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  1. Make sure you added on white list for incoming and outgoing to your vps server, allow the web hosting to connect on your vps, check firewall rules.
  2. broken link of images kindly fixed thanks
  3. On diffting client make sure you uncheck read data folder first, if your using nemo patcher
  4. Are you using a custom coded flux theme? make sure all modules on the theme are compatible with the flux control panel
  5. you can check the up to date client translation by Dast and Mich What this Project contain? - itemInfo.lua with iro/kro translation. - Some lua that contain last translation found on the board or made by us. - Last accessoryid.lub / accname.lub / jobname.lub / NPCIdentity.lub decompiled. - Texture Buttons translate. - msgstringtable.txt fully translate. - Txt files translate (questid2display.txt, mapnametable.txt ect...) - And also all texture/sprite from iRo/bRo/mRo/fRo/pRo/jRo/twRo compatible with accessoryid.lub / accname.lub and the itemInfo.lua. https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation
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