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  1. Kung ako sayo, humanap ka na hindi related sa RO na hosting, then setup mo sya sa sarili mo. Mas makakamura ka. I suggest you this hosting. - - - and if ever you want a server/client ready.. this 2 hosting is recommended. - -
  2. LMAO on the last comic episode
  3. This is really awesome. A shield just like Gepard and it's totally FREE!. Nice one bruh! +1 rep
  4. Hi @Emistry ! Can you make a simple ladder like top 10 or 20's?
  5. I'll try this now.
  6. Good day to all! I do have a request if ever possible. This PVP Script request is like a Rank system as you may know in Dota2/League of Legends. So shall I begin? PVP Script: • There are 2 rooms (ability to add more rooms..) - Free for All - No Potions • PVP Script Function: - If a player get 1 killed, +20 points. - if a player died, -20 points. - if a player reached less than 20 points or 0, the player who will kill him will get no points. (to avoid feeding points). • PVP Ladder - Maybe a top 10 or 20 players with their current points. Hopefully, someone can post or help this script. Thanks a lot!
  7. From what my logic understand.. - The char/map ip/port should be anywhere in LA (for example) - The login ip/port should be the proxy one. (6900,6901,6902...) if you have 3 proxy servers.
  8. We discussed this with @Stolao about C++ and yes, its happening!
  9. Congrats to Team for continues developing rA +1 rep
  10. Thanks for this!
  11. I like this! ... porting ToS to RO. Good job to you @slee. Keep it up and don't leave the project ~
  12. ~ grats @Aleos
  13. Dont ever use harmony, the current shield at this moment is Gepard Shield
  14. remove the 1. after "+([email protected])+" x .. that is just an announcement, the rate is right. but the broadcast is wrong. It will display "Current Rune-Midgard rates are : 1.75x...." but the true rate is 7.5x.. so just remove the 1.
  15. Hello folks, I dunno what they call it but, I see a server around 2009~ that having this where they have a Backpack in their inventory with backpack icon (like a racksack) but not equip-able. The item works as a real backpack where they can put heavy items like eluniums, equipments, etc, anything by talking to an NPC, all the items (in equipment tab) will go to backpack item, and when they need it it, they will talk again to NPC and choose what item do they want to get out in the backpack. Also, the backpack is non drop-able and trade-able. Hope you get what I'm requesting. It's kinda hard for me Thanks in Advance guys!