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  1. VPS Support

  2. Frost switching

    Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".
  4. Item Description Problem

    There is a file bamed idnum2itemdesctable.txt in your grf data folder, open it and find the item you if you want description to be changed and edit it then save
  5. R> @afk command with pub

    just copy paste that code into to your atcommand.c , like any other commands in it, just open the file and go through it and youll know what to do xD
  6. Item Description Problem

    Check "Defining Items clientside" in bellow mentioned page
  7. R> @afk command with pub

    Thats how ot works, Jist dear for @sleep @afk in google
  8. Would be great if you can provide git hash of rathena, Also try running with with gdb so you can get core dump
  9. Body Style for Trans Classes

    soemthing like this?
  10. Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".
  11. Client Setup

    5,6 - what errors popping up?
  12. Client Setup

    Download nemo from here Checkout client releases section and download the client you want and diff it using nemo,
  13. Ragnarok Mobile

    Wrong section. Moved to "Third-Party Support".
  14. Wrong section. Moved to "Client-side Support"
  15. Error - status.cpp set_sc

    Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".