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  1. Chaos92

    Client Deletion Details

    yes, 20180620 client date. Got some topic said its originally like that.. but its weird though. Its not understandable by normal players I think.
  2. Chaos92

    Client Deletion Details

    it will make the deletion time gone. how can I set the countdown ? or any way for it to become more clearer to players ?
  3. Chaos92

    About dual client

    Gepard Shield 3.0
  4. Chaos92

    skill_damage_db.txt not working?

    but not work with the documentation. BL_PC isnt work anymore. I tried using 1 and it works.
  5. Chaos92

    skill_damage_db.txt not working?

    yes its not in core.h anymore. How can we get it work ya ?
  6. Chaos92

    Client Deletion Details

    Hello guys, ive been searching for this deletion details ,is there anyway i can fix this ? The time isnt valid since im only using 24 hour deletion time in this server.
  7. Chaos92

    How To change to player online?

    is there any way to insert online players at service select back to 20180620 client ?
  8. Chaos92

    FluxCP server status error

    ask your hoster or anything regarding your hosting to whitelist your server IP and ports for the 3 servers.
  9. Chaos92

    how change damage to 32k to 16k damage only

    in src folder, edit at edp skills damage function.
  10. Chaos92

    I need a random item generator can anyone help me?

    Hello, can you use code function ? Sorry but.. its better for us to see the codes clearly rather than download it as a MUST.
  11. is there anyone with this issue or know how to solve this ? the 'character name trailer'. lol
  12. Chaos92

    how change damage to 32k to 16k damage only

    You need to give in details what damage you want to reduce. Sorry you request need to be a bit specific so we can help regarding your exact request.
  13. Chaos92

    need cheap games guard!!

    Better get Gepard Shield, cost around minimum 150usd but lifetime.
  14. Chaos92

    Iteminfo.lua bugged

    for no sprite ingame, its for sure accessoryid and accname issue if your sprite is already there.
  15. Chaos92

    Iteminfo.lua bugged

    Hello, notepad++ will change your korean to other languages, thats why. So , try to downlaod other text editor for example brackets and edit it using that.