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  1. Happy Holidays to your loved ones and family!
  2. 1. total number of players killed. 2. Highest Phy.Damage 3. Highest Mag.Damage 4. "TOTAL" amount of HP Healed from players I don't believe these are being stored currently. What would be the proper way to store these statistics so it could be reported on via a website as an example or through ingame. Can these be achieved through script, or would logging statements in the src code have to be done strictly. Or a mix of both? Thanks!
  3. 64k hairstyle working on 2017 :3

    1. Zell
    2. Jezu
    3. Haikenz


      OMG... How? I Need this fix <3

  4. Available for paid services: drop a message =)

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    2. Diconfrost VaNz
    3. Judas


      Custom jobs semi working,and custom palettes working on 2016

    4. MorienOttori


      Good to see an old face still at it. 

      I hope all is well Juddy old friend. ?

  5. What revision are you using, and what's your test case
  6. When did it start happening? Maybe try to get a core dump
  7. job_param_db Maybe that file in the db folder you're looking for. ​But that config is found in conf/battle/player.conf
  8. with some updating of the patches, yeah it still works
  9. You can't sign in with aid 0. Either create a new account or add a new row in your login table with id 250000 or something like that
  10. No it'll just effect clientside resources. Nothing to do with source
  11. Again it's been a while unfortunately and I haven't tinkered with it for a few months, but with ollydbg you can attach to the client (for me I fumbled around) and find what controls the color of the text for the name of players/mobs. It's not much, but it's as much as I can give at the moment =/
  12. I've not as experienced as others but have found just 1 way to change the color of the character or mob to a different color. It's been a while, but can only do 1 and not many =S
  13. if you want the older interface, I believe the 2010 clients are still like that, if not, you could use the sakexe clients.
  14. We would need more information, what diffs have you used with nemo patcher, and can you also post your clientinfo.xml
  15. One thing that you could try is running the patched as admin mode. Right click and run as admin. I had to do that when I used Thor for some reason
  16. You could use a 2010 client, pre-re rathena setup. 7vs7 gvg you could request a script if people are willing to make one or hire someone to do that.
  17. Yep definitely possible, either through patches or as Haziel said
  18. The cash shop in general? If the icon, then you have to replace it with a transparency, or remove it from the client via hex editor
  19. I'm not sure about 2014 clients but I can confirm that 2013-08-07 client that the cash shop does work, and reduces points accordingly
  20. https://rathena.org/board/topic/96740-warning-s-aid2000000-has-an-incorect-version0-in-clientinfo-server-compiled-for-30/ found a link to a similar problem. Perhaps try that
  21. Let me know if you still have issues, I can try to walk you through
  22. One way I know of is looking through the client in the hex editor and writing over it with 00
  23. http://www.supportmii.com/ro1/JudasBible.pdf There's another link. Keep in mind that depending on what you want to use the guide will be outdated. There are other useful guides other members have contributed too. Just look around =) If there's anything that I can add or help out just let me know
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