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  1. idk if this is the right section for this all char is only 30 weight. and can only gain weight thru adding str stats. how to fix this?
  2. the problem is after i put patch and make a patch on my client. then i check my grf its seems it creating other directory anyone encounter the same issue? i double check the directory many times . i even -re extract the directory where i put the patch ( in textture and sprite) but still same problem
  3. thanks emistry . problem solved
  4. how to fix this?
  5. hello how to fix this? want to update my trunk thru git . git stash save.
  6. hello just wondering how you made that walking npc?
  7. im using 2015client . i can create char before i update my trunk github.
  8. you put it like these? //guild_vs1 mapflag nobranch try to @reloadnpc npc/mapflag/nobranch.txt or maybe u set some npc sample is a pvp room. with guild_vs1 mapflag nobranch in its script at the bottom.
  9. i cant create new accounts . gm`s or normal players and im getting this error in my console how to fix this please?
  10. sorry for noob question sir. currently my server is running how can i update my rathena version without affecting my players also using the same client .
  11. im having the same problem how to fix this?
  12. as the title says. map crash everytime someone using /leave inside of any instances how to fix this?
  13. thanks functor and emistry , i guess i didnt notice that i change some file , i`ll guess i wont use grf encryption again .
  14. sry sir but i dont remember anything i changed exe file "cps.dll"/ what i do is only put filed in my grf using grf editor then save then make a patch using thor patcher . i run my launcher if the patch is working after its done i run it and got the error. what should i do to fix this sir?