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    [Others] Haziel's Graphics

    Admirable works Haziel, keep it up! Animations look pretty neat! As for the hunter mount, I would add two things: 1- When movement is fast in 2D animations, we usually add a motion trail to highlight the fast movement. The motion trail here can be seen in the hand movement. 2- Maybe, another thing to highlight is the fact it's a big creature. You can do that by adding some smoke or dirt when the wolf touches the ground. It may be something subtle, but it will indeed add a lot of "weight" feel to it, integrating it better within the game world. Good job overall, keep it up!
  10. Impressed with the new spriters around, and very pleased to see that pixel art graphics development is still a reality in the RO scene.

  11. DevilEvil

    [Showcase] Some sprites of mine..

    I'd try to keep the least number possible of spoiler tags, it makes it hard for others to appreciate your work . In general is good, however, I'd use a different approach for the Susanoo sprite. As it is a combination of flames and ethereal armor, I'd look for a pixelated look in the armor and a separated flame animation over it, as the flame animation (which right now is basically a scale animation) is harming the quality of the sprite. If you are able to improve it that way, I'd go for it . Good luck!
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    Even if the service includes an NDA, any treatment you apply to the data of other people (emails, real names, etc.) must be communicated to those people, as well as having consent to apply that treatment. Actually, the real "blacklists" in which those who don't pay their debts are included, must have permission from those who are included. For example, if you don't pay your phone bills, you can be added to those lists by the company who you are in debt with (if they warned you in the contract you signed with them that you could be added to those lists if you don't pay your debts). Otherwise, it's illegal. As far as I know (and correct me if I'm wrong, since I may be), the very same laws would apply to us if the administration of rA published and maintained such a list (with personal data such as names, emails, etc.).
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    We could actually be accused by the scammer for violating the Data Protection Act. I don't see how. The service would need a non-disclosure agreement and list everything that users are not allowed to discuss openly or publicly.. other than that it's nothing to do with us (which is why i've said staff will not get involved with this project) - therefore they can accuse us as much as they like, it won't change anything. Oh, I was actually talking about what could happen if rA decided to make an official blacklist.
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    We could actually be accused by the scammer for violating the Data Protection Act.