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  1. behemothcze

    Guardian Stone In SE WOE

    where can i edit guardian stone repair time delay i`ve been searching for it but zero result hope someone can help me sorry if wrong thread
  2. behemothcze

    NPC Rental Items

    hello can anyone help me Im doing a 12v12 Event and i want to provide all the items and Supplies that it needs what i need is An NPC that after i Summoned them in a Event Area they can Click the npc and get the items * all items that i can put and it will vanished after they leave a map or maybe after an hour ( like a rental items )
  3. d11749590ed70ed43_paste.txt how to use this patch? should i write this in rathena/custom/koepatch.txt like a script and recompile my server? i get confused sorry , is there a guide for newbie how to use this thanks
  4. Sorry newbie regarding about this (DON'T FORGET TO BUILD THE mapcache.dat !) how to build mapcache.dat ?
  5. behemothcze

    Multi Shop with announcer

    currently using Emistry multi currency shop how to add announce on it when player buy something thanks in advance been trying to put announce on it for days lol . credits to emistry since this multi shop shop is so easy to use.
  6. behemothcze

    JobMaster Npc

    jobmaster.txt im currently using this script is it posibble to stick to its class? i mean after rebirth theres no other selection . example i made a char novice>acolyte>priest then rebirth > high aco to high priest
  7. Email addresses do not match , even its same email how to fix this please
  8. behemothcze

    Resource File Loading Fail

    i was puting some costume items then suddenlly the error show, i download my files again( cleaned) but i guess the client side got affected dunno why how to fix this please.
  9. i try my old create.php if it works but got that error "email adresses do not match" even its match
  10. The e-mail address you've entered is not in a valid e-mail address format -Flux CP Error how to fix this? i already tried to $email = trim($params->get('email_address')); $email2 = trim($params->get('email_address2')); erase the " $email2 = trim($params->get('email_address2'));" but still same error. is there a way to fix this ? i guess my latest fluxp cp is not compatible with my flux theme. please help me if theres a way to fix this or how to ignore the email in account create.
  11. behemothcze

    Monsters Turning into another monster but same name

    i haven`t use reloadmobdb since i bought this in pony . sorry for lack of info. its just that some mobs in my server changing into another mobs but same name etc, sample is that sohee turning into flag but its still sohee its just change its image but same as sohee in hp dmg etc.
  12. how to fix this other dungeon changing into another monster but same name . sorry if wrong section.
  13. behemothcze

    Basic Warper required zeny

    +1 thanks it really helpful i get it now how to set up a payment and will put some change on its zeny hehe thanks mate
  14. behemothcze

    Basic Warper required zeny

    thanks sir, will try it now . hmm 1 question is it posible posible to set a 2 payment? town 1k Dungeon 5k
  15. behemothcze

    Basic Warper required zeny

    hello guys im using this kind of warper!svn/bc/15000/trunk/npc/custom/warper.txt for my server. Is it possible to put some zeny exchange for the warp .