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  1. Hello guys I have a line 27 error Does anyone know how to fix this problem? quadronegro.txt
  2. When I start my server I just hear the error sound but it doesn't appear in red letters where it is. can anybody help me?
  3. What is the max_hair_style, max_hair_color and max_body_style?
  4. Hey guys I need some npcs, but since I don’t know much about programming. (Practically nothing) I’m asking for your help. My girlfriend is also part of my server administration. We have a project to put a real school in the game so that it can help children who need tutoring. We will do this free of charge. (My girlfriend is a real teacher.) For that I need two NPCS - We need a blackboard, which would work as follows: You write the message you want to leave on the board and you can delete it later. All functions in game. Only (GMs) can write and erase on the board. - A npc of questions and answers. For example the npc asks how much is 2 + 2? Then the player writes answer 4. If he gets it right I want him to win a prize that is configurable (The player cannot answer the same question to win the same prize again). If the functions are all in game it would be wonderful! Thank you guys
  5. Hello guys Could someone send me a hexed diffed 2010-07-30aRagexeRE with a setup that works on Windows 10? (Pre-Renewal) I am really desperate, I have been trying for months and I cannot solve this. My biggest problem is the setup, no resolution works even in fullscreen mode. Does Setup need any more files to work well?
  6. I am very happy and sad at the same time Now I can choose any screen resolution =) The game opens in full screen, I can log in and choose the character but when I load the screen it goes black
  7. WOW I did it !! Thank you very much!! Now another problem arose my setup does not open in full screen. Where can I get a 2010 setup? My server is pre renewal
  8. Hello Unfortunately I was unable to solve the problem. Do I use a 2010 Hexed for that reason?
  9. Hello guys I need help. I changed the Login Screen of my data folder but when I open the game the following information appears Error Only 16M or 8bit color format supported
  10. files are missing matrixcode_1.bmp , matrixcode_8_0_0_0.bmp , matrixcode_2.bmp
  11. Hello friends. can anybody help me? I need an NPC for events. I wish it were possible to close and open the room whenever I want. I would also like a support room NPC where people can wait for assistance. Olá amigos. Alguém poderia me ajudar? Preciso de um NPC para eventos. Gostaria que fosse possível fechar e abrir a sala quando eu quiser. Gostaria também de um NPC para sala de suporte em que as pessoas possam esperar por atendimento. Thanks
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