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  1. Why not try to remove them yourself? good point to start scripting npc's
  2. 35004 - what is this number represent??? what is your Sprite id in your .lub files, as i mentioned with my comment, check guides around
  3. You probably missed out listing out your Sprite IDs in itemDB, To understand it better try reading wiki pages around
  4. You totally can do that, as long as you can trust those third party websites
  5. Try increasing this value in my.conf, Google it if you want to understand why!!! max_allowed_packet=256M
  6. Bumping 7 years old topic with irrelevant questions doesn't really help!!
  7. How this was related to introductions section??? Moved to general support
  8. Are your 3rd party services available?

  9. Has it ever worked? from when this stopped working? have you tried looking up for the similar issues across rathena? Make sure the ports are open for external connections
  10. check if your grf have shadowtable.lub file in data grf > luafiles > datainfo > , Add if you don't have
  11. Cyro


    i believe in 2019, NONE
  12. Try this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/410616/increasing-the-maximum-number-of-tcp-ip-connections-in-linux
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