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  1. Begitu juga di Malaysia. Suram juga. Hehe.. Sebaiknya bergabung menjadi satu server. Baru boleh lawan official server
  2. Mujur masih ada pemaju ragnarok dari Malaysia dan Indonesia yang masih aktif.
  3. you can learn from link above
  4. @Emistry do you have any copy or mirror link for this file?
  5. Hello rAthena, I would like to request working OBB Quest. In the latest github, the quest not working like classic style/quest obb. For who have the OBB Quest file, can share it to me? Thank you.
  6. Thank you for your fast reply. It's work now. Thank you so much.
  7. rathena/conf/char_athena.conf // Server name, use alternative character such as ASCII 160 for spaces. // NOTE: Do not use spaces or any of these characters which are not allowed in // Windows filenames \/:*?"<>| // ... or else guild emblems won't work client-side! server_name: YourRagnarokServer
  8. Item Box problem. Array just read 2 Item from my list. function script ROMYAngelScroll { setarray .i1[0],13758,12221,7621; // Common Items set .i1rand,rand(0,1); setarray .i2[0],12259,12437,12412; // Rare Items 11-15% set .i2rand,rand(0,1); setarray .i3[0],18526,5660; // Rare Items 16-40% set .i3rand,rand(0,1); setarray .i4[0],19859,20500,5505; // Super Rare Items set .i4rand,rand(0,1); set .chance, rand(100); // Super Rare Item 1-10% if (.chance >= 1 && .chance <= 10){ getitem .i4[ .i4rand ],1; announce "["+strcharinfo(0)+"] has just obtained a ["+getitemname(.i4[ .i4rand ])+"] from the Angel Scroll.",0; end; } // Rare Item 11-15% else if (.chance >= 11 && .chance <= 15){ getitem .i3[ .i3rand ],1; end; } // Rare Item 16-35% else if (.chance >= 16 && .chance <= 35){ getitem .i2[ .i2rand ],3; end; } // Common Items else if (.chance >= 36 && .chance <= 100) { getitem .i1[ .i1rand ],1; end; } } Above is script that I'm using for my custom box. I got problem with this script. setarray just read only 2 item from my list. setarray .i1[0],13758,12221,7621; // <=---- example this line, i put 3 item, but only 2 item 13758 and 12221 i can get from my box. Even I tried 200 times, still not got item 7621. Hope someone can help me about this. Thank you.
  9. mrfizi

    Custom GM Box

    There is script by @Emistry that same like what I want. Link: But the problem is, how to make certain item can got 3, 2 and some item only got 1.. This is the item in the box for example: When player click/open the box, it give random item like * 1 rune hem / 1 wing / 1 costume / 3 miracle tonic / 3 Field Manual / 3 speed pot / 2 token of Sieg.
  10. Hello rAthena, I need a guide for make a new custom box like OBB. I have tried to make like old style and search in forum. But I failed to make it. Old guide is not compatible with the latest rAthena. Can someone help me? Thank you.
  11. Please check again your script. You missing this " } "
  12. +1 for you. Thank you so much @jchcc
  13. Don't use @reloadscript .. Better restart your server. I've got the same problem before. I prefer to restart the server than @reloadscript . Than the problem solve.