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  1. dont have error issue but when i spawn coin not gone mvp not spawned
  2. for spawn sir not renting room
  3. hello rA guys its posibble to make this private mvp room spawn using coin? https://pastebin.com/SzANV0K4 i like to change spawn using zeny to 10 mitril coin
  4. - Id: 30000 AegisName: Shadow Gear Name: Shadow Gear Type: Shadowgear Locations: Shadow_Left_Accessory: true EquipLevelMin: 1 Refineable: false Script: | changebase 4060; },{},{ changebase Class; bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_All,5; skill "PR_KYRIE",7; bonus bStr,5; i got error with this script
  5. how to make every 2 level refine bonus atk +20 and str +1 if level refine 9-10 bonus str and dex +5
  6. hurmm maybe can just waitting someone help
  7. its posibble make non npc? like buff area btw im trying dont have effect but no error show up on putty
  8. hello rA how can i do a buff like poem,service,assassin cross and apple without char like this one
  9. hello rathena im just found this script on my old pendrive but this script allow me use the commands every 5 hours how i can remove the delay? https://pastebin.com/v6JS1bu5
  10. im currently using this wheel of fortune https://pastebin.com/qz5S0ckK anyone can help this npc only will show up every 3 hours?
  11. sir its possible add other list like set no.1,set no.2,set no.3 like player can choose which 1 want to make it
  12. hello rA i want to ask how to make this quest npc giving 3 item https://pastebin.com/xQaYu6xk i like to add reward 2378,2435,2538
  13. can u share which part need change? please need it
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