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  1. rA's Discord Quotes

    Seems a bit rude not to grace us with your hole after flaunting it like this. What did @Haziel come up with? Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  2. Just lay down for a bit the dizziness will go away. Also you are probably in bed right now anyway so... step 1 check.  :ani_swt3:

  3. Enchanter that can enchant 1st to 4th slot

    You could do what Skorm advised the OP did and talk to Skorm... He still around. @Skorm Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  4. Give me Attention please!~

    Just reread the opening post. I wasn't around pre-RMS. I'm a 2007 scrub Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  5. Give me Attention please!~

    Weelcome welcome. Will keep an eye out for that project posting! Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  6. [AiO]Single Player Project - Ragnarok

    This is a lovely project. It certainly works as simply as you described it. I'm sure you are going to save a lot of people a lot of hassle. Hope this stays up to date! Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  7. [ Ajuda ] Script NPC

    You should check out npc/merchants/shops as a reference. You can denote shops in two ways. The first is to create a static NPC at a set location like you see in that txt file (Example 1). The other option is to create a shop that can be called using the callshop function (Example 2). Example 1 alberta_in,175,97,4 shop Weapon Dealer#alb2 82,1146:-1,1245:-1 Example 2 payon,166,106,6 script Merchant 101,{ callshop "FruitShop",1; } - shop MVSHOP1 -1,512:-1 Hope this helps, ~Azura Skyy
  8. [ Ajuda ] Script NPC

    Please post what you have or I can't begin to tell you whats wrong since it was updated. Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  9. [ Ajuda ] Script NPC

    It may be helpful to post the script so users can download it or link us to the file on pastebin or github. As it stands it is difficult to discern where lines 30 and 109 are. I also encourage you to use the script tool when posting in the future. prontera ,167,188,3 script Pontos MVP 587;{ prontera ,167,188,3 script Pontos MvP Pontos MVP ;{ mes "[^FF0000Loja MvP^000000]"; mes "•MVP e a abreviação para Most Valuable Player, que significa Jogador de Maior Valor."; mes "•É uma definição que não se limita apenas à Ragnarök Online."; next; mes "[^FF0000Loja_MvP^000000]"; mes "•A dificuldade de um MVP está pelo seu HP, dano e Experiência altíssimos."; mes "•Eles são do tipo Chefe, ou seja, possuem certas prioridades que um monstro comum não possui."; next; mes "[^FF0000Loja_MvP^000000]"; mes "•Os MVPs são livres para todos os jogadores: qualquer um poderá atacar um MVP sem estar infringindo a regra de Kill Steal."; mes "•Entretanto, se houver abuso e habilidade, os infratores deverão ser denunciados."; next; mes "[^FF0000Loja_MvP^000000]"; mes "Deseja trocar seus pontos MvP por itens?"; switch(select("[^339966+^000000] Sim.:[^FF0000+^000000] Não.")) { ^ In this excerpt you define two NPCs but you put a space between prontera and the comma. I'm not sure if this was an issue from copying this into notepadd++ but you need to make proper use of the tab key. You've also defined two NPCs on the same coordinates. This will cause issues. The 2nd NPC 'Pontos MvP Pontos MVP' has no sprite. If you are intending to use an invisible sprite, try ID 111. I wonder if you are trying too make a duplicate NPC here. If so read over this wiki article. EDIT: This example is corrected. I removed the space after prontera, gave the 2nd NPC a unique ID and replaced the semicolons with commas before your open bracket. prontera,167,188,3 script Pontos MVP 587,{ } prontera,167,188,3 script Pontos#MvP 587,{ } Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  10. Status Slash( / ) commands

    Roger! You're the smart one. I'm just the pretty one. Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  11. Status Slash( / ) commands

    I believe its an @command though. Unless for some reason OP needs it to be / and not @ ? @str <+/- amount> @agi <+/- amount> @vit <+/- amount> @int <+/- amount> @dex <+/- amount> @luk <+/- amount> Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  12. Stable 2017 Client for Pre-Re

    Worth creating a new thread for that follow up. Regards, Azura Skyy
  13. Stable 2017 Client for Pre-Re

    Please search for similar questions before posting. Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  14. EssenceRO server files, anyone?

    Please don't. If these are exclusive customs you shouldn't be trying to acquire them. Regards, ~Azura Skyy