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  1. Any one can help me? how to edit this here is my script. then i want to put this modification on that so that the refiner will check if the item can refine or not gonryun,177,118,3 script Instant +10 TCG 950,{ mes "What item do you want to be refined?"; next; set @refine,.equip_part[select(getequipname(.equip_part[0]), getequipname(.equip_part[1]), // shoes getequipname(.equip_part[2]), // muffler getequipname(.equip_part[3]), // lower gear getequipname(.equip_part[4]), // mid gear getequipname(.equip_part[5]), // headgear getequipname(.equip_part[6]), // armor getequipname(.equip_part[7]), // shield getequipname(.equip_part[8]), // weapon getequipname(.equip_part[9]))-1]; if(countitem(7227) < 1) { mes "You are missing:"; mes ""+((countitem(7227) < 1)?"1 TCG Cards":"")+""; close; } if(getequiprefinerycnt(@refine) >= 7) { mes "+10 Item cannot be refined anymore."; close; } else { delitem 7227,1; successrefitem @refine,10; mes "Clang Clang! Success!"; close; } OnInit: setarray .equip_part[1],2,3,5,6,7,8,9; } where should i put this code?? (!getequipisenableref(@part)) { mes "Go find another Blacksmith. You can't refine this thing."; close; }
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    2. Winter1992


      commit on this sir may i knlw the link ? thanks 

    3. Cydh


      u just need to see what we have on battle.cpp::battle_calc_cardfix

      because there are more updates after Git Hash: 165609d4 (highly not recommended to follow changes on this revision)

    4. Winter1992


      thank you sir im using old version of rathena due to some reason thank you again god bless

  2. why i cant open this link?? any idea
  3. hello bro why i can't open this link?
  4. May i know why i can't open this ?? http://rathena.org/board/tracker/issue-8695-damage-adjustment-in-battle-calc-cardfix-is-wrong Thanks i need this diff or patch to finish my ro a better reply would be a greater help .
  5. but.in my.server asura miss i think the neutral and demi human element calculate as one is there a way to fix ?
  6. hello may i ask how can i seperate demi human resist and neutral resist? base on my observation i use 1 ck 1 cranial shield and deviant mateu which is 10% reduce on ck 35% reduce on demi human on the shield then 50% reduce damage to neutral from the deviant mateu. as i see when i asura my other character there is no single damage i guess due to resistance issue anyone can help ? this would be a great help thanks
  7. but i want this files i have alot of modification except this cash shop can't find anything related
  8. i im doing manual patch i can't update my emulator
  9. 20150916 i don't know what version is my rathena i just pulled it on my mediafire and i just want to work on it please help? Much better if you can give me the commit of 2015 i can't find it thanks!
  10. 20150916 i don't know what version is my rathena i just pulled it on my mediafire and i just want to work on it please help?
  11. Could you give me the exact link for the source code of cash shop button? my cash shop button is not working it seems to be visible but if i buy on the shop nothing happen. Thank you for helping
  12. A lot of thanks who can share the download link of the 2018 client exe unpacked.
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