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  1. is the map ok? If you change the default map like prontera or geffen, do you get the same problem?
  2. no reference to max_itemdb. Usually it should be in .h files itemdb.h? Maybe check there. See if the proper includes are there
  3. i guess either photoshop, or paint or some graphic program.
  4. those are bmp files themselves, in texture/basic interface
  5. just what it says, it's missing the bmp file for that particular map. THat error doesn't do any harm, but if you want to fix it putt a dummy bmp in that directory
  6. take out the diff ignore file errors and see if that offers any clues
  7. Edit the text file as Ragnar mentioned, find those lines I forget which ones to be exact. But find those key words, I, Fav, etc and replace them with single characters
  8. still works, you just need to know how to manually patch it
  9. that's true, I would be very cautious about it
  10. check that your packet_db is set to the correct packet for 2013-08-07
  11. I'm not sure I understand your question, do you mean that no matter what the max damage will be 500k and nothing more. Or just not display damage over 500k
  12. Basically, you just have to difff your client to support custom hairstyles, and then add custom hairstyles to your data folder/grf
  13. are you able to patch your client to show errors? That could give a clue, another thing to check is your grfs aren't corrupted in some way I would guess
  14. The map-server crashes? Are you able to get any crash dumps
  15. seems like a packet problem, for rA, I know I couldn't use 2008-early 2010 clients without some src modifications.
  16. http://rathena.org/board/topic/62073-how-to-enable-core-dumps-centos/ you could try to get a core dump
  17. Judas

    Old Episodes

    I don't seem to see a fast way to do it, the approach you're taking so far seems pretty good, if you know which episode was last touched, you just have to modify/remove content
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