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  1. Guys, I don't know if this is a Request or some kind of giving you an Ideas.. but if possible, has anyone have this script? I like the game mechanics from Dragon Nest Mobile and it's really a good idea to transport them in Ragnarok World. Just like this.. • An instance with Easy/Normal/Hard/Hell with limited entrance like 5/day only. - Easy will be normal HP/Stats of an MVP - Medium/Hard/Hell will be 2x/3x/4x of the HP/Stats of an MVP. - Drops for Hard/Hell will be doubled/tripled. - Finishing Easy Mode will unlock the Normal Mode, Normal to Hard and up to Hell Mode. - A piece of an Equipment will be rewarded but in random chance like 5-10%? - Exclusive map like copying guild_vs1,2,3? - Party or Guild is allowed in this game mode. • A World Boss with 10x of an HP/Stats of a random MVP. - An exclusive closed-map for World Boss only. Like guild_vs3? - Participating players will be re-spawn in 10 sec. on the same map while World Boss is alive. - Exiting the game, obviously returning them to save point or town. - All participants will get rewarded. • Guild Sign-in for Guild Shops. Signing will give you like +10 Guild Scrolls/Day. - Obviously, it will be badges and shops will be Battleground Items like that and some other stuffs that is non-trade-able. - Winning in WOE will be rewarded with greater rewards. • In Dragon Nest Mobile, there is an instance called Dragon Expedition. I think we can assume like MVP Expedition? - MVP Expedition is once a day only, you will fight an MVP on your own. Losing will keep you on the same MVP another day. - Killing the current MVP will move you to the next level of MVP tomorrow. (Ex. Phreeoni > Doppel > Baphomet >.......> Satan Morrocc) - Reward will be CASHPOINTS? - Finishing your MVP Expedition will start you back. - An exclusive map with not so wide map. - No party members or guild. Just you only. • Boss Rush - I think we have this script already, I don't know what is it called but this will give you a fight to a 5 MVP or Mini Boss. - Rewards will be cash points? - Exclusive map not a wide type map. - No parties/guilds allowed. It's just you. • Dragon Soul Instance or we call it MVP Soul Instance? - This instance will give you an exclusive equipment and random or cash points? - The game play of this is killing MVP first then destroy the crystal. That will finish the instance. • Dark Temple. I think we have this already and it's Endless Tower? • Dragon's Lair. I don't have ideas in this instance since I'm still low level at the moment. But it's a 4-man or 6-man party/guild instance fighting a very tough Dragon based on the description. I'll bring more ideas soon once I finish observing how Dragon Nest game scheme but its amazing that having like this will give our players a much more in Ragnarok.
  2. Hello guys! I know a lot of you notice RO Mobile by XD.com. Let me tell you that I am one of the CBT players and playing almost a month. I just noticed that the features, quest, map-locking, auto battle and more, attracted a lot of players, and also the 3D version of ragnarok of course. Some of the features are: - Auto Battle The autobattle features level-lock monster, only those monster you've chosen will auto attack. There is also the "Attack All" and it will auto attack all monster within the screen. - Crafting One of the most awesome features in RO Mobile. You'll get awesome and very useful headgears, weapons, accessories, etc. Upon completing the ingredients, you will get it for free. - Map Auto Navigation Although, we already have this, but not as good as this one. The quest also guide you where and what monster you will kill, and where to find them. The ETC items also have the auto navigation and who drops of it. - Adventurer's Book This is a good one, completing those meeting up with NPC's, fighting new monsters, taking a picture of rare areas in maps will give you Poring Coins, EXP and more. ** I'm exploring more of this, I'll add more if I have updates regarding RO mobile, if you have addition, just post it here and I will put it up here.
  3. Seriously guys? fighting over credit? It's 2017 now! We're on the same client feature and we're stealing it from Gravity. Aside from that, why we always get drama here XD the fact that this is only a small feature (I guess) but, let's move on guys. We are not kids anymore. To @Lemongrass excellent job bruh ~
  4. Any live server using this? I'm applying this to my server but I wanted to make a test with some 3PP. Thanks!
  5. Kung ako sayo, humanap ka na hindi related sa RO na hosting, then setup mo sya sa sarili mo. Mas makakamura ka. I suggest you this hosting. - OVH.com - kimsufi.com - buyvm.net and if ever you want a server/client ready.. this 2 hosting is recommended. - wanhosting.net - pony-vps.com
  6. This is really awesome. A shield just like Gepard and it's totally FREE!. Nice one bruh! +1 rep
  7. Hi @Emistry ! Can you make a simple ladder like top 10 or 20's?
  8. Good day to all! I do have a request if ever possible. This PVP Script request is like a Rank system as you may know in Dota2/League of Legends. So shall I begin? PVP Script: • There are 2 rooms (ability to add more rooms..) - Free for All - No Potions • PVP Script Function: - If a player get 1 killed, +20 points. - if a player died, -20 points. - if a player reached less than 20 points or 0, the player who will kill him will get no points. (to avoid feeding points). • PVP Ladder - Maybe a top 10 or 20 players with their current points. Hopefully, someone can post or help this script. Thanks a lot!
  9. From what my logic understand.. - The char/map ip/port should be anywhere in LA (for example) - The login ip/port should be the proxy one. (6900,6901,6902...) if you have 3 proxy servers.
  10. We discussed this with @Stolao about C++ and yes, its happening!
  11. Congrats to Team for continues developing rA +1 rep
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