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  1. its all client side, if you decompiled it and looked youd probably see something relevant for example when star gladiator and soul reaper were released we didnt have the stuff right? But as soon as we start adding the IDS belonging to those skills, the effects are linked to the ID I used them as "Ammo" often, because of the way you can share certain effects... Forexample.. hammer fall? Its a PLACE skill, with an ANIMATION, AND IT SHAKES THE SCREEN... this made a good grenade for me and i would just change the element Also things like throw shuriken and venom knife ARE NOT linked to any effect, but actually their ITEM BMP ( you see the hot bar? Try changing that sprite ) yeah the documents effect_list is very out dated.... I dont have it anymore but you can go through the effects using @effect from whereever you are and add a description to it, not working effects should be because they have special coding within the client
  2. no it should be like this case MY_SKILL: skill_attack(bf_weapon,src,bl....RK_SONICWAVE It shouldnt be shouting the old skill you used, and this i what i mean by using OLD iro skills as ammo, some of them can only be modified this way to maintain the same behaviors
  3. oh haha i made a mistake i meant this skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,flag); skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,RK_SONICWAVE,skill_lv,tick,flag); replace skill id with the skill name this will work
  4. I didnt say anything was wrong its the way your writing a very specific skill sounds to me like your using skilleffectinfo.lub well why not try vampire or spear boomerang? They will all produce the same effect, non directional you probably added the new skill and stuck it with these guys case LG_RAYOFGENESIS: case LG_HESPERUSLIT: case LG_OVERBRAND: case LG_OVERBRAND_BRANDISH: case SR_FALLENEMPIRE: case SR_CRESCENTELBOW_AUTOSPELL: case SR_GATEOFHELL: case SR_GENTLETOUCH_QUIET: case WM_SEVERE_RAINSTORM_MELEE: case WM_GREAT_ECHO: case GN_SLINGITEM_RANGEMELEEATK: case KO_SETSUDAN: case RL_MASS_SPIRAL: case RL_BANISHING_BUSTER: case RL_SLUGSHOT: case NN_DRENCH: case NN_SWIFT: case RL_AM_BLAST: skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,flag); break; what i recommened for sonic wave is this: add a new part under it and try this : case RL_BANISHING_BUSTER: case RL_SLUGSHOT: case NN_DRENCH: case NN_SWIFT: case RL_AM_BLAST: skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,flag); break; case MY_SKILL: skill_attack(RK_SONICWAVE,src,src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,flag); break; Its the only way you can fix that afaik, all damage and stuff is based of MY_SKILL, its just you gotta use the RK_SONICWAVE as ammo so to speak... its really dumb and as for question 1, i never tested it much but you could just have the skill recasted on you when you switch map using a function that potential grabs your remaining duration
  5. well for the status ones.... idk i didnt experiement totally with them but couldnt you just do a on enter map or whatever and check for those statuses and recast them and get duration or something for alot of those skills you should use it like this bf_weapon ( src,bl,RK_SONICWAVE use the skill id and it should be fine, damage is seperated too
  6. if this doesnt work then might just be something in the grf
  7. so to be perfectly clear you want the buff to presist when you change shields, but if you totally unequip a shield remove the buff? simple
  8. In english your best possible please explain: What it is doing? What you want it to do? And someone will be with you shortly
  9. just extend the status durations you get from triple finish and combo finish probably...
  10. if( rnd()%100 <= sc->data[SC_REFLECTDAMAGE]->val1*10 + 30 ){ we open with this which is the chance, val1 is the level of the skill max_damage = (int64)max_damage * status_get_lv(bl) / 100; max_damage , if you scroll up we declared it int max_damage = status_get_max_hp(bl); Im saying its an easy formula to work with but.... Looking a bit at SC_REFLECTSHIELD AGAIN, Its actually written different and the damage is simplified obviously due to the nature of the attack : In your status.c case SC_REFLECTSHIELD: val2 = 10+val1*3; // %Dmg reflected Depending on what you want you can either re write it to be just like deathbound and the others, or just reduce it this way..... I know what your problem is