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  1. Personally, if someone was asking this in Request, then I would help write the script, but when asking for support, I gave a more broad example of how to actually write the script yourself and all the things you should look for and focus on.
  2. BWA HA HA HA Absolutely not, it's actually copy and pasted from the rathena script_commands.txt https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt
  3. I won't explain exactly how to do this, but you could simply use the following information OnPCKillEvent: This special label triggers when a player kills another player. The variable 'killedrid' is set to the ID of the player killed. *getmapxy("<variable for map name>",<variable for x>,<variable for y>{,<type>,"<search value>"}) *getcharid(<type>{,"<character name>"}) // Type = 3 (for Account ID) #KAFRAPOINTS *attachrid(<account_id>); - Attaches Script to Account ID (reads information from attached account) Using the information here, we can determine the following: When the Trigger Runs, we can use getmapxy to determine the location of the user and check the map that they are on, the NPC should be hidden with a -1 and placed on the map... I believe it will only trigger if ON that map, but I could be mistaken, hence the reason to use getmapxy and check... Once you determined if they are on that map, the next thing to do, would be to set a variable called origrid = getcharid(3); // this will allow you to go "back" to this user, once we go to the killed user to get their information... So, then using attachrid(killedrid); you can attach the script to the killed player, and then store a variable (npc variable) to store the #KAFRAPOINTS they had, and no you can set those to ZERO... Then reattach the script back to the origrid and add that npc variable with the #KAFRAPOINTS to the original killer's #KAFRAPOINTS
  4. Z3R0

    Rent npc

    Forgot to delitem the redpot ?
  5. Glad you got it resolved. Sorry, I don't get on much during the weekends ?
  6. Which part of the script actually breaks? The first menu? after you select it? More details are definitely needed ?
  7. I might actually try and tackle this... I can already see quite a few ways this can be implemented... ?
  8. First, this probably belongs in Support, NOT requests... setarray .@maps$, "dbroom1", "dbroom2", "dbroom3"; if (inarray( .@maps$, strcharinfo(3) )) { delitem 604,1; monster "this",-1,-1,"--ja--",-1,1,""; } else dispbottom "This item cannot be used within this are. please use the db room!"; },{},{} might make debugging a bit easier to see
  9. https://pastebin.com/sCJ905qt this should resolve it, see the first example, where I use strings, and combine multiple prizes with | and also specify multiple rewards with prizes... It's not "perfect" but it should get the job done (untested)
  10. Above the else... But @part needs to change to @refine
  11. Z3R0

    BG Box

    Do you have hte script that you wrote?
  12. after OnShower: OnShower: if (!getgmlevel() < 99) { end; }
  13. fyi, I think I missed a closing } at the bottom (but if I edit it, it screws up the code...)
  14. Sure I can rewrite it tonight and put some comments around the code
  15. Use the 2nd one I wrote, not the first... the first had a glitch in it... check all map variables.. make sure they match :D
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