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  1. if u use the generator i told before, the itemdb is automatically generated. make sure to use the weapon generator.
  2. ive told you before from earlier. your itemdb is wrong. why the location is costume head top. since u said it as that it will be weapon. and why is it armor. its weapon. pay attention to locations, type, etc. get example from other weapon that almost the same.
  3. I still dont understand your statement. weapon as visual means its shown sprite, right ? so it should be correct at all the lua files and iteminfo.
  4. so its itemid not headgear accessoryid. use client 2020 above.
  5. didnt understand. the geneerator auto generate the lua files. which auto create the required lines. if u asking about the sprite and texture, there are some examples you can download in downloaads section sprite.
  6. btw 30k is quite a big number, officially didnt even reached 5k. didnt try lower ? What does it shows ?
  7. most probably because of accessoryid, accname are not exist. Try my generator here : about ID that u said, what ID ? if headgear ID, you can increase when creating the client using nemo/warp.
  8. what do you mean by custom weapon as visual ? the location is costume head top. seems difference with what you want to achieve. I have custom weapon generator release here :
  9. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/resetnpc.txt this one ?
  10. maybe because you nemo/warp using preview cash shop ? then you might need to enable that part in src, or disable that nemo/warp for preview cash shop. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/91b501bbb2c1d047ef2ce128fb073a0da60b27ae/src/config/core.hpp#L98 if edit src, then need to recompile. or else, disable that patch in nemo/warp
  11. Check your itemID that is unknown item for example 12901 and others. Try @item ingame. Maybe because of its shown as unknown item, thats why. The reason ? Most probably your iteminfo part doesnt have that item details.
  12. Added for statpoints.yml generator. You can insert details about max level, max status point (will be divided fairly on each level), and also the traitpoints part and the file will be downloaded. I hope this helps some people that might need it.
  13. I have some time, so you can try my generator, maybe ? https://x-files.amirazman.my/customfilegenerator choose Statpoint Generator and insert the details needed.
  14. maybe there are spacing or anything, it corrupt the yml reading. Hmm if i have time, Ill try to create generator for this.
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