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  1. on line 621, remove the last ' no need ' after ;
  2. or you can use @mapflag noskill 0 on each map in game
  3. check here: /npc/mapflag/noskill.txt
  4. change all Set to set btw, next time please post at the script support if you need help about script.
  5. Make another simple script that detect 1st job has been max 99/50 and change the job directly to trans job + 99/70 base and job level.
  6. You asking at the wrong section. Supposed at https://rathena.org/board/forum/40-graphics-support/ to get fast response.
  7. 1st don't double post. Use edit post to update your post. Your question has been answer already by @Hyroshima and @Chaos92 Change this if(BaseLevel == 50) to this if(BaseLevel >= 50)
  8. Check this link: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Max-Level
  9. This Thor Patcher is working fine. Just use this. For me, I just disable my antivirus for awhile. After finish making my custom Thor design, I just remove the ConfigEmbeder and active my antivirus. This is the answer about the antivirus detected the program:
  10. mrfizi is from my real name Mohd Haffizi. Because I am a man, so i put it mrfizi to make it simple.
  11. Maybe you can check this topic/post/reply:
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