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  1. Numbers appear when sending PM

    This has something to do with using a client version different from the client version that has been clarified in your server. You should probably refer to src/config/packet.h
  2. put a delay of 300 seconds in NPC

    Because you did not apply correctly, you let the NPC heal them before it runs the check. Here; normal_player: if(#Healer_CD > gettimetick(2)) { mes "You can only heal once every 5 minutes."; end; } specialeffect2 EF_HEAL2; percentheal 100,100; set #Healer_CD,gettimetick(2) + 3000; end;
  3. Gravity Error when Sound / BGM on

    Okay, thanks for clarifying. This makes me believe you're missing some official sound effects. Have you made any edits to your (r)data.grf (i.e deleted the wav files?) Try getting a more recent one and see if that resolves the problem, because I don't think something is wrong with the 2012 client.
  4. Gravity Error when Sound / BGM on

    Hi. I might be asking the obvious but do you have the BGM directory (including its files) present in your RO folder? And in your RO's GRF, do you see a file named mp3nametable.txt (or something like that)? Also, if you enable the sounds through the option window in-game - so not through the setup - does the crash also occur?
  5. HollowTown

    Neat! I like the way you did the lights, it makes it feel very Niflheim'ish which you intended, good job. The snow in the indoor(s) is a bit confusing to me though. Is there a reason as to why you did that? Maybe I'm missing something obvious, haha. And also - personally - I'd have gone with a different choice of water, one of the types that is less bright because as of now the water draws a lot of attention, a little too much so actually. But overall, nice map.
  6. Client just open sometimes

    The crash can have two causes, the first and most common is that you've not properly added the model. Maybe a typo somewhere in the model or texture file name? Secondly, have you actually used this models in a map or did you so far only add it client-side? The RO client puts limitations on poly/feces of models; when your value is a little higher than the official models it causes some lagg and when it's way past the allowed limit, it makes the game crash. This only happens when you access the specific map with the high poly/feces model, otherwise - in other maps - the client should run fine. That doesn't explain why you can only open it once though. Perhaps there's something else you've changed other than adding custom models? (i.e running in compatibility mode, changed your setup.exe's graphic settings or running without administrators privileges.)
  7. How to add effect delay to items

    Hi, this is easier to accomplish through the db/(pre-)re/item_delay.txt file. Simply add an entry under the // Misc tab, like so: 35027,1000 // Test Potion
  8. There are some maps that use the mini maps of other maps, like the WoE maps that you stated, in order to save space in the GRF. Have you edited anything in the official data.grf? I'm asking because you might be missing the data/resnametable.txt file which is responsible for this feature.
  9. Effect Refine

    15254,Vestido_Abissal,Vestido Abissal,4,,,40,,120,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,16,,90,1,0,{ bonus bNoKnockback,0; if(getrefine()>=7) { bonus2 bAddRace2,RC_Demon,10;bonus2 bMagicAddRace2,RC_Demon,10;bonus2 bAddRace2,RC_Undead,10;bonus2 bMagicAddRace2,RC_Undead,10;bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Dark,10;bonus2 bMagicAddEle,Ele_Dark,10;bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Undead,10;bonus2 bMagicAddEle,Ele_Undead,10; } if(getrefine()>=9) { bonus2 bAddRace2,RC_Demon,15;bonus2 bMagicAddRace2,RC_Demon,15;bonus2 bAddRace2,RC_Undead,15;bonus2 bMagicAddRace2,RC_Undead,15;bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Dark,15;bonus2 bMagicAddEle,Ele_Dark,15;bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Undead,15;bonus2 bMagicAddEle,Ele_Undead,15; } if(getrefine()>=11) { bonus2 bAddRace2,RC_Demon,15;bonus2 bMagicAddRace2,RC_Demon,15;bonus2 bAddRace2,RC_Undead,15;bonus2 bMagicAddRace2,RC_Undead,15;bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Dark,15;bonus2 bMagicAddEle,Ele_Dark,15;bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Undead,15;bonus2 bMagicAddEle,Ele_Undead,15; } },{},{}
  10. Æsir map viewer

    The realism of the shadow in the screenshot is amazing. I'll test it out too, thanks a lot for your contribution(s) to the community!
  11. H > Website problem

    Hi. Can you clarify what you mean with "but nothing loads"? Do you experience an error? Are your changes not saved upon refresh? Something else? It'll be easier for us to assist if you provide a little more information.
  12. [SOLVED][Custom Item]Unknown Item

    Hmm, ok. Can you attach your whole lua please? *edit* Also for future reference, maybe easier to make an own thread.
  13. [SOLVED][Custom Item]Unknown Item

    @rmon - Hi. You're showing us the first entry of your iteminfo.lua, but according to the error box the mistake is at line 131949. Control + G to line 131949 and copy/paste the content of that particular item, then we're able to assist further.
  14. Pet Custom 627 Error

    Yeah, I should probably update that thread some day. For now try the solution Pandoras suggested, it should work.
  15. cannot save

    Hi. Is your client running in the background? Close it first, then try again.