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  1. Hello, Can I request a script that something like this : https://rathena.org/board/topic/74969-send-mail-via-scriptcommand/ All are working good, but when I tried to create a new one nothing happens. What I wanted is : 1. If a player reach the level : 10 but not higher than 20 he/she will receive the basic pack 1 (eg. 26000). this one's work : if((BaseLevel >= 10)&&(BaseLevel <= 20)) -[TAB]script[TAB]Package[TAB]-1,{ if(.Package==1) end; if((BaseLevel >= 10)&&(BaseLevel <= 20)) set .charid, getcharid(0); set .sender$, "Achievement System"; set .title$, "Basic Starter Pack Lv10-20"; set .itemid, 26000; set .itemamount, 1; set .zeny, 10000; set .refine, 0; set .Package,1; set .body$, "You have successfully unlocked the achievement '"+.title$+"'. You have received "+.itemamount+" "+getitemname(.itemid)+"s and "+.zeny+" zennies."; sendmail .charid,.sender$,.title$,.body$,.zeny,.itemid,.itemamount,.refine; end; } but for the below nothing happens. what script style should I used? 2. If a player reach the level : 21-40 he/she will receive the adv pack 1 (eg. 26001). 3. If a player reach the level : 41-70 he/she will receive the rare pack 1 (eg. 26002). 4. If a player reach the level : 90+ he/she will receive the god pack 1 (eg. 26004). Please assist.
  2. Lugia

    MVP Announcer

    Omnipotent I got an error with this while compiling : BC_DEFAULT invalid function. up for this need help pls.
  3. Lugia

    MVP Announcer

    up for this need this script also. UP! any update?
  4. Yeah it is tnx so much.
  5. Hi, I would like to ask about the foods in ragnarok. Upon death the foods are gone, can someone help me to make it stay as it, upon time left only. Foods wont gone even your not dead, indeed upon the given time span.
  6. Hello, I would like to seek some help regarding to this matter. Eg. My players went to pvp and then when he killed a player and try to character select to return to the main savepoint it fail he still remain where he is (as is) I disabled all the configuration at rathena folder because i create a pvp server only so i have create my own config. Can someone locate it? I tried it but i cant see where part of rathena npc folder.
  7. Hello, Why we cant memorize in GH? Outside GH. Please assist.
  8. Hello, My Webhost can't connect to my VPS. So, this CP isn't working. Can anyone assist me with this? "SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)" Please assist.
  9. Hello, I am having an error with my client when doing patch or update my encrypted grf file. I do have a back-up. I wasn't aware that it won't work. Do any of you help me with this matter.
  10. Hello, Could anyone assist me with this : I'm trying to add patch .diff files to my rAthena and went to error I dunno why. I simply follow the instruction then this happens.
  11. try to use hamachi Download it @ filehippo.com Install and get the IP use it to your rAthena and try to log on again Also make sure your clientinfo.xml is updated with your new ip.
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