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  1. Scripting SQL vs Variables

    You would simply have 1 npc with multiple functions... - script StatTracker -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: // Gather Information from SQL, store in @vars OnPCLogoutEvent: // Push @vars back to SQL OnPCKillEvent: // Increase @pvp vars + 1 OnNPCKillEvent: // Increase @mobs killed + 1 OnPCDieEvent: // Decrease Death Vars + 1 } Something similar to that
  2. Mob use skill, simply not showing up

    According to https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt *unitskilluseid I think you need to either set a target or coordinates for that particular skill, because that skill is a clickable targetable skill on the ground? ... I could be wrong, but worth a shot? maybe just for testing purposes try to target ```unitskilluseid .wBossId, WZ_STORMGUST, 5, 125, 155;``` can't hurt?
  3. Scripting SQL vs Variables

    Just have to say, full agree. Most NPC's can easily call an OnInit: function, that serves as the "basis" to pull information from SQL... This is a on time call, but grants you the ability to manipulate the server on the "fly" without having to deal with remembering what variables are what... You can make a change to the DB, call a refresh method and BAM, settings updated... (almost too magical...) Any time you are going to be doing cross game-browser, chances are you are going to need a SQL Table to handle the data... but like Skorm said, making sure it's not hammering it is definitely something to note... For instance, you don't want a click handler calling the DB every time someone clicks the NPC... (ew, no)... Now, say for instance it runs after a PVP Event... ok, well that's 1 time per event... not horrible... So yes, while you may need local and npc and temporary variables to manage the workings of the script, by all means, push them to sql when complete so you can query that data from your web browser or retrieve it later with a refresh function
  4. NPC Rename don't work

    That should work... when u set to 2... it means anything 2 and up works and 1 doesnt... because if it's less than 2 it goes to end;
  5. How could I convert Integer to String?

    ... atoi(string) == integer value Not will return 0 even if not a valid number
  6. R> Help with Euphy's Quest Shop & Add Delay

    Anything is possible. On quest acceptance instead of getitem... store a variable array on the char... Starry qShopStuff[0], [email protected], 20170901,daytimetick; This integer is the following format... Year month day hour minute You specify it backwards that way you can compare it... If getarraysize(qShopStuff) then they have an open quest... claim it... Once claim attempt compare to current year month day ... if > 0 then it's been a day or more ok to claim, if 0 then compare time tick to 120000... if >= then it's ok to claim, else wait... Getitem qShopStuff[0] Deletearray qShopStuff[0], getarraysize(qShopStuff); Goodluck and happy hunting!
  7. *setcell "<map name>",<x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2>,<type>,<flag>; Example: setcell "schg_cas05",114,51,125,51,cell_walkable,0; use 1 or 0 to remove cell_walkable 0 is cannot walk, 1 is can
  8. Attaching array to character?

    Yes, the array is registered with the following information char_id | name of variable | index of array | value so for instance, if you create array on character: setarray charArray[0], 1, 2, 3; you will have 3 values for 1 character... 150001 | charArray | 0 | 1 150001 | charArray | 1 | 2 150001 | charArray | 2 | 3
  9. Salary for GM's per event

    Well.. 1. I personally wouldn't give players the power to host events anymore... too much favortism... 2. Abusing it is probably going to happen.. unless your gm's are really awesome... but even then... 3. They are GM's, what items could they possibly want that they couldn't make? (Unless they are strictly Event GM's) ... 4. I personally instead of granting points per event, I would record in a SQL Log when they gave out rewards and to who, and monitor it and then you can just give them whatever item... or what not... - Not something I think should really exist anymore...
  10. Yet another 7v7/GvG script

    I'm actually working on this now, taking a small break from my other project. I believe I can get this done in about 1-2 days... PM me, and I will send you a link to my repo, so you can follow progress
  11. Yet another 7v7/GvG script

    Might be interested in attempting it, however I am working on some other projects right now, so if no one else offers to help, I can look at it when I have the time, doesn't appear to be too complicated.
  12. Salary for GM's per event

    How do the GM's host the events? They start it via an NPC?
  13. I added Stolao's Custom_Fuction

    Stolao, after looking the code in that function there are missing brackets... in F_ApplyOption.txt Line 56: setrandomoption(getarg(0,9),0,rand(RDMOPT_BODY_ATTR_NOTHING,RDMOPT_BODY_ATTR_UNDEAD),1,1; Missing an ending ) Same with the setrandomoption() below it haven't really looked deeper
  14. string in array key and switch case

    1st one can be "simulated" setarray( getd( "@array_" + "string"), 0, 1, 2, 3, 4; ); // this will give you @array_string[#] 2nd, I found this out earlier, no, switch does not work with strings..., however what I found is that if you are setting strings for a switch, something is wrong... You can usually use a lookup array for the string and determine which index value it is in order to "case" it properly
  15. Would you want each item to have a different % chance of creation or ALL items? Would each item get the same "additional" reward? Would each item get the same "fail" reward?