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  1. hmm looks good to me, just make the alpha channel dark gray completely to give it more transparency i usually just play with the contrast slider for that stuff like copy and paste the RGB ( the texture ) into the alpha, then youll probably need to invert it then you can play with the sliders, it looks really good not sure why the angles would get all weird though
  2. Hmm maybe just drawing the alpha channel wrong >_< I cant tell from your image and a plane is something else, its just a 1 sided model... invisible from one side
  3. are you building it on a plane? maybe i can try for you
  4. if your having trouble saving the loop you gotta hit enter after typing anything in that window its bugged not sure what your doing with loop tho but that could work too i suppose
  5. you cant, your only choice is to either: 1) find an existing effect, same one, thats already bigger and copy it 2)make the texture in the data file BIGGER itself You cant just hex it? Thought about it but never tried yet maybe @Mina-chan knows something new though
  6. add it to accessoryid.lub and accname.lub within your grf with highest priority then use that ID in your Item_db
  7. well you can probably change them all at once but probably shouldnt
  8. maybe this // 0x004000 - skill that can be used while on Madogear seems like you gotta enable each skill you want usuable in your mado, so id imagine most if not all the skills attached to items would be un usuable? 378,0,6,4,5,0x1,0,5,1,no,0,0,0,weapon,0,0x0, ASC_EDP,Enchant Deadly Poison its a fool proof edit , just change the last section to 0x4000 could be something else tho
  9. *skilleffect <skill id>,<number>; *skilleffect "<skill name>",<number>; This command displays visual and aural effects of given skill on currently attached character. The number parameter is for skill whose visual effect involves displaying of a number (healing or damaging). Note, that this command will not actually use the skill, it is intended for scripts, which simulate skill usage by the NPC, such as buffs, by setting appropriate status and displaying the skill's effect. mes "Be blessed!"; // Heal of 2000 HP heal 2000,0; skilleffect 28,2000; // Blessing Level 10 sc_start SC_BLESSING,240000,10; skilleffect 34,0; // Increase AGI Level 5 sc_start SC_INCREASEAGI,140000,5; skilleffect 29,0; This will heal the character with 2000 HP, buff it with Blessing Lv 10 and Increase AGI Lv 5, and display appropriate effects. --------------------------------------- *npcskilleffect <skill id>,<number>,<x>,<y>; *npcskilleffect "<skill name>",<number>,<x>,<y>; This command behaves identically to 'skilleffect', however, the effect will not be centered on the invoking character's sprite, nor on the NPC sprite, if any, but will be centered at map coordinates given on the same map as the invoking character. --------------------------------------- *specialeffect <effect number>{,<send_target>{,"<NPC Name>"}}; This command will display special effect with the given number, centered on the specified NPCs coordinates, if any. For a full list of special effect numbers known see 'doc/effect_list.txt'. Some effect numbers are known not to work in some client releases. (Notably, rain is absent from any client executables released after April 2005.) <NPC name> parameter will display <effect number> on another NPC. If the NPC specified does not exist, the command will do nothing. When specifying an NPC, <send_target> must be specified when specifying an <NPC Name>, specifying AREA will retain the default behavior of the command. // this will make the NPC "John Doe#1" // show the effect "EF_HIT1" specified by // Jane Doe. I wonder what John did... mes "[Jane Doe]"; mes "Well, I never!"; specialeffect EF_HIT1,AREA,"John Doe#1"; close; --------------------------------------- *specialeffect2 <effect number>{,<send_target>{,"<Player Name>"}}; This command behaves identically to 'specialeffect', but the effect will be centered on the invoking character's sprite. <Player name> parameter will display <effect number> on another Player than the one currently attached to the script. Like with specialeffect, when specifying a player, <send_target> must be supplied, specifying AREA will retain the default behavior of the command. Just call effect 696 but... I dont see the coordinates? Might have to ask @sader1992 or someone more familiar with this There should be something in your scripts for that map for it... I have no clue
  10. effect 696 Its being weird in game for me, might just be me ( Actually after looking at yours a bit closer its all junky hahaha)... but the way its used in your map is strange do you see anything in the code maybe called in the instance script? Im sorry but ive never made an NPC like this before........ So i cant be sure but look at this npc 4_LEVITATEMAN He uses .PNG file for the BLUE you would have to do this exact same thing but for the torch purple... So heres the problem: I dont know how to do it easily... but this is what i can do for you... view attached zip file basically we can clearly see our colors... so you wanna cut what you want... and then paste it on a blank thing... exactly like the blue part in that npc Your gonna have to fix it or ask someone who knows more about PNG files then me Theres other ways to do this but... through an NPC? No fucking idea, I havnt done this much torch.rar I could do this But im going to bed now and dont have time... itd take like 5 mins tho
  11. theyre all emitters... not 100% since i dont have the grf I really cant tell if thats smoke or flames but if theyre all called smoke2 then... in that effect tool it looks like ALL the TEXTURES are called SMOKE2? You have a problem re creating this into an npc unless you use a green screen... ( Really hard to do and it doesnt randomize either) So your only option is to use effecttool, Its easy just make a new file exactly like that but change this part change the names to the name of your map then copy paste the stuff from the map you wanted... and use effect 974 in the map editor Its really easy stuff if youve ever used browedit lemme know if you get it
  12. post the map + the effect tool file with its name if it has one and we can probably figure it out hmm ill need to get my own kro client actually we'd be missing a few things... just run through all the effects after summoner using @effect 1001+ but it looks like effect tool
  13. I could help if you either had the physical map files and an up to date kro client to extract certain things for me as i do not
  14. same one as in fireblend 1133,Fire_Brand,Fireblend,5,20,,500,100,,1,0,0x000654E2,7,2,2,4,40,1,2,{ bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Fire; skill "MG_FIREBOLT",3; bonus3 bAutoSpell,"MG_FIREBOLT",3,100; },{},{} skill "228",1; Im not sure why it doesnt work using the npc script >_<