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  1. Do u want us to make you a BOT SCRIPT? you mean an auto farming? LOL
  2. Hello ! i don't know if this is the right section for this question, advance sorry, please moved it to proper section hehe thanks : So i would like to make dungeon as town cuz i enabled pk_mode: 1 i want to make prt_gld marked as town so they can't pk on that map only, is this possible ? Thanks EDIT: SOLVED mapflag pvp off Please close this thanks
  3. Edit This File: data/itemmoveinfov5.txt
  4. comment down your lub. and your changes
  5. Wazzup ! can i request for an script Like this 1. Npc that will required you to bring some req Ex. Apple, once u done and gave the apple, you will now unlock the main quest, 2. Once you unlock the quest, there will be a menu which Example menu quest 1.Apple Wing - requirement Ex Apple 2.Banana wing - requirement Ex Apple 3.Herb wing - requirement Ex Apple Thaaanks guys
  6. Ayt. lemme try and give feedback hehe thanks
  7. How about the Selection? when the player type @eventjoin? do i have to remove also that?
  8. @Mabuhay Hi bro, is it possible to disabled some events here? like i only want poring catcher / dice / poring hunter
  9. Nope, btw i found the patch file that im requesting , thanks and solved.
  10. How? can you comment here how ? and can you paste the code herE?
  11. https://rathena.org/board/topic/69825-statusconf-help/?do=findComment&comment=133653
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