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  1. been a while @Rytech excited with the new updates.
  2. Masaya ba kayo sa paggamit ng VNC sa vps? Kung may iba choice ano gsto nyo?
  3. here - script Freebies -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if (!#Freebies) { getitem 20127,1; getitem 20050,1; getitem 20099,1; getitem 7037,5; getitem 671,1; getitem 4142,1; getitem 2375,1; getitem 2433,1; getitem 2537,1; getitem 2729,2; getitem 2374,1; announce "Welcome to Tantrums Ragnarok, "+strcharinfo(0)+" !","0x33FF66"; set #Freebies, 1; } end; }
  4. lol those are hard coded in the client please check nana's project at the project's section.
  5. same error i got from the screenshot above.
  6. brian how about adding support for mac address?
  7. Client date?Fixed (probably). It can take a while for sourceforge to reflect the update on all mirrors though.
  8. also is it possible to check by mac address <3 ?
  9. you shouldn't have posted the server you work for cuz leechers can just download their grf and steal your sprite, unless you have it encrypted
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