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  1. i would like an option to spawn a monster that faces a certain direction sort of like a dummy looking straight... I dont really want 5 of the same sprite and thought you may have had a shortcut
  2. i need monsters spawned in certain positions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 monster doesnt move like plant if possible if you know a way so he doesnt turn when you hit him too ... thank you i can pay
  3. raw garlic and onions arent too tasty but the flavor they add is awesome
  4. anyone know how to deal with this ? Thanks
  5. doesnt matter cause you can shift click it on target ?
  6. I guess its all html then And yeah it must be fluxcp that deals with all the sql stuff ty
  7. Hi im looking to launch a website soon Id like to prepare one... offline over the next month but not familiar with any of the software and what were writing with anymore and how the sql database links with it for registration ... thanks
  8. that worked thanks dude
  9. when i try to do my walls, you can hold the . and , keys for x or y wall but if you hold it, it paints all the walls mine doesnt do this anymore any ideas ?
  10. well i was suggesting you werent able to do it, but you were stuck on your commas? thats the most basic error... so before you start making up hocus pocus modifications to your client,learn how to count your comas
  11. maybe but heres a fact super novice cant use bows but needs all vultures eyes and owls eye to unlock attention concentrate
  12. y0u need to stick it in a new grf file he said
  13. its fine but we might be on different code now
  14. i was able to use luadec for it never tried using grf editor though