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  1. same error here, using 2018-10-02 client. some style got missing palette. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Can somebody teach me the basics of disassembling a client? even just finding the right offset, Thanks
  3. observed that 2018 is kinda offset compared to 2019. heres my 2018 client with 1024x768 resolution. and heres my 2019 client with the same resolution.
  4. Hi guys, How do I center/move my character list? im currently using custom resolution 1280x700. Client used: 2018-10-02bRagexe Thanks, Francisco Apuado
  5. Hi @Functor From: To: It worked, but when i first open my equip, the button is still visible then after i click the general/costume/title table it will disappear the button will show every time i open my equip/alt+q Thanks, Francisco Apuado
  6. Hi Guys, How do I disable/remove the button for equipment swap? except using some old client. anyone know what/where is the hex code for this? currently using 2019-05-30aRagexeRE Thanks, Francisco Apuado
  7. hi everyone, can i have any suggestions what is the latest and most stable client for 2013 and 2014? example: 2013 - 20131223 and its packet 2014 - 20140212 and its packet also can anyone post some helpful links? thank you in advance!
  8. tagalog: san ko po ba pwd ma change/adjust ung DAMAGE ration for all jobs? like example ung default is 100%, tapos gusto ko maging 120% dmg ng all jobs? katulad ng case nung trunk/conf/battle/player.conf // Players' maximum HP rate? (Default is 100) hp_rate: 120 <--- 120% english: where can i change/adjust the DAMAGE RATIO for all jobs/players? like example the default dmg is 100%, then i want to change/adjust it to 120% dmg for all jobs/players. same case as trunk/conf/battle/player.conf // Players' maximum HP rate? (Default is 100) hp_rate: 120 <--- 120%
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