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  1. Hi guys I need help, I got warning after compiling latest rAthena source on Linux Centos 6.8. How to fix it? Thank you.
  2. yes i use default rAthena and same as like that, but on idAthena is different like this: 285,0x9a, , 3, 0, -1,all, 0x010 //SA_VOLCANO 286,0x9b, , 3, 0, -1,all, 0x010 //SA_DELUGE 287,0x9c, , 3, 0, -1,all, 0x010 //SA_VIOLENTGALE 288,0x9d, , 3:3:4:4:5,0, -1,all, 0x010 //SA_LANDPROTECTOR but now I know what should i do, thank you.
  3. Hi Guys, I have some problem on visual skill Deluge,Land Protector,Violent Gale, and Volcano. I have make compare 2 source rAthena and idAthena, this is the result rA ver. latest = idA ver. latest Client ver. 20151104 = Client ver. 20151104 Deluge rATHENA (Visual effect only one cell) Deluge idAthena Land Protector rATHENA (visual effect only one cell) Land Protector idAthena Violent Gale rATHENA (Visual effect only one cell) Violent Gale idAthena Volcano rATHENA (Visual effect only one cell) Volcano idAthena Please help how to fix this, thank you
  4. wow, thank you so much
  5. Hi everyone, need help map server crash after using skill Manhole - shadow caser. rA ver. latest Client ver. 20151104
  6. Hi Ragnarok Mania, Kami persembahkan server baru yang New Fragrance Ragnarok dengan Fresh Idea, mengusung konsep Renewal server yang lebih up to date and fresh, kami telah menyiapkan berbagai macam kejutan yang akan membuat kalian ketagihan. Terdapat berbagai macam Event dan Quest yang sangat seru telah kami siapkan untuk kalian para Fragrancer! Ayo segera gabung dan ajak teman-temanmu untuk berpetualang bersama! OpenBeta: 25 Januari 2016 Spesifikasi: - Renewal Server [High Rate] - Max Level 175/60 [3rb Job, Kagerou, Oboro, Rebellion] - Exp Rates 20000x/20000x - Drop Rates Custom - Maintown: New Prontera - Party Gap level: 30 - Dex No Cast 160 - Vellum, Siege & BG [ Disabled ] Player Commands : - @commands - @mobinfo - @who - @time - @rates - @autotrade - @iteminfo - @autoloot - @alootid - @refresh and many more More Info: Fanspage: Website: Forum:
  7. Official Ragnarok Online The Real Clasic Private Server Ragnarok Online based on Official Server SERVER INFORMATION • Pre-Renewal Server Mode • Exp Rates 60x / 60x • Drop Equipment Rates 30x • Drop Usable Rates 30x • Drop Etc Rates 30x Item • 5% Card Drop Rate • 1x Drop MVP Items • ENABLED Drop MVP Card ( REAL RATE! ) • Max Level 99/70 • Max Stats 99 • Max Aspd 190 • Bot DISABLED for farming, leveling, Refining, Bottling etc ( BOT for BUFF enabled!) • Combine eA & rA Server Platform • Main Language : Indonesia & English SERVER FEATURES ENABLE • Job 2nd Trans • Classic Mob Spawn • Classic Equipments and Weapons • Disabled Custom Item • Balanced Donation Item (kRO,iRO,idRO Official Headgears) • Free 1 Neuralizer For Reset Stats & Skill DISABLE • Custom Items • 3rd Job Classes • Job Master & Warper • Mall Equipment PLAYER COMMANDS • @commands • @rates • @mi • @whodrops • @time • @autotrade More Info... Website: Facebook: Our Fans Page Download: Lite Client OfficialRO Feel The Real Clasic Ragnarok Only at Official Ragnarok Online Let's Join and Fun with us!
  8. Hi Guys, I need your help! How to solve this? "Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped)" I'm using lastest GIT rA and fresh, no modification.
  9. I'll try, I mean monster and emperium spawn only at WoE time, if not WoE time so monster and emperium not spawned. Like old WoE
  10. Hi guys, I need your help, how to disable Monster and emperium before WoE Start? I used lastest git rA, if WoE not started monster and emperium spawned player can hit the emperium and get the castle but this is not time to WoE. can anybody help me please. Sorry english bad
  11. Hi Guys, I need help, I can't change my Super Novice to Super Novice Expanded. I use NPC Jobmaster at custom folder, i use lastest rA rev12540. the NPC says "No more job are available". But before I upgrade my rA, the NPC still working. how to fix this problem?
  12. I have same problem like that..
  13. so what should I do Judas? change max level into 175 or what? I have change max level to 175 and its work Yellow aura appear, thanks Judas.
  14. Hi guys I need your help, how to fix this? If I use 3rd Job at level 160, Yellow Aura doesn't appear, but if I use Kagerou/Oboro/Super Novice Ext etc, Yellow Aura appear. whats wrong with this? I'm use 2013-05-22ragexe and rAthena rev.17405
  15. ok, thank you, its work