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  1. pls apply diff or edit your src for it and recompile
  2. make sure the database access are correct. And make sure the port for both servers are different.
  3. Try to redownload again make sure anti virus didnt change anything at all.
  4. Maybe your antivirus changed/blocked it so if you try to open the client, nothing happen. Try to check did the process running in task manager.
  5. But headgear sprite also affected by reset look.
  6. use woe_controller from npc/custom. Read the description/note at early lines, you need to disable agit from original WoE script to use that controller.
  7. Exactly, the ID you can find in http://nn.ai4rei.net/dev/npclist/?q=624&qq=search
  8. Example to duplicate : izlude,121,150,6 duplicate(Healer) Healer#izl 624
  9. I didnt test it yet, is it complete ? I mean the logic for it.
  10. 1. If your logs folder have paypal logs that show this : <TITLE>ACCESS DENIED</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><H1>ACCESS DENIED</H1>YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO ACCESS "HTTP&#58;&#47;&#47;WWW&#46;PAYPAL&#46;COM&#47;CGI&#45;BIN&#47;WEBSCR" ON THIS SERVER. Try to add the middle line in FluxCP/lib/Flux/PaymentNotifyRequest.php $request .= 'Content-Length: '.strlen($qString)."\r\n"; $request .= "User-Agent: MyServerUserAgent\r\n"; // ADD THIS LINE BETWEEN THE CODE. $request .= 'Host: '.$this->ppServer."\r\n"; PayPalIpnUrl in config/application.php : www.paypal.com IPN setting at paypal website : https://you-domain.com/?module=donate&action=notify Let me know if its working or not. Ive opened this issue in FluxCP and its still opened till now and I hope this helps.
  11. Sadly, hes on different emulator forum and hes already mentioned hes using hercules. Thats why I said hes on different emulator forum, but still I tried to help him then. Or should we force him with rAthena solution now ? lol. He wont find /db/(re or pre-re)/item_trade.txt as you suggested ever till he changed to rAthena.
  12. Then I dont understand why you post at rathena forum, hercules have their own forums though. Check itemdb.conf. Example : Trade: { nodrop: true notrade: true noselltonpc: true nocart: true nostorage: true nogstorage: true nomail: true noauction: true }
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