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  1. I had similar problems with running 2013 clients for some reason on my desktop, thought it was just me ... Make sure the client is diffed correctly though, that could be one thing to look out for. If the filesize/crc check? is messed up, then usually you'd get that error. ON my VM running win8 64bit, I can run the 2013 clients just fine, so it may just be a diff issue
  2. http://rathena.org/board/topic/81884-hex-to-allow-space-in-guild-name/
  3. good work =D Confirmed working on 2013-03-20 Ragexe so probably safe to say it works on most clients
  4. http://svn6.assembla.com/svn/ClientSide/Diff_Project/kRO/RagexeRE/2010/
  5. I like using 06-16. Again depends what features you're looking for
  6. Judas

    Renewal ATK

    malu is working on it, and it'll be released on hercules supposedly. He's busy with exams i believe but I think its worth the wait
  7. should of been from the start
  8. fresh download woud be this for the base: Download
  9. #define MAX_NPC_CLASS 10048
  10. probably the npc range has to be increased, its at 1048 right now i think
  11. wrong topic, you would need to manually diff the lines in. You should be able to search the rA tracker
  12. there's no fix for that. For a work-around src edits can be made to do that
  13. yeah luas up to date. http://hercules.ws/board/topic/289-2013-ragexe-area/page-6 Malu tested on kro server, and it seems it could be packet related perhaps. I asked yommy about it briefly, and yommy was a bit confused on it as well.
  14. the vending/alt+W to bring up cart inventory not working at all
  15. well I would say client would be stable, but gameplay would not be for now
  16. yeah, right? you'd just need the dll for wee diff patcher
  17. for a start, look at dastgir's post about his decompiled lua files, that should be it
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