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  1. I have this error when I use the command: "sudo ./configure" checking MySQL library (required)... no configure: error: MySQL not found or incompatible I have: mysqld.service - MySQL 8.0 database server Active: active (running) since xxxxxxx My Operating System: Centos 8 Last rAthena from github
  2. - Id: 2005 Name: RK_WINDCUTTER Description: Wind Cutter MaxLevel: 5 Type: Weapon TargetType: Self DamageFlags: Splash: true Hit: Single HitCount: 1 Element: Weapon SplashArea: - Level: 1 Area: 1 - Level: 2 Area: 1 - Level: 3 Area: 2 - Level: 4 Area: 2 - Level: 5 Area: 3 CopyFlags: Skill: Reproduce: true AfterCastActDelay: 1000 Cooldown: - Level: 1 Time: 800 - Level: 2 Time: 650 - Level: 3 Time: 500 - Level: 4 Time: 350 - Level: 5 Time: 200 Requires: SpCost: - Level: 1 Amount: 34 - Level: 2 Amount: 38 - Level: 3 Amount: 42 - Level: 4 Amount: 46 - Level: 5 Amount: 50 Weapon: Dagger: true 1hSword: true 2hSword: true 1hSpear: true 2hSpear: true Correction
  3. When the instance starts, the characters are forced to log out.
  4. After the player applies in the Queue, Announce the number of players remaining to start the event. Could someone with a good heart help?
  5. Hi guys! Everyone knows how the successful Among US game works recently. So if someone can do this event according to what I am going to quote or if you have a much better idea, feel free to accept this challenge. How to make: Players sign up for NPC After 1 minute, a dispbottom informs who is an Innocent and who is an Impostor. Players will be teleported randomly on a large map. The game only starts if there are at least 5 participants. Only the PK to the imposter will be enabled. Every minute, a window appears to the player to vote for a person, the highest vote eliminates a player. If the imposter remains and one more innocent, the game ends with the imposter winning. If they eliminate the impostor, the innocent will win. Impostor Ideas: He has access to Plate NPCs from the map to summon random monsters on the map as sabotage. The TF_HIDING (51) ability can be granted through a temporary item. Ideas for the Innocent: Summon multiple monsters on the map, if all monsters are killed, the innocent win. To those who donate some of their time to do so, Thank you very much! Sorry for the bad English.
  6. Olá meus amados, tem alguma possibilidade de fazer com que as 3ª Classes não tenham as habilidades das segundas classes? Hello my beloved ones, do you have any possibility to prevent the 3rd classes from having the skills of the second classes?
  7. Where can I find it for download? No hexed 2015 opens on my Windows 10
  8. I see I need Hexeds 2016 or less, but they don't open on Windows 10, are there any hexed that would recommend me?
  9. I was following these tutorial: and https://herc.ws/board/topic/9273-guide-how-to-add-custom-jobs/ But these files are not present at the current data: 1. data\luafiles514\lua files\admin\PCIds.lub 3. data\luafiles514\lua files\admin\PCPaths.lub 4. data\luafiles514\lua files\admin\PCHands.lub 5. data\luafiles514\lua files\admin\PCPals.lub And the addition of Sprites in the paste I use the latest version of rAthena Could someone teach me how to add?
  10. How can I edit these words?
  11. Obrigado amigos pela ajuda, na verdade o erro foi por que não havia a pasta: luafiles514/lua files/service_brazil/ Thanks friends for the help, in fact the mistake was because there was not the folder: luafiles514 / lua files / service_brazil /
  12. Olá, Eu usei somente os Diff's recomendados e todos os acentos no jogo ficam em coreano ou "?" não é só com os itens mas no chat e em todo o resto. Meu itemInfo ja está em ANSI e nada. Uso o Hexed 2018-04-18b
  13. Hakahay


    Does not work in the last rA
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