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  1. Woah, what a week- You're the second mapper showing amazing work in a 48 hour time span. Lovely to see, and yes less can be more indeed. Very pretty. :3 You and Sage make me want to continue the map(s) in my own WIP/development bin (that have been on-hold for way too long).
  2. Truly outstanding, Sage! Everything blends in so nicely, great job on the light and shadows as well (more specifically on giving the trees a realistic shading by having it cast branch-like shapes on the ground). Excellent work. The only thing I could offer additional feed-back upon - if you allow me - is the choice of leaf model on top of/into the water. I don't know how it would look in-game but in the BE screen-shots some of these are quite stretched and therefore appear a little pixelized in comparison to the rest of the map. But other than that, I have nothing to add.
  3. Hi. Did you use the search function? It is a resnametable.txt issue. The answer to your problem can be found in > this < thread, as well as > this < I hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. Hiii folks! Since I'm not very good at staying in touch with the community (both through rA and social media platforms), I thought I should create a Discord channel because that's where I tend to be most active.

    Whoever is interested to join - for chit chat or otherwise - here is the link~

    1. Archetype Saber

      Archetype Saber

      busy playing with some other games? lol see you in your discord server.

  5. Hey all. I'll be on a cruise until October 20th, so messages sent through the communication platforms that I use (Skype, Discord, rAthena, FB, e-mail) will likely be answered with severe delay. My apologies in advance and thank you for your patience!

  6. What version of BE are you using? What Sage suggests should work fine with the stable ones released here on rAthena.
  7. Also known as cutins and renders, many of them already exists. You can find them in (r)data.grf under the following path: data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/illust In order to incorporate them in a script, you'll need to add something like cutin "filename",position; More information can be found here. Good luck~
  8. I like them all, each in their own way. However, since we have to make a choice; The first entry of @fTakano caught my attention the most, followed by the first entry of @Narutekz. Best of luck to all participants.
  9. That's strange... Did you try it with different types of bows? Did you make any source edits? Are you're using the latest item_db.txt from Github; maybe you've changed the range of bow weapons?
  10. Nice! I like your new map! Let's start with the good stuff - You're exploring different styles of textures. Well done because the outcome is surprisingly appealing and adds a good portion of variation to your map. Other than that, you're also appearing to be playing more with heights (in the walkable/player-accessible area) and that's good to see. Now, possible points of attention - some spots seem to contain a lot of models, whereas other spaces are left quite empty, you could try to measure a little more in this. Then there is water; right now your water is not giving the wavey effect that *I think* you're trying to create. You could change the amplitude and phase settings in Windows>Water to achieve a more desirable result. Last but not least is model sizing, if you increase (or decrease for that matter) the size of a certain model too much it'll become blurry (i.e the fountain in your 11th image), you're probably better off reducing it's size, or replace it for another fountain that's a little bit larger by default. All in all, definitely keep it up! You're doing a good job!
  11. Hi there. You need to log into your SQL database and truncate the tables named 'pvpladder' and 'ownladder'. Good luck!
  12. For larger text you can simply diff your client with the increased font size patch. As for the other issue, are you referring to the question marks instead of special characters? I'll be honest, I've never ran a server before using a language other than English but I found this link that may point you in the right direction.
  13. If you search through npcidentity.lub, you'll find that ID 2800 belongs to Horn's sprite. You should change your custom ID to something that does not yet exist. My own lub is rather outdated so I'm not able to give you an exact free/unused ID, but I'm *guessing* some should be free in the range of 3500. Once you've changed the ID, search for JT_MONSTER_LAST in the same file and increase it to a higher value (i.e 3600). After, adjust your mob_db to correspond with the new ID. Your jobname.lub looks fine and if I'm not mistaken, jobidentity.lub need not even be edited. Good luck!
  14. Can you show your clientinfo.xml? Pretty sure this is a client/langtype issue. Try setting it to 0 if it's currently set to anything else.