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  1. http://rathena.org/board/topic/72597-disconnecting-session-3-with-unknown-packet-version/ Check the post link might give insight on where you might be going wrong as much as it was an older client version.
  2. Ah ok i just thought i'd just say.... Wasn't ment to sound like that in sense
  3. Red Boss so you know kRO & Renewal Full Client 2013-12-01 link works but the files show as not there to be downloaded.
  4. Not sure if possible the link is good to help as I passed it a long the way on my issue I'm getting http://rathena.org/board/topic/70977-char-server-disconnects/ Might help may not but worth a shot.
  5. I believe when you unpack you can add the new stuff and repack it back as the new grf sorry bit early and not thinking
  6. No not gettin the same error anymore seems like its gone one step back but i think its the Data files i need to download http://s178.photobucket.com/user/Rockers_com/media/BlankError.png.html
  7. Sorry for wasting the time, I had a old kRO folder lurked in my pc but was hidden in the Depths as i used simlar folder and everyone was failing also i should of known better of adding screen shots anywhoo thank you for the responses and also Jerhia thanks for posting the info up never had anything come upon a response back on this post i did.
  8. Hey guys/gals, As i was patching my kRO folder i had come into a few issues from Nicky Zai website that was ment to have the full folder till my rdata/data.grf both wasn't being patched and failed at these points as i would of assumed some files might of been missing, i merged files from a old kRO folder and recieved the error what is mentioned as my post title, i have google the error and ain't made much sense of where it might lay so i was wondering is there someone who has a full clean kRO file folder? i do have screen shots if needed. Thanks Devil
  9. try this link has all the data files https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation upto date from april
  10. do you have any errors when your server loads up within the 3 windows of char/map/login? sorry im just trying to think how i sorted this error
  11. Have you added the yymmdd of the client in the mmo.h located in the rathena/src/common folder and compiled it?
  12. I know its not in the right area for asking but i also downloaded the fresh copy of the kRO folder problem i am getting is i 1st started patching it, got to 70% then failed then every other attempt has been upto doing the rdata file and failing again and tried 4 times over any idea's why or just gotta keep trying till i pass the process of the rdata file? http://s178.photobucket.com/user/Rockers_com/media/Failedrdatagrf.png.html?filters[user]=43363157&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 Its ok i have solved this now, I used a old Ragnarok folder i had previous had missing files in the Torrent version in nickyZai's website a little like my last encounter with missing .dll file now running now need to change it all from korean to english should be easy to do now
  13. Hey Guys/Gals I don't post a lot on here but was wondering if anyone knows what's happened to the Supportmii.com/ro1/clients i seem to be getting a cached option obviously cause i have been on before but if they're doing maintenance? as i started over not long ago and was gonna try get a new .exe from it till now. Thanks Devil
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