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  1. anybody know how to increase the max capacity of the player on the map? For Example: When Reach 1000 player on the map on Morroc the rest of the player cant go to morroc they getting Disconnected
  2. Need Help about Emergency Call how to i fix the casting time? Video:
  3. When i'm using the @hidegear why i'm getting FPS drop or Slow rendering other players? but when i turn it off the rendering is so fast
  4. i'm using latest version rathena maybe
  5. anyone know how to change the max capacity of the server? my problem right now when reach 1017 players the other player cant connect Please Help me
  6. i tried to find no luck can you recommend something?
  7. Thanks fix the hairstyle but my problem now is the hair color
  8. i'm having a problem on this hairstyle if i remember it should be Yellow Hair as a Default Color. anyone know's how to fix this?
  9. Megu

    AI Problem

    yes it's working my problem now is the homu is not using the skill any idea?
  10. Megu

    AI Problem

    anyone know how to enable AI homuculus auto attack and skill i'm using 2018-06-21aRagexeRE
  11. Anyone Know This Script it show the TOP 5 pvp Player On the prontera i saw it on Amanoma Ragnarok Online.
  12. Megu


    Thank you so much
  13. Anyone know how to fix this? i already tried to search no luck
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