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  1. Yea, I have yahoo, msn, and gmail account. Out of them, I really like gmail, partly because my college at UConn just switched to Gmail. So more storage and a lot of various options from google such as docs.
  2. Just curious if people are still refreshing the old forums and seeing what's happening along with refreshing to see any new content on these new forums. Personally, I don't mind, but it's interesting i guess to keep going back and forth between the sites.
  3. Judas

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    Anime Ranma 1/2 Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Magic Knight Rayearth Rurouni Kenshin Meitantei Conan [Kaitou Kid] Love Hina Persona Inuyasha Tales of Symphonia Tales of Abyss Tales of Phantasia Ah My Goddess
  4. yea I agree with what bluesky is saying. Understanding the src is pretty much all you need, cause if you don't then there probably be a lot of variables you will miss
  5. Well the idea is like this from FF13, when you Paradigm Shift you will either have offensive, defensive, or magic related skills. Maybe as a bonus, stats will change accordingly? So just wondering if someone could make a script for an item/equip whatever easier to incorporate this idea into RO There would be an item/equip for specific jobs only, so just do it for one job for now since it would be the same for the rest i believe. I'm not sure on what would be the efficient way to do this, arrays? or maybe something else? thanks for your time.
  6. Judas


    Hey Guys/Girls. I'm Judas, and happy to be on this new looking board. Hope the future will be promising. I'll also do my best to help any upcoming beginners who need help getting started making their server or run into trouble/errors. Catcha later!
  7. yea, i didn't really like 3ceam's implementation. Trojal's patch is better in my opinion. All third mounts and those lion mounts work as well.
  8. latest clients already work with shinyro's client
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