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  1. Hahaha.. Same here. Never have a chances to play. My laptop only can support for play RO.
  2. Thank you for the file. I still remember 12+ years ago I need to edit/add source for @dance . Thank you again.
  3. I'm not sure if there have guide for this. But you can find 3rd party services for custom headgear with your server logo. Try pm @Adel or @Haziel
  4. Thank you for sharing @Rytech
  5. What you need to do is only setting this on the script: // Settings .ThirdClass = false; // Enable third classes? .RebirthClass = true; // Enable rebirth classes? .SecondExpanded = false; // Enable new expanded second classes: Ex. Super Novice, Kagerou/Oboro, Rebellion? .BabyNovice = true; // Enable Baby novice classes? Disable it if you like player must have parent to get job baby. .BabyClass = true; // Enable Baby classes? .BabyThird = false; // Enable Baby third classes? .BabyExpanded = false; // Enable Baby Expanded classes: Ex. Baby Ninja, Baby Taekwon, etc. .BabySummoner = false; // Enable Baby Summoner? .LastJob = true; // Enforce linear class changes? .SkillPointCheck = true; // Force player to use up all skill points? .Platinum = true; // Get platinum skills automatically? .GetJobEquip = true; // Get job equipment (mostly weapons) on job change? Hope it help.
  6. Saya juga sedang buat server sendiri. Tujuan yang sama, for fun sahaja. hehehe.. Sekarang masih mid-rates. Sedang fikir samada nak buat translation bahasa malaysia atau tidak. Rasanya terlalu banyak kerja untuk ubah semua ke bahasa. Ya betul. Masih ramai, tapi tak seaktif dahulu. Kita mungkin dalam 5-10% sahaja di forum.
  7. Ramai sebenarnya yang tahu. @Akbare pun masih membuat service. Cuma nak contact tu kadang-kadang susah nak jumpa. Tapi boleh cuba PM. Saya nak buat service tak boleh sebab saya sendiri busy dengan server sendiri..
  8. Agreed! rAthena have trusted 3rd Party Service. You can check it here: https://rathena.org/thirdpartyservices/
  9. Boleh cari, tapi kena cari direct contact. Kadang kala di forum tidak aktif, tetapi aktif di facebook. Hi sahabat lama @Akbare .. Memang sudah lama tak bersua. Masih aktif dalam pembuatan server atau punya server sendiri?
  10. Extract your rdata.grf .. the file image is in rdata.grf
  11. You can find it here: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE
  12. mrfizi

    Coming Back

    Welcome back!
  13. Then inside trunk/db/item_delay.txt remove or comment // or change the duration for: 607,5000 // Yggdrasil_Berry 5000 is the duration time/delay for Yggdrasil Berry.
  14. If you're using latest rAthena, edit the duration in your db/pre-re/item_db_usable.yml - Id: 607 AegisName: Yggdrasilberry Name: Yggdrasil Berry Type: Healing Buy: 5000 Weight: 300 Flags: BuyingStore: true Delay: Duration: 5000 Status: Reuse_Limit_F Script: | percentheal 100,100;
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