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  1. hurmm maybe can just waitting someone help
  2. its posibble make non npc? like buff area btw im trying dont have effect but no error show up on putty
  3. hello rA how can i do a buff like poem,service,assassin cross and apple without char like this one
  4. hello rathena im just found this script on my old pendrive but this script allow me use the commands every 5 hours how i can remove the delay? https://pastebin.com/v6JS1bu5
  5. im currently using this wheel of fortune https://pastebin.com/qz5S0ckK anyone can help this npc only will show up every 3 hours?
  6. sir its possible add other list like set no.1,set no.2,set no.3 like player can choose which 1 want to make it
  7. hello rA i want to ask how to make this quest npc giving 3 item https://pastebin.com/xQaYu6xk i like to add reward 2378,2435,2538
  8. can u share which part need change? please need it
  9. izlude,160,89,3 script testHideDuringWoe 99,{ if ( agitstart() || agitstart2() || agitstart3()){ if ( gettime (DT_DAYOFWEEK) == Day1 || Day2 || day 3 || etc ){ // Do this if the first condition true then do another condition inside condition // If the condition do the code here } end; if the condition of day is false then end the script } end;// End the script if the condition is false OnInit: hideonnpc "Rental Donation"; end; } not working sir
  10. thanks sir its work but need click the npc first to made it hide
  11. hello,its there posibble make npc only show following time example saturday,sunday 21:00 until 22:00 this my tested npc https://pastebin.com/QFQDTj4c
  12. hello im used latest github some player said even playing dex 99 luk 99 the damage still same when used sharp shooting is there anyway to fix this issue??
  13. Subzero

    3rd Job Suit

    where should i add this? i tying add on item_db2.txt but my item become apple
  14. can anyone help me put another 1 pvp solo but player only can entered 8pm-9pm map using pvp_y_1-2 here my current script and its is possible make npc count on 2 map? waitingroom "PVP : "+getmapusers("pvp_y_6-2")+" Users",0; i want add another 1 pvp solo pvp_y_1-2 https://pastebin.com/VhpLjKTC
  15. hello may i req a script work like this player can choose 1,2 or 3 types quest example set A -kaho,sungglasses,flu mask item need 100 jelopy 100 feather and kill 5 ifrit Set B -solar,sungglasses,flu mask item need 100 jelopy 100 feather and kill 5 turtle Set C -valkyrie helm,sungglasses,flu mask item need 100 jelopy 100 feather and kill 5 eddga
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