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    Probably not xD Anyways, I am working on development of a new patcher as a successor to the original aka NEMO. Initially, I was planning to just release the source for NEMO but is quite outdated. So I decided to just start off fresh utilizing concepts from the original along with new ideas (Already have some implemented, which I will explain later) Also this time, I will be keeping it open source. I will publish to Github once there is a solid foundation. I am building it using the latest version of Qt (5.15) and utilizing QML for creating the GUI. I want to give it a more modern appearance, however, I am a "novice" on this front. So I am inviting suggestions for the UI from the talented individuals here.
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    What skills ? Renewal/Pre-renewal ? Any screenshot ? Please elaborate.
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    Need the latest kRO Install folder for your private server? Look no further! ----> Download <---- Latest: 2020-01-24 Installation: Official kRO Updated: 09/04/2020 Download Link: http://bit.ly/latestkro Package contains RSU RO Patcher Lite for kRO and kRO RE by [Ai4rei] This package is maintained by [Akkarin] This ZIP archive is 3.95GB in size and includes all BGMs plus the latest RSU ([2020-04-06] Release Simply download, extract, play! A fan of this topic? Hit the rep button
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    // Should Dispel work on songs when the target is not in the song area? (Note 1) // On official servers, it's impossible to dispel songs. // Hint: Also affects the Rebellion skill "Vanishing Buster". dispel_song: no It's already available on rA. conf/battle/skill.conf
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    The command you're looking for is @changecharsex.
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