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  1. Why another?? Why cant make fluxcp better instead??? How is the restCP going to br any better??
  2. sapur

    hello can help me how use rss.xml in flux

  3. Cyro

    Afk Mode

    Try posting it to showcase section next time
  4. Its paid one, i believe there some event manager in downloads section
  5. good day cyro, im interested on your service may i know if you can make this requirements.


    - script that will give item/s to a party automatically upon finishing the instance (refer to instances folder pre and re)

    - works on idathena(base core system is rathena) trunk

  6. you better post your script instead of asking stuff which makes no meaning, anyways its basically causes coz of npc/shop name, you also need to change the callshop name after you change shop name,
  7. If there us no compilation/db errors it should be smoth, geographical location if the server might be one of tge reason aswell aa your internet connection
  8. Make sure updated mapcache have your map gat file,
  10. Hi, you know use ROChanger?

  11. you can connect your ragnarok db to your ipb via ipb admin panel!
  12. Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".
  13. Cyro

    configure cp

    Wrong section. Moved to "Web Support".
  14. Wrong section. Moved to "Installation Support"