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  1. use nocommands mapflag if u want to disable all commands. if certain commands, this idea might helps
  2. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/1eb930c92830c81d640d7928fc775250e2d0a955/sql-files/web.sql Run above SQL script
  3. Try to check below configuration : #define OFFICIAL_GUILD_STORAGE should be enabled in src/config/packets.hpp #ifdef RENEWAL #define MAX_GUILDSKILL 20 ///Max Guild skills #else #define MAX_GUILDSKILL 15 ///Max Guild skills #endif change to 20 also because u need additional skills since that is renewal skills. After that remember add the skill db yml for it. and also 1 more... the client part because pre-re doesnt have that guild extension skill info/description, etc (skillid.lub, skillinfolist.lub,skilltreeview.lub). Maybe can copy from renewal for guild storage skill here : https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/tree/master/Renewal/data/luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz
  4. Didnt tried your clientdate before. Ive tried 20180620 and it works.
  5. tick enable proxy support in nemo
  6. are you sure you have BGM folder with the mp3 files of the song inside ?
  7. thats mean the lua files issue. might be accessoryid or accname. Please also make sure your files reading .lub or .lua so you need to edit the correct txt file. Also, make sure all the format are correct including the comas, etc.
  8. if you doesnt want renewal mode, then disable it in src/config/renewal.h I dont understand which new skills because you doesnt even provide any info or example for it. If you doesnt like renewal mechanism then disable it. And rAthena more focus on renewal to be honest.
  9. most probably because of your lua files in skillinfoz Try to find a suitable one. I suggest you to use https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE
  10. do you mean older client ? in Nemo http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/
  11. use another clientdate. then edit in src/config/packets.h #ifndef PACKETVER /// Do NOT edit this line! To set your client version, please do this instead: /// In Windows: Add this line in your src\custom\defines_pre.hpp file: #define PACKETVER YYYYMMDD /// In Linux: The same as above or run the following command: ./configure --enable-packetver=YYYYMMDD #define PACKETVER 20200401 #endif Change 20200401 to any client date that you are using. And recompile.
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