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  1. @Naruto sir did you also know how to fix homunculus on song? i can't find anyone reporting it. Homun + bragi = OverPower.
  2. does anyone know how to fix homunculus affected by song? in official homunculus cant be affected by songs. thanks in advance TY.
  3. @Humble_Bee will not be affected by song cause its Over power. spamming caprice + super attackspeed. in official it should not be affect by song. Hope you can help me brother.
  4. i dont know if im in right place to ask this. Does anyone know how to fix homunculus will not be affected by songs? of bard and dancer? Cant find any on google/rathena . https://gitlab.com/originsro/originsro/-/issues/1325 Thanks in advance.
  5. @Kreustoo when i disabled this the mvp ladder stop recognizing it. But the Goodnews it off the pvp. //orcsdun02,0,0,0,0 boss_monster Orc Lord 1190,0,2700000,0,0 i think this script can't read as mob_name monster "orcsdun02",0,0,"Orc Lord",1190,1,"MOB_NAME_Spawn_PVP::OnOffPVP"; i tried to change everything at my mvp ladder. but still no hope.
  6. @Skorm How to make it announce? announce "[ System ] : Player ["+ strcharinfo(0) +"] of party ["+ strcharinfo(1) +"] has killed "+ getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_NAME ) +" at "+ strcharinfo(3), bc_all; - script MOB_NAME_Spawn_PVP -1,{ OnOffPVP: removemapflag "orcsdun02",mf_pvp; sleep rand(60000,6000); OnInit: setmapflag "orcsdun02",mf_pvp; monster "orcsdun02",0,0,"Orc Lord",1190,1,"MOB_NAME_Spawn_PVP::OnOffPVP"; announce "Orc Lord has spawned at Orc Dungeon 2!",bc_blue|bc_all;
  7. Does anyone knows how to put specific position like in BGM KVM map. Thanks in advance. GoD of Scripter. i tried to do it. but my skills aren't enough. I dont own the script just saw it on rathena. Credits to the owner. bg_warp [email protected]_id1,"bat_c01",53,128; bg_warp [email protected]_id2,"bat_c01",146,55; firstcity,218,209,5 script Sample 757,{ mes "I am Party Match Manager."; mes "Party Leader may create a PVP Match here."; next; switch( select( ( .Created )?"Join Game[ ^FF0000"+.No+"vs"+.No+"^000000 ]":"Create Game", ( ( getgmlevel() >= .GMLevel || getcharid(0) == getpartyleader( getcharid(1),2 ) ) && .Created )?"^FF0000Remove Game^000000":"" )){ Case 1: switch( .Created ){ Case 0: getpartymember getcharid(1),1; if( getcharid(0) != getpartyleader( getcharid(1),2 ) || !getcharid(1) ){ mes "Sorry, but only a ^FF0000Party Leader^000000 can register a game here."; }else{ mes "How many Players for each Party Team ?"; mes "Min = 1 Max = "[email protected]; mes "Because you only have "[email protected]+" member right now."; next; input .No,1,[email protected]; announce "[ "+.No+"vs"+.No+" Party Match ] created by "+strcharinfo(0)+", you may register to join.",0; set .Team[0],getcharid(1); set .Created,1; } close; Case 1: if( !.Team[1] && getcharid(1) == .Team[0] ){ mes "Please wait for ^FF0000Team 2^000000 to Register."; }else{ if( getcharid(0) != getpartyleader( getcharid(1),2 ) || !getcharid(1) ){ mes "Sorry, but only a ^FF0000Party Leader^000000 can register a game here."; close; } getpartymember getcharid(1),1; if( [email protected] < .No ){ mes "You didnt have enough of "+.No+" Member for the Game."; mes "You only have "[email protected]+" Member."; }else{ mes "Confirm Registration ?"; if( select("Yes:No") == 1 ){ set .Team[1],getcharid(1); set .Created,2; setarray .Members[0],.No,.No; for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < 2; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ){ getpartymember .Team[[email protected]],1; for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < .No; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ) warpchar .Map$,0,0,[email protected][[email protected]]; } end; } } } close; Case 2: mes "^FF0000The Game is in Progress.