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  1. data\texture\effect\alpha_center.tga data\texture\effect\alpha_down.tga data\texture\effect\alpha_left.tga data\texture\effect\alpha_right.tga data\texture\effect\alpha_upper.tga
  2. I dont have them either
  3. Naruto

    Custom Unit_Id's

    Nothing solid, you might be able to do something using mobavail since those sprites have dont use simple targeting Sounds possible that you can use hat effect and link it to the tiles but i havnt bothered specialeffect works but its just like a cast anim that repeats based on the interval
  4. Hmm nevermind thats not the one I used, but its something you use in your command prompth or something like mingw Ill attach the simple one but idk where I got it just open the bat with notepad and add the lines - your gonna have to redif your client probably and change your iteminfo LuaDec for Lua 5.1.4.zip
  5. http://files.luaforge.net/releases/luadec/luadec/0.6
  6. maybe by adding a mapflag to it and adding its tag
  7. Ive done something similar but dont recall... probably a slot id linked to it somewhere in your src
  8. Couldn't say without a bunch of testing but i thought al_heal was like the only skill that has shift targeting
  9. not sure why you guys keep getting that error but it should be fixed by modifying the skill_info_list.lub found within your grf set the range to whatever it is set to in your skill_db and you should be good to go
  10. probably just need to add a if bl_hom tag and return 0 to this section near the top with the others case UNT_WHISTLE: case UNT_ASSASSINCROSS: case UNT_POEMBRAGI: case UNT_APPLEIDUN: case UNT_HUMMING: case UNT_DONTFORGETME: case UNT_FORTUNEKISS: case UNT_SERVICEFORYOU: if (sg->src_id==bl->id && !(sc && sc->data[SC_SPIRIT] && sc->data[SC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_BARDDANCER)) return 0; if (!sc) return 0; if (!sce) sc_start4(ss, bl,type,100,sg->skill_lv,sg->val1,sg->val2,0,sg->limit); else if (sce->val4 == 1) { //Readjust timers since the effect will not last long. sce->val4 = 0; //remove the mark that we stepped out delete_timer(sce->timer, status_change_timer); sce->timer = add_timer(tick+sg->limit, status_change_timer, bl->id, type); //put duration back to 3min } break;
  11. fixed no but it should fix your problem if you change it to the official settings or just trying to match whatever the range in the DB is that error is fairly common with the more compicated skills but thats how ive fix it
  12. need to edit skillinfolist.lub and make sure the range is correct otherwise youll pop that error on some skills
  13. whenever it heals mana it uses MG_SRECOVERY just delete your texture folder and wait for the effect to kick in
  14. Tell me what you want it to do
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