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  1. please close this topic. I was able to implement this and find the right code by playing in src codes ^_^
  2. Would it be possible to attack a specific monster if the player is has a specific item in his inventory? For example: A player can only attack a poring if the player has an item stone in his/her inventory. Thanks
  3. This one actually not working sir. The Group ID more than 0 and less than 99 they can still create a character more than 1.
  4. Is it possible to limit a character creation for a GM? Like all GM account can only create 1 character.
  5. I think no one knows how to make it but I was able to figure out the right codes and its working exactly the way I wanted it to be. thanks. please close this topic
  6. Hi @boeyskie may I know how you were able to make the skill heal an aoe?? I am actually looking and seeking for help to make the skill heal aoe but I have no luck. I just need to make the skill heal aoe by 3x3 cell range from the target player. thanks
  7. Is there a way to modify it directly at src map/skill.cpp. because this 3x3 cell will only trigger if there the player is wearing a special item and if the player is not wearing this item the heal effect will work as the original.
  8. Hi guys. I just wanted to know, how can I make the regular heal to be an aoe heal by 3x3? For example if I use a skill to my party member or guild member the heal and the effect will be spread by 3x3 cell from the target member of the guild or party. and if someone uses the heal to a non member of the party or guild the effect of the heal will be the same as the normal heal... I know this is something that needs to be modified in src/map/skill.cpp and I really dont know how to make it aoe. I tried to use this code and its not working. map_foreachinrange(skill_area_sub, bl, skill_get_splash(skill_id, skill_lv) * 3, BL_CHAR, src, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, flag | BCT_PARTY | BCT_SAMEGUILD | 1, skill_castend_nodamage_id); the compilation is successful but when I tried it the server is shutting down without giving me any error. I hope someone can help me. thank in advance.
  9. [UPDATE] I finally got the right code and its working fine exactly the way I wanted it to be. Thanks for the help
  10. but how about the effect it should be 3x3 cell from a target player and there should be no requirements. whether you are on the same party/guild or not the skill should still work.
  11. BCT_ALLY is for party and guild right so meaning you wont be able to use this skill to a target player if that player is not member of your party or guild. Is there a way to make it work for every target player? whether they are not you party or guild mate? and also one more thing. the effect should also affect those within the 3x3 cell of the target player.
  12. Can anyone help me modifying the Assumptio Skill? Current Assumptio Skill can only be casted to 1 player at a time but can it be possible to cast it to a player then the effect will spread by 3x3 cell from the target? I think it is a src code that you need to do. Please help me I tried to modify the skill code from map/skill.c I tried to modify this line 6793 int splash = skill_get_splash(skill_id, skill_lv); map_foreachinallrange(skill_area_sub, bl, splash, splash_target(src), src, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, flag | 1, skill_castend_nodamage_id); clif_skill_nodamage(src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv, sc_start(src, bl, type, 100, skill_lv, skill_get_time(skill_id, skill_lv))); This one is working fine and I am not getting any error or the client is not crushing however the issue is the effect is same as the old one. It can be casted to 1 player only and the effect is not spreading by 3x3 cell. I know I have a mistake here but I dont know how to fix it and make it the way I needed it to be. Please help me
  13. @Patskie I dont have a map named ay_fild04.rsw because I am using an existing map pay_fild04.rsw. its an instance so basically it should create a copy map from an existing map right [UPDATE] This is not just happening to some existing map but this also happens to all new maps that I have. When I tried a repository prior on changing the instance_db.txt to instance_db.yml everything works fine. Now that its in yml file, am I missing some steps that's why its not working on my end?