^000000"; mes "[ A "+.No+" vs "+.No+" Game ]"; mes "Team ^FF0000"+getpartyname( .Team[0] )+"^000000 vs Team ^FF0000"+getpartyname( .Team[1] )+"^000000 ."; close; } close; Case 2: mes "Done, Match will be terminated right away."; mapannounce .Map$,"Match has been Cancelled by a GM.",0; close2; OnReset: deletearray .Team[0],getarraysize( .Team ); deletearray .Members[0],getarraysize( .Members ); if( .Winner ){ getpartymember .Winner,2; for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < .No; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ){ getitem 512,100,[email protected][[email protected]]; getitem 607,1,[email protected][[email protected]]; } set .Winner,0; } sleep2 2000; set .Created,0; mapwarp .Map$,"firstcity",216,204; end; } close; OnPCDieEvent: OnPCLogoutEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) == .Map$ && .Created ){ for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < 2; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ) if( getcharid(1) == .Team[[email protected]] ) set .Members[[email protected]],.Members[[email protected]] - 1; if( .Members[0] < 1 ) set .Winner,.Team[1]; else if( .Members[1] < 1 ) set .Winner,.Team[0]; if( .Winner ){ mapannounce .Map$,"Team "+getpartyname( .Winner )+" Win the "+.No+"vs"+.No+" Game.",0; donpcevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnReset"; }else{ warp "prontera",155,181; } } end; OnInit: set .GMLevel,80; set .Map$,"bat_c01"; end; }
  8. @Kreustoo sir can i ask last favor? how can i change this to. Only lvl 98 trans or 99 can only get this event. Thank you.
  9. @Kreustoo yes sir.. road to 98 reward. cause i have instant 99 job changer. but i recently discover. even lvl 50 hunter can get the reward.
  10. @Kreustoo sir i got a problem how can i put lvl put reward should be lvl 98 to get the reward.? even lvl 50 can get the reward
  11. @Kreustoo it work. Thank you. it will help other pvp server.
  12. What's up homies!! Does anyone know how to edit this reward 99 Reward NPC . Only Below lvl 99 can get the reward It would be usefull on Ready PvP Ready Server with instant 99 Job changer. Thanks in advance!! Bless up!! I just saw this script on raThena credit to the owner. // -- A very simple script that made by me (Radian) // -- Compatible with rAthena. // -- I don't mind if you want to optimized this // -- just please include me on the credits prontera,35,270,6 script LvL 98 Reward 864,{ if ( .enable_event ) { if ( getcharid(3) > .aid_end ) { mes "[ ^777777Account ID Checker^000000 ]"; mes "I'm sorry you are late to avail this.."; close; } if ( getcharid(3) < .aid_start ) { mes "[ ^777777Account ID Checker^000000 ]"; mes "It's impossible you are below of the id we required to obtained the special event rewards."; close; } if ( BaseLevel < .max_base_level || JobLevel < .max_job_level ) { mes "[ ^00FF00Race Up to Max^000000 ]"; mes "We're sorry you are not qualified yet on this event, please come back when you are base level is "+.max_base_level+" and job level is "+.max_job_level+"."; close; } if ( #Reward == 1 ) { mes "[ ^FF0000Baj^000000 ]"; mes "We apologize that you are not qualified any more to receive or get a special reward from us."; close; } mes "[ ^0000FFCongratulation Note^000000 ]"; mes "We verified that you are qualified and will receive a reward from us."; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reward); [email protected]++ ) for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.amount); [email protected]++ ) getitem .reward[[email protected]],.amount[[email protected]]; set #Reward, 1; announce "Congratulations! "+strcharinfo(0)+" has claimed his reward for Road to 99 Event", bc_all; close; OnInit: // ------------------------------------------------------------ \\ .enable_event = 1; // Set 0 = Disable / 1 = Enable Default. .max_base_level = 98; // Set the maximum base level here. .max_job_level = 50; // Set the maximum job level here. .aid_start = 2000000; // Set the Account ID here where you want to start. [ set this to 0 = disable ] .aid_end = 5000000; // Set the ending Account ID here. [ set this to 0 = disable ] setarray .reward,20737,12210,14002,6316,12211; // Set the rewards here. setarray .amount,1,5,10,10,10; // Set the reward amouns here. waitingroom "98 Reward",0; // Waiting Room. // ------------------------------------------------------------- \\ end; } }
  13. Hi does anyone encounter this problem? most of AOE skill we're missing. and Songs.tga also. Thank you for those who will answer. AYT!!!
  14. Anyone encounter this SH*T problem? Thanks in advance for those who will answer this post.
  15. thank you @Aisha ill try this also.. i like the title thou .hahah
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