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  1. U are trying to connect with username localhost, put ur SQL username
  2. Serken

    Flux cp error

    I have error in my Flux cp, i upload files to my webhost and put path in config.php correctly, i put my vps public ip in server .php and username and password of user with % permission and still get sql connection error
  3. The easiest way is put a npc who give's package only one time per char/account
  4. U add in the npc give's dat item. *rentitem <item id>,<time>;*rentitem "<item name>",<time>; for example give Kaho's for 5 min
  5. U can put rentitem, but after 5 days expire the whole item not only the effect
  6. The source mod, u need to add only the green text with +?
  7. Serken

    Hair palettes

    Sometimes crash with normal error, just saying palette faild resource and the number of palette i trying. If i go to GRF editor and select a palette, no error message, i can see the colors of palette. I have a 2018-05-30 exe,
  8. Serken

    Hair palettes

    Hi, i tried diff client with share palettes type 1 but still doesnt work, the error is like this : error of number of palette i choose EDIT: Tried with share head palettes type 2 and still dont work, and if i choose ignore palette errors :
  9. Aunque esté en localhost se actualizaria siempre o necesitas tener el pc encendido si lo configuras como en ese video?
  10. Serken

    Hair palettes

    I have dude This to number 84 with palettes and still sprite error.. I dont have more palettes folder on other grf just only have this palettes folder, all other palettes like clothes dye works fine
  11. Serken

    Hair palettes

    I have my exe diffed with 64k hairstyle, i can see 84 hairstyles without problem, the problem come when i change the color palette
  12. Serken

    Hair palettes

    Palettes, Style works fine but when i reach 30 or more style palettes doesnt work
  13. Serken

    Hair palettes

    I do all but doesnt work still sprite errors, in the error i can see the number of haircolor palette for the hair style
  14. Serken

    Hair palettes

    but this Dyes pack support Hairstyles above 30? I have this pack installed and i have the palettes working correctly with hairs 0-29, but when i reach 30 or more allways shows black head