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  1. Where's Shinomori when you need him? The dream is real, boys! Only partial support for VS
  2. I don't think xampp is the best example for that statement. Also, for a time when the code was first implemented, the server would simply shut down after warning the user it was running as root. I don't know why it was deemed a better idea to take that away instead of using it as an opportunity to educate people on superusers. That was an irresponsible flip-flop. It's also questionable to just drop software into people's lap (on a guide) and not make a mention of a piece of that software's colorful vulnerability history. Anyway I guess the point I'm trying to make is that a lot of people like to forget that the only people who would even need these detailed guides would also need some additional tips or insight from another about what exactly they're putting on their machines so at least they can make an informed decision on whether they want to go through with it or use another method.
  3. Well if you want me to extrapolate this to rA... When I was making this post I was going to point out how even in the wiki it either promotes the use of poor practices or does not mention any basic ones. The wiki is a part of the rathena website it is, by all intents and purposes, the official rA information hub. The wiki guide writers have included detailed instructions for downloading, installing and configuring the rA software (and its dependencies as well as some 3rd party software), so there is a reasonable obligation to at least include basic server security instructions or, failing that, mentioning them and providing external links. I would imagine people would default to the defense of: "it's the server owner's responsibility" and that reasoning is wrong. If we're going that route, then why include any support for server owners if it's all supposed to be "their responsibility"? With that reasoning, they should be knowledgeable enough to be able to download, install and configure the software (and dependencies and unnecessary 3rd party software) without any guides. Sounds like elitism, doesn't it? So why are there guides available on the official wiki? Because there are people that realize many server owners don't know what to do and need a walkthrough to get them started. Again, there is a reasonable obligation to at least help them with things like setting up their firewall and discouraging the use of software that is full of holes all the time. TL;DR throwing responsibility to server owners (yet providing step by step guides to everything (except the stuff that really matters)) is a tired elitist excuse from all the way back to the eA days.
  4. server owners are still: using phpmyadmin. allowing remote root logins and using root/superuser level access on everything. using no firewalls You know it to be true. I know from seeing it myself it is true.
  5. posting in the right section would help a lot.
  6. It's the scripter's responsibility to not make bad routines that would eat up cycles. On the other hand, I wonder how server performance would look like when many script states are shuffling around many IDs.
  7. Unfortunately, this project is no longer using svn. We git now. Both out of date. Will post a link when I finish my big change.
  8. i'm all for people wanting to protect their work, and normally i don't comment on this type of stuff much, but threatening to ddos people that pirate it? laff if i ever get my hands on an updated copy i'd take out the backdoors myself.. because fuck that kind of attitude tbh.
  9. sup on dem awards?
  10. Just posting to inform everyone that I've been fixing bugs the past day or so. Ill need to put this on another repo since I don't have svn here and ill update the links when I do done
  11. Who the hell cares what the project is? I'm loyal to the code, not the name. Also posting to add legend to the thread.
  12. Nope. It's always been like this.
  13. The reason it got removed was because it was hardly ever used and probably wasn't maintained either.
  14. It can. If you loaded it plain they would all be defined as globals. Most of the commands work. The only ones I haven't worked on were item scripts. Considering the variable handling is being done entirely* in lua, all it takes is for one to write a script to do it. *still using athena's inter-server functions for sending the right variables to the right server for saving, but the db operations for it will be done in lua so anybody can use their own (supported by luadbi anyway) engine if they wanted.
  15. Easier than you would think~