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  1. make sure use rathena from here https://github.com/rathena/rathena/
  2. get a clean files. dont edit the #define PRERE or anything. Just comment // to all listed config for renewal. //#define RENEWAL //#define RENEWAL_CAST //#define RENEWAL_DROP //#define RENEWAL_EXP //#define RENEWAL_LVDMG //#define RENEWAL_ASPD //#define RENEWAL_STAT and recompile. ./configure make clean make sql make server
  3. src/config/renewal.hpp use comment // to all listed config for renewal. //#define RENEWAL //#define RENEWAL_CAST //#define RENEWAL_DROP //#define RENEWAL_EXP //#define RENEWAL_LVDMG //#define RENEWAL_ASPD //#define RENEWAL_STAT and recompile.
  4. latest card remover ? so I assume this you are using quite latest rathena too. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/card_remover.txt
  5. You might need to read the Wiki there depends on your client date, etc. https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/wiki
  6. have you tried run 1 by 1 ? and did u enable console log ?
  7. as I said if you use any hourly scripts, disable it first, restart server. Because most probably I saw this issue happens when hourly scripts are used. have you done that and see how it goes ?
  8. I think it might happen to another script too. Maybe you are using hourly reward scripts ? If yes, some rewards script released in this forum are not working well already. Try disable that hourly reward scripts and see again if that issue occurs again or not.
  9. didnt understand but maybe this ? // Players' maximum HP rate? (Default is 100) hp_rate: 100 // Players' maximum SP rate? (Default is 100) sp_rate: 100 inside conf/battle/player.conf
  10. Theres a few section there. find it. if Pre-renewal, it will shows Pre-Renewal part remove all # that highlighted until reach level 255. Change MaxBaseLevel to 255 since that what you want, and insert the jobs that u want to reach that level in 'Insert jobs here'. you can see example in db/pre-re/job_stats.yml originally. Example : Knight: true Same goes to job level, edit MaxJobLevel, insert jobs, uncomment until the level that u want to reach. search until u find for HP and SP and do the same too.
  11. use import folder job_stats.yml remove comments, insert jobs, and edit the max level as you want. Maybe you might wanna see the hp sp increment part too.
  12. 5121 and 6121 is the connection for char server and map server and this should happens in server side. Make sure the firewall are open for those ports and also char-server and map-server are online in terminal.
  13. rathena are still using .sql for those files in sql-files as monster database and item database and didnt use yml for that. this files usually being used in fluxcp as information for itemdb and monster db. this changes that you meant ?
  14. Recompile and you should see the converter, csv2yaml Example :
  15. Usually people didnt changed their cps.dll. So it should be once when someone create the client and send to Gepard to diff Gepard things inside.
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