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  1. Good day is it possible be like this shop that currency is 7959 or any item this is my shop - itemshop misc -1,7959,12790:15 PS: i already used search engine and found out many but if only possible to make this code into that,
  2. i think there was a bug on this script, after the event or if no one participate no one win, the timer stop . it always say, that next schdule Start in. then after many hours the event won't start
  3. Yea, i guess so, but incase, can i request like that or not ? btw forgot thanks for this script. +1 rep
  4. @Mabuhayis there posibility to put percent on reward? from random reward then random percents? of each item on this reward? @BeWan
  5. Takuyakii


    i highly recommend @pajodex
  6. if ( !isequipped( ID,ID ) ) { i guess it's like this
  7. hello ! i know @market clone are already published here, i did a lot of search on this forum., but seems its all out dated. if someone have latest @market, or can update the outdated one, please share it, thaanks. sorry for making a new topic, but seems that no one answering or thread closed on previous topics.