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  1. hello, you need to add user permission for that. if you're using phpmyadmin, click your database, privileges, add user account, and add the hostname, username and password.
  2. create an item with weight 5k or 6k, then checkweight(<item id>,<amount>)
  3. use one group id, and insert all commands that you want them to have. They still can trade, drop, etc.
  4. data/itemmoveinfov5.txt Should be here.
  5. Dont use notepad++, that software will encode the korean word thats why that error will happen. Or else you need to setup/configure notepad++ for auto encode issue. Use another type of word editor for example Brackets, etc.
  6. solved by changing this line : set .rand,rand(0,getarraysize(.ItemLists)); to set .rand,rand(getarraysize(.ItemLists)-1); Thanks to @Hurtsky and @pajodex for their precious time !
  7. Hello, this script can read rand start from zero when randomize the items. Do you have any idea to fix it ? It will occur randomly while randomize item. [Warning]: itemdb_search: Item ID 0 does not exists in the item_db. Using dummy data.
  8. can u elaborate ? diff client without ignore error
  9. get it from github
  10. what is your client version ?
  11. You might try to change the folder inside data/logs/schemas/charmapdb and also data/logs/schemas/mapdb to your new ServerName. in default, the name = FluxRO since you installed using that ServerName before.
  12. there is no fix for this yet ?
  13. Hope this help.