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  1. Error Fixed.>>>>>>>>Thanks to Sir BeWan ! Awesome as always !!!
  2. Good Day Rathenians, I am experiencing [string "buf] Error (Lua Files\DataInfo\PetInfo & ShadowTable) while launching my client, after adding a custom NPC into my server. But i did not edited either PetInfo & ShadowTable during adding in the custom NPC and i am currently using 2020 client. EDITED : The NPC is added successfully but the only issue are with the error that are occurring when launched the clients. Enclosed is the screen shot for errors and both files (PetInfo & ShadowTable). Hopefully someone is able to guide me through this error. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. shadowtable.lub petinfo.lub
  3. Thank you so much again for the reply Emistry !!!!
  4. Thank you so much for the reply Emistry !!!! Mind to give me an example of the item_db script on how to add a +10 item? I am using Item_db.yml.
  5. Good Day Rathena ! I'm currently using Euphy's QUEST SHOP, would like to ask if is possible to input +10 Weaps / Equips into the Shop and how should i go about it? Thank you !!!
  6. Sir Capuche, please guide where to add bc_all for certain item opened?
  7. i'm having the same problem of adding fourth shop & above..... can someone pls kindly help....thanking you in advance ! quest_shoptest.txt
  8. Hi All, Am unsure whether is this the right place to ask this, kindly advice if is not. Not sure if this is happening in any other server but it seems that my falcon's position is little bit too low and when tilting the screen it will goes lower and block by the Head-gears. Refer Video below. Hope someone are able to help to provide their expertise on this... Thanking you in advanced !!! WhatsApp Video 2021-05-04 at 01.13.27.mp4
  9. I am experiencing the with Correct VIEW ID but when equipped, there's nothing appear on my Character. any idea on how to solved this? there's some others item are having the same issue also. The act. & Spr. file are in place inside my server's GRF yet it is not showing. I find it pretty weird... is anyone faced the same issue before as i am currently?
  10. Good Day Dakado, would you mind elaborating more on this how do you solved this? i am experiencing the same. Correct VIEW ID but when equipped there's nothing appear on my Character...
  11. Hi can you share with me What is the ViewID for this in item_db.yml?
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