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  1. http://rathena.org/board/topic/69254-fix-bakonawa-older-clients/#entry129051 but i guess that's for really old clients. But I guess what arzzae says is right, there probably shouldn't be any erorrs
  2. looks like the update came out 5/30/2012? so maybe clients >= 05-25-2012 I'm guessing. I think there was a support topic to that resized these monsters to not crash on older clients
  3. well everything is in clif.c, forget what section, but it's near the aura_lv section
  4. mainly has to do with enableover, for the 1st part, and 2nd part is editing the src code of what emistry mentioned. I've only experimented so I can't explain too much. I think ai4rei said that he would improve that .dll file though.
  5. you'll need client hexing, and src code may have to be applied. the client.conf doesn't seem to work with the settings you've mentioned
  6. will run some more tests
  7. hmm definitly future releases will get more stable, what kind of error you get, any screenshots you can provide =)
  8. great, not sure how to create the diffs for the patches, glad you were able to =)
  9. Ragexe Support Thread So far we probably should start focusing on the latest client which is 2013-03-20e, mainly because this is where the new skills are implemented. Whether support for older Ragexe clients I'm not sure. I'd rather focus on the newer ones. Here goes: Thanks to k3dt for upacking the clients, we have access to 2013-03 where new skills were added. RagexeRE are compiled differently so at the moment, it can't be used unless someone finds a way. Anyway, this topic is mainly for support in trying to get ragexe working since it seems that it will prove more useful than RagexeRE. Shows new skill effects ingame: View Video 2013-03-20 Packet lengths: http://pastebin.com/7Qpw31Mk 2013-03-20 Packet DB: http://pastebin.com/5ZWK9NwY 2013-03-20 Client w/ Skip Packet Obfuscation Applied: Notes ~ Haven't got a chance to disable hshield yet, but everything is laid out (Bare Minimum) for you if you want to test and contribute. http://www.sendspace.com/file/2xtqkr I don't have the translations/translated lub files that rytech has, but here is the 2 new skills in the skill list. Problems faced so far: Can't seem to equip any weapons, maybe it's my mistake or packet? ALT+W (For Cart) won't work anymore. I tried last time on RagexeRE, and I assume the same problem on Ragexe. It says prohibit to use in area. (Packet related?) Method to log in: Note: This process is only for testing for now, since the client still needs to be diffed with the necessary patches. ragexe.exe -1rag1 /account:sci.xml -t:blah blah server (In bat file) where sci.xml is in the data folder In mysql, create a new account with no ID/Pass, and set the group_id to 99 to get a gm account Reason for this is due to the xml settings and the client isn't fully patched You may see in your console, accept account ID(blank) with password(blank) When you login, you can login with the blank account and log in with your character I had to manually create a character in mysql though, I got "Not Available" in my char select screen Once done, login, and you see your character you made. Toggle right and back to your character to login to the account. If you don't, then enter won't do anything. Over the few days, if no one has done it yet, I'll keep applying some patches to the client so it'll be easier to test data/sci.xml: 2013-03-20 Hex Strings Notes: For me, if you diff with ShinsdiffPatcher the client will no longer work. So I think until someone updates it, we just have to manually find/replace. Below are the strings that was auto found by the client. [Experimental] *Please post a working client with these applied if possible Malufett's Progress (Skill Testing) Updated Topic Post
  10. thank you soo much, time to get new skills =) so I guess this is a +1 for ragexe?
  11. thanks! although the skip packet obfuscation seemed to stop working on > 2013-01
  12. awesome Thanks for telling what's been changed. So I guess we can only go up to 2013-01-09aRagexeRE.
  13. thanks i appreciate it
  14. yeah that works, so I guess they did change something up in the newest 2013 clients
  15. thanks! I'll try it out, it seems it doesn't produce any packets though as 10-17 did EDIT: Is there anyway you can try again? Unless these newer clients something else was added onto it? I kinda doubt that though. I tried to do the packet obfuscation and it won't work. But the 10-17 unpacked I was able to do it
  16. Alright, thanks for the update
  17. http://hercules.ws/board/topic/38-latest-kro-installation-small-client-package/#entry1631 There you go
  18. well hexing you have to add in a new effect file probably with olly.
  19. @vpapa you can pm me. @Rage, on the newer clients, the yellow aura is tied to the blue aura (They use the same aura files). They use probably the effect lua files to change the hue of the aura.
  20. Correct, Like bahumut said you have to use a newer client like 2012-10-17, which isn't supported at the moment. But you'll have two different auras available, without doing much hexing on the older clients. Blue one at level 150, and the yellow one at level 160.
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