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  1. Hello. You can either use a source modification or a script to achieve that. Should you choose to use a script, you'll first have to remove @item access via groups.conf then run this script. //By Capuche - script atcmd_noitem -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "item",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommand"; setarray .item_restrict, 607, //1st item to be restricted 501; //2nd item to be restricted .item_restrict_size = getarraysize( .item_restrict ); end; OnAtcommand: [email protected] = getgmlevel(); if( [email protected] && [email protected]_numparameters ){ [email protected] = atoi( [email protected]_parameters$[0] ); if( [email protected] < 99 ){ for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .item_restrict_size; [email protected]++ ) if( [email protected] == .item_restrict[[email protected]] ){ message strcharinfo(0),"You cannot create this item."; end; } } if( getitemname( [email protected] ) != "null" ){ [email protected] = atoi( [email protected]_parameters$[1] ); if ( [email protected] < 1 ) [email protected] = 1; getitem [email protected],[email protected]; } } end; } So, I set my Super Player to have the item: id: 1 name: "Super Player" inherit: ( "Player" ) /* can do everything Players can and more */ level: 0 commands: { /* informational commands */ item: true and as default on Event Managers: id: 4 name: "Event Manager" inherit: ( "Support" ) level: 1 commands: { monster: true monstersmall: true monsterbig: true killmonster2: true cleanarea: true cleanmap: true item: [true, true] So should I remove these both? How about the Admin level though since it has all commands? Lol
  2. Not sure if this should be in script section or here but.. Anybody know how to make specific items not able to obtain from @item?
  3. if (Class == Job_Lord_Knight) getitem 56000,1; warp "job_soul",30,30; end; } else { if (Class == Job_High_Priest) getitem 56001,1; warp "prontera",30,30; end; } else { For Lord Knight, the getitem work and also send the character to job soul. However, High Priest the getitem does not work and does not send the character to Prontera. Any reasoning or help please?
  4. I did use unbollox. But for some reason i think my laptop don't recognize the other one so it won't even translate.
  5. I know that for job sprites, it is this location to change them. /data/sprite/Àΰ£Á·/¸öÅë/³² but my data files have this instead.. [\sprite\방패] Can anybody tell me the /data/sprite/____/____/__ for male and female? I wanna change for example the Novice Sprite to another sprite.
  6. How to set the base level more than 1000?
  7. Can anyone provide a quick edit to make the "Another Round" and "I'm done" randomly switch location every after round? For example: Switch 1 = Another Round & I'm Done. Switch 2 = I'm Done & Another Round.
  8. Not sure if source edit or database. How to increase /memo for Warp Portals?
  9. Yeah that's what I thought awhile ago. Thank you guys.
  10. No no. Example: Mes "[Lost Soul]" Set ____, 1; Warp alberta,0,0; End; How to make that SET variable automatically expires in 4 hours?
  11. For the Lost Soul NPC at the end of the Endless Tower, it gives an item to the player.. But the time limit is 4 hours so they can go back and forth to the tower and get the item. How can I add a variable to the Lost Soul NPC so they can't repeatedly get the item and it will automatically delete every after 4 hours?
  12. thank you! -Bump- Sorry, but I just realized that the player must be wearing the headgear that is item ID of 20000 and above.
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