection Please enjoy my work. If you have any suggestions or find any issues/bugs please let me know! If you like or download my work please click the "Vote this post up" button to the right of the post and check out my server Ragnarok Underground. My scripts are written as I would use it for my Ragnarok Underground server, you might need to configure them before use. My scripts are written to work with the rAthena emulator. When reporing and bug/error/suggestion in this topic please give the emulator version, version of the script your using, and the issue in detail! Super Magnifier Identifys all unidientified items a player is holding at once. I made this a long time ago for my server, but I added here for Nipsino after reading a post he left. Function_SuperMagnifier.txt Rock, Paper, Scissors Roulette This was one of my first scripts I ever made. I learned to script by breaking these type of scripts down and recreating them from scratch. This script was recreated in this same way. It is very similar to the original in design. Allows the player to play roulette with a 5 chamber pistol. Only one bullet is loaded at a time. The script will continue to loop until somebody is shot. Version 2.0: rpsroulette.txt BlackJack Scratchcard Blackjack script that designed to work like a scratchcard. It is based on using eight decks or cards and both numbers and suits determine winning hands. Buster prize for scoring a 30 or 31, which can only be done if you already have a 20 or 21 adding one more element of gambling to it. Item data is included at the bottom of the script. Version 2.7: Download Powerball Lottery This was one of my first scripts I ever made. I learned to script by breaking these type of scripts down and recreating them from scratch. This script was recreated in this same way. It is very similar to the original in design. Powerball lottery picks 5 miniballs and 1 powerball. Different pay amount based on type of matches made. Version 1.7: lottery.txt Advanced Banker This was one of my first scripts I ever made. I learned to script by breaking these type of scripts down and recreating them from scratch. This script was recreated in this same way. It is very similar to the original in design. Bank with varying account and interest based directly on balance. Also has trustfund which pays out only when the character reaches BaseLevel 150. Most of my scripts give trustfund bonuses and also 1% of any zeny spent goes toward the trustfund. Version 1.4: bank.txt Heads Or Tails This was one of my first scripts I ever made. I learned to script by breaking these type of scripts down and recreating them from scratch. I remember making this one, but I'm not sure if I based it off of another script or not. Player starts by betting 500z and then flips a coin. If heads their money is disabled, if tails they loose all their money. Version 2.4: hot.txt Jackpot Leon This was one of my first scripts I ever made. I learned to script by breaking these type of scripts down and recreating them from scratch. This script was recreated in this same way. It is very similar to the original in design, however I'm not sure where to find that script anymore. The script picks a number between 1 and 100. The player pays 10,000z to make a guess. Each guess increases the size of the Jackpot by 9,000z until somebody wins. Version 2.3: jackpot.txt Double Dice Roll Very simple dice gambling game created for my custom Comodo casino package. You bet various amounts of zeny and roll two dice. The winner is the one with the highest total score. This was created from scratch as part of my casino package and had nothing to do with the rolladice script. Version 2.1: roll_a_dice.txt Saving Angel This script was written for my lovely wife after we were player and our whole party was wiped out in majos. It allows a character to resurrect another character anywhere in the server for a fee. Version 1.8: Saving_Angel.txt Magic 8 Ball Custom script that works just like using a magic 8 ball. Version 2.2: MagicEightball.txt Wishing Well Custom script that allows a player to throw zeny into the wishing well and make a wish. The wish is then sent to any online GM using @request. It is restricted to one use per day to help prevent annoying the crap out of the GM's! Version 1.7: WishingWell.txt Arch Bishop Job Quest This script was written for MelMel on rAthena.org. It is a compltely new version of the third job change quest for an Arch Bishop. I did not use any other scripts as a base. It allows a Priest/High Priest to gather items and then change jobs to an Arch Bishop. The Sub-scripts can be completed in any order and all work off of each other. Version 1.1: Job_AB.txt Guillotine Cross Job Quest This script was written to supplement the fact that the Guillotine Cross still has no official script release on rAthena.org. It is a compltely new version of the third job change quest for a Guillotine Cross. I did not use any other scripts as a base. It allows a Assassin/Assassin Cross to gather items and then change jobs to a Guillotine Cross. Version 1.2: Job_GC.txt Monster Of The Day Another Monster Of The Day script. I made this one from scratch to be very simple and work automatically. Uses almost the full list of monsters from the mob_branch. I included the dispbottom here when players login, but I actually perfer to use a login script with this in it. Version 1.4: MOTD.txt Security Manager Allows a player to set up a password to help protect their account. It uses a simple OnWhisperGlobal function. I nolonger support the use of the whisper system in my Security Manager script after version 1.3. I will still provide support for other issues that might be discovered in scripts prior to v1.4, but they will be fixed in a version that now uses bindatcmd. Version 1.5: Security_Manager.txt GM Headquarters Allows access to a part of the sec_in01 map that doesn't have any warps anyway. This is a nice areas to setup special NPC's or events. Whatever anybody wants to do with it. However the secutiry code is fun for everybody to try to crack. This script currently has shops that be used once a day as a reward for cracking code. It's my intent to eventually add a full warper script that can be used once a day also. Version 1.3: GMHeadquarters.txt Monster Hunter This script was written for vgrebirth on rAthena.org. It allows one party at a time to do the Monster Hunter event. If any member is killed the entire party looses and are warped out. If you kill all the mini-boss monsters the boss monster is spawned. Version 2.7: Monster_Hunter.txt
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    Collection of Hats from jRO/twRO/bRO/iRO I've gather in this archive over 100 hats from various official servers. I've taken them from jRO/twRO/bRO/iRO, I've surely miss some of them but you'll find an interesting amount of inedit hats. Download : Collection-100Hats-jRO.twRO.iRO.rar Here some example of hats : Names are just here for indication, I didn't look for their names. accessoryid.lua : accname.lua :
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