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  1. Masaya ba kayo sa paggamit ng VNC sa vps? Kung may iba choice ano gsto nyo?
  2. here - script Freebies -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if (!#Freebies) { getitem 20127,1; getitem 20050,1; getitem 20099,1; getitem 7037,5; getitem 671,1; getitem 4142,1; getitem 2375,1; getitem 2433,1; getitem 2537,1; getitem 2729,2; getitem 2374,1; announce "Welcome to Tantrums Ragnarok, "+strcharinfo(0)+" !","0x33FF66"; set #Freebies, 1; } end; }
  3. lol those are hard coded in the client please check nana's project at the project's section.
  4. same error i got from the screenshot above.
  5. brian how about adding support for mac address?
  6. Client date?Fixed (probably). It can take a while for sourceforge to reflect the update on all mirrors though.
  7. also is it possible to check by mac address <3 ?
  8. proxy support crashes me
  9. you shouldn't have posted the server you work for cuz leechers can just download their grf and steal your sprite, unless you have it encrypted
  10. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........... lol. Thanks for the heads up brian.
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