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  1. Newer clients i dont think it works but works fine on older clients like 2015
  2. ah well its pretty buggy but id imagine with the change to YAML for most of our database, probably rendered it totally useless anyways its alot easier now anyways and you may aswell just do it by hand in notepad now GL
  3. Can you stuck people in between them if they are standing there? cool stuff man
  4. pretty sure its linked to the status icon and you wont be able to replicate its effects but I used the dots? showevent? For my UAV to find treasure chests id imagine you can have that loop and update target location
  5. Until the DB is converted to YAML your stuck doing a bit of math with the 12 collumn, this string 0x000654E2 ( this is for fireblend ) Just check the item document and youll have it all laid out for you just use a calculator or something
  6. amazing theres no easier way to change that? try rename the one i sent you with your red in it alpha_down.tga
  7. data\texture\effect\alpha_center.tga data\texture\effect\alpha_down.tga data\texture\effect\alpha_left.tga data\texture\effect\alpha_right.tga data\texture\effect\alpha_upper.tga
  8. I dont have them either
  9. Nothing solid, you might be able to do something using mobavail since those sprites have dont use simple targeting Sounds possible that you can use hat effect and link it to the tiles but i havnt bothered specialeffect works but its just like a cast anim that repeats based on the interval
  10. Hmm nevermind thats not the one I used, but its something you use in your command prompth or something like mingw Ill attach the simple one but idk where I got it just open the bat with notepad and add the lines - your gonna have to redif your client probably and change your iteminfo LuaDec for Lua 5.1.4.zip
  11. http://files.luaforge.net/releases/luadec/luadec/0.6
  12. maybe by adding a mapflag to it and adding its tag
  13. Ive done something similar but dont recall... probably a slot id linked to it somewhere in your src
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