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    I had fixed it a long time ago and forgot about this post sorry! but thank you anyway, maybe this can help others.
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    I found the problem !!!!! it was in the src/custom/defines_pre i put this : #define PACKETVER 20151104 and it is working, thank you a lot for helping .(i had already ensure the desired ports, but it was nice idea thank you ) Now i would love to have some help to my patcher, i have no idea how it is working, i believe i have to make an ftp ? (i'm actually using a vps vultr windows server), i tried to found a thor patcher helper /guide or something but i didnt and i can't find any video on youtube that explains how it works unfortunally
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    Hello @Brizyous maybe I can help files with the extension ".yml" show errors if the space is not correct compare the first image below. 1-Correct 2- Error on line 2725 I used '' space ''. We can see lines 2715 and 2738, they are in the same direction exactly the same as the other lines PS: I hope I helped, I have no experience in forum and I also don't know how to write in English correctly
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