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  1. normal rathena should can ./configure , so by just adding that pull request, you can use ./configure --enable-web-service
  2. its either sclientinfo.xml or clientinfo.xml.
  3. Try to check your job_exp. I think u edit something there and cause this error/issue.
  4. what OS are you using ? configure commands = for linux/centos/ubuntu. For windows = use visual studio
  5. The issue for GTB that I saw still open is this one : https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/5918.
  6. if you're using Chris Translation, then maybe you can read the Wiki or instruction to use it. It might have another skillinfoz file for it.
  7. Use this PR. Easy since its included in rAthena. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/5731
  8. add in below commands line. commands: { mobinfo: true iteminfo: true and etc. If you're adding this for groupid :0 which is normal account, then add it at id : 0 section.
  9. conf/inter_athena.conf // MySQL Web Server web_server_ip: web_server_port: 3306 web_server_id: ragnarok web_server_pw: ragnarok web_server_db: ragnarok First make sure the Web server settings are correct. conf/web_athena.conf // Print requests and responses? // This is useful for debugging purposes, it will print the entire // request and response for each transaction. print_req_res: off Then u can on this one if u want to see request and response information.
  10. You can PM @Functor. He will give u some patch for it.
  11. Make sure you have NGHT_SIEGER in your mobdb yml. If you're using pre-renewal then find it in pre-re folder or else in renewal folder.
  12. This one : https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/e7ba7ebdb56b95d7d9d72d7a0d3d614e3f36ac86/sql-files/web.sql Run this SQL script in your ragnarok database. Then dont forget to : make web and ./web-server (for linux) or just recompile that web-server and run the web-server.exe
  13. thats the old one. No need that anymore. You need to run the SQL for web in sql-files and also make sure port are correct. I saw from screenshot above your ports are not correct.
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