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  1. The bigger issue here is classes have 2 attack animations; You can't add a 3rd without some other serious alterations to... I'm not sure what (but not just the sprite). So the bows have to override one of your existing animations if the sprite were ever made. I'd guess this is a large part of why Gravity decided SuperNovices could not use bows/spears/2h swords to begin with. Also hate to be a downer but the sprite work just to get the novice/super novice doing the same animation as the archer would probably cost you a couple hundred dollars. Spriting is expensive and finding a spriter willing to take on that big of a sprite is an even tougher challenge. Goodluck. ~Azura Skyy
  2. Kann inter_athena bearbeiten. Ich habe keine Ahnung wie mann kann es machen das es wirkt nur fuer Leute Level 25+. inter_athena.conf // Level range for sharing within a party party_share_level: 150 ^Kann 175 machen aber dann koennte Level 1 und 175 suzammen in derselben Partei sein. Muss du entschieden. ~Azura Skyy
  3. Got a cute little section mostly complete last night. Need to start thinking of a name


  4. Do people still like custom towns? Will be working on this again


  5. I have at least 3 maps that are more than half done... Maybe I should finish and release them?



  6. Thanks for a wonderful time with this community! I'll peek in periodically to see whats going on. /no1

  7. Quite an exciting update. Wish it came to RO much earlier. Wonder if Hyper Novice skills are unique or just a better pool. Regards, Azura Skyy
  8. I don't know what is new and what is old. I somehow missed your initial post apparently but there is a lot of good here. I see room for improvement in the repeated rocks you sue to decorate paths. Even adjusting them with h/v in browedit could add some depth to it. Some of these areas look like they just be nice to sit in and listen to some RO BGM. Makes me want to map. Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  9. Paging @Haziel links on your old topic with freebies are down so I couldn't mirror them here. Regards ~Azura Skyy
  10. Seems a bit rude not to grace us with your hole after flaunting it like this. What did @Haziel come up with? Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  11. Tadaaaaaaa! Miss you!

    1. Azura Skyy

      Azura Skyy

      You ditched me

  12. Just lay down for a bit the dizziness will go away. Also you are probably in bed right now anyway so... step 1 check.  :ani_swt3:

  13. Just reread the opening post. I wasn't around pre-RMS. I'm a 2007 scrub Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  14. Weelcome welcome. Will keep an eye out for that project posting! Regards, ~Azura Skyy
  15. This is a lovely project. It certainly works as simply as you described it. I'm sure you are going to save a lot of people a lot of hassle. Hope this stays up to date! Regards, ~Azura Skyy
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