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  1. awesome and superb job as always Olrox. What I enjoy, is that you see something that sparks your interest from your surroundings, and you create/make it happen in map form =)
  2. @k3dt, any update on the latest unpacked ragexeRE client? It seems like the level 160 aura is controlled by the effect files now, if people dont' know about it. So this will be a lot easier than the old way than hexing to add the level 160 aura in for the older clients: This is as far as I can go because the packet tools we have available now all fail, probably because what rytech said above that the client has been unpacked and maybe it's hard to get them now.
  3. client seems to work well =) Just have to tinker with some stuff
  4. this is great =) can you do march 2013? Rytech would probably appreciate this alot
  5. if you know how to hex the client, you can change how the function works
  6. Judas


    @auraset number for the most part after you appleid the patch successfully
  7. Judas


    they use the same files. I would assume they change the hue of the blue aura and is called from the client. And since most new clients are packed with themeida we can't be too sure how they did it.
  8. Judas


    emp shock as well
  9. starting at 2012-04-18 and up it uses iteminfo
  10. there the same thing, you just have to keep in mind, that when patching your kro it will get overwritten if you keep the name iteminfo.lub
  11. @Cydh it's the patch you put together. I think its based on what nana had though?
  12. err I don't recall, only a few if any though. Auras from trans classes, those work, but looking at the @effect list I can't tell further than that
  13. yep that's right, and to elaborate further: http://svn6.assembla.com/svn/ClientSide/Lua_Project/System/ you can grab the iteminfo.lua there and rename it
  14. only some @effects work correctly with this auraset patch, like if you use 880, the effect would hide for both the player and outside people xp
  15. ^ in general. If you know how to use it you can use it for custom auras. If you have certain criteria you can put it in an npc as well.
  16. It doesn't work fully. Try @auraset 650 When you hide, it works and the other player doesn't see it. But the only problem is that your own character still sees it. It can be a bit annoying and it may question the player if it's really working or not
  17. that'll probably be another issue, for balance, I hope gravity will do a good job and keep them in check
  18. What michieru says is correct. Also, if you have something against me, then don't take it out on others. rAthena is a great community, but something like this would give some thoughts about it.
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