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  1. It's an instance so I'm not so sure memo is allowed, you can check to see if there is a mapflag restricting memo. I think it's like nomemo
  2. comes from the skill info lua files, however removing the name will result in !! instead. What are you going for?
  3. what client date, and what langtype?
  4. you may also want to check that you added customs correctly, both in idnum and num tables. So If the person that died has custom items on, then this would be another place to check
  5. I usually just have my data folder structure so data/wav (and the files in the wav file to be patched). Use thor patcher and point to my grf to be patched. Use the Directory option and select your data folder and generate the thor patch
  6. haha, yep it was down the couple of days. It's up and running as of yesterday
  7. I'd suggest running the upgrade sql-files since it says you're missing a column.
  8. yes if it does not exist in your data/sprite folder, then add the folder in. From there you can dump your custom sprites into there
  9. I believe you can still autovend but I believe if you do that, it will take zeny instead of the intended currency
  10. you should be able to patch it with thor yes. I would actually just use patch single file option and then specify /System, then I don't see why that won't work
  11. have you allowed to show error messages? 2013-08-07 is a stable client, so I would check to see if you're not erroring on content
  12. Judas

    NPC Vending

    looks like one of epoques mods, I think you have to make a decent amount of changes to get that to work
  13. you don't need diffs for those clients, just use wediff patcher second options from the drop down
  14. any client. 2013 probably not at the moment
  15. isn't that font arial in the picture? im confused
  16. I think jupeto and i were having the same issue with this =/
  17. 175 for most trans 3rd jobs.. 160 for those jobs you've mnetioned
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