  14. Is there anyone knows hows to fix this?
  15. I am having a problem with the instance especially for maps. I tried to use the instancing.txt inside the Doc folder and its working fine, but when I changed the instance map "abyss_03" to a different map like "pay_fild04" I am getting a client error. PS: When I change the mapname inside the script into "pay_fild04" I also changed the mapname in instance_db.yml Script: prontera,151,190,6 script Sample Instance 101,{ [email protected]$ = "Abyss Lake Instance"; if (instance_live_info(ILI_NAME, instance_id(IM_PARTY)) == [email protected]$) { mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "You are already part of an instance."; next; switch(select("Enter Instance.:Cancel.")) { case 1: break; case 2: mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "You don't want to try again?"; emotion ET_CRY; close; } } else if (instance_id(IM_PARTY)) { mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "You are part of the instance " + instance_live_info(ILI_NAME, instance_id(IM_PARTY)) + "."; close; } else { mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "Would you like to try the sample instance in Abyss Lake 3?"; next; switch(select("Create Instance.:Cancel.")) { case 1: [email protected] = instance_create([email protected]$); if ([email protected] < 0) { mes "[Sample Instance]"; switch ([email protected]) { case -1: mes "ERROR: Invalid type."; break; case -2: mes "ERROR: Party not found."; break; case -3: mes "ERROR: Instance already exists."; break; case -4: mes "ERROR: No free instances."; break; } mes " "; mes "Instance creation ^FF0000failed^000000."; emotion ET_HUK; close; } mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "Instance created."; mes " "; mes "Now entering the instance..."; next; break; case 2: mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "Okay. Maybe next time!"; close; } } [email protected] = instance_enter([email protected]$); if ([email protected] != 0) { mes "[Sample Instance]"; switch ([email protected]) { case 1: mes "ERROR: Party not found."; break; case 2: mes "ERROR: Party does not have an instance."; break; case 3: mes "ERROR: Unknown error."; break; } mes " "; mes "Instance entry ^FF0000failed^000000."; emotion ET_HUK; close; } close; } // Instance Scripts //============================================================ pay_fild04,131,207,3 script Instance NPC#start 101,{ mes "[Instance NPC]"; mes "Are you ready to begin?"; next; switch(select("Yes.:No.")) { case 1: mes "[Instance NPC]"; mes "Good luck."; close2; donpcevent instance_npcname("#ins_abyss03_mobs")+"::OnEnable"; delwaitingroom; disablenpc instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0)); end; case 2: mes "[Instance NPC]"; mes "Take your time."; close; } end; OnInit: disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; OnInstanceInit: waitingroom "Click here to start!",0; end; } pay_fild04,0,0,0 script #ins_abyss03_mobs -1,{ end; OnEnable: initnpctimer; end; OnTimer1000: mapannounce strnpcinfo(4),"Instance NPC: The Abyss Lake instance has begun.",bc_all; end; OnTimer4000: mapannounce strnpcinfo(4),"Instance NPC: Smash the Treasure Chest in the center of the map for a prize.",bc_all; end; OnTimer5000: stopnpctimer; [email protected]$ = instance_mapname("pay_fild04"); [email protected]$ = instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0))+"::OnMyMobDead"; [email protected]_boss$ = instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0))+"::OnMyBossDead"; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Poring",1002,20,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Drops",1113,15,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Poporing",1031,10,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Marin",1242,10,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Tiny Zombie",1015,30,[email protected]$,1; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Mime Monkey",1585,2,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,97,102,"Treasure Chest",1732,1,[email protected]_boss$,2; end; OnMyMobDead: dispbottom "What am I doing? I should be attacking the Treasure Chest!"; viewpoint 0,97,102,0,0xFF0000; switch (rand(6)) { case 0: sc_start SC_STONE,5000,0; break; case 1: sc_start SC_FREEZE,5000,0; break; case 2: sc_start SC_STUN,5000,0; break; case 3: sc_start SC_SLEEP,5000,0; break; case 4: sc_start SC_CONFUSION,5000,0; break; case 5: sc_start SC_BLIND,5000,0; break; } end; OnMyBossDead: specialeffect2 EF_MVP; getitem 512,1; [email protected]$ = instance_mapname("pay_fild04"); [email protected]$ = instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0))+"::OnMyMobDead"; killmonster [email protected]$,[email protected]$; mapannounce [email protected]$,"Instance NPC: Good work! Please speak to me as soon as possible.",bc_all; donpcevent instance_npcname("Instance NPC#finish")+"::OnEnable"; end; } pay_fild04,246,197,4 script Instance NPC#finish 101,{ mes "[Instance NPC]"; mes "Congratulations! You've finished the instance."; mes "I'll send you back to town now."; emotion ET_BEST; close2; warp "prontera",156,191; instance_destroy(); end; OnInit: disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; OnInstanceInit: disablenpc instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0)); end; OnEnable: enablenpc instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0)); specialeffect EF_HIDING; end; } instance_db.yml Header: Type: INSTANCE_DB Version: 1 Body: - Id: 100 Name: Abyss Lake Instance TimeLimit: 3600 IdleTimeOut: 0 Enter: Map: pay_fild04 X: 130 Y: 200 After the NPC warped me to the map I am getting this client error message And then the client will close. Am I missing something here? What I am thinking is there might something that I need to compile within yml? Im not sure. Please help me out.
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