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  1. Project will expire in 6 months and 12 days

    Adds support for the guild skill: Guild Storage Expansion Includes option to choose between current rAthena guild storage or official. Requires client 2013-12-23 or newer.
  2. Aleos

    WinXP support for lates Ragexes

    Even if it's a generic response, we don't manage Gravity or their client updates/features. Common users don't necessarily need to be using unsupported software. A quick Google search returns this. So if it was added back then you'd need some version dated after that post.
  3. Aleos

    WinXP support for lates Ragexes

    Windows XP has gone EOL ages ago and Microsoft has even stopped LTS for it years ago (around 2016). Your users should consider seriously updating as there are many security threats posed by using an unsupported operating system. There are options for you to use an older RO EXE but you may lose some features that are released in there depending on the version you choose. I'm sorry but those are your only two options.
  4. Aleos


    You need to specify the count along with the mob ID. - ID: 400041 Group: "AG_BATTLE" Name: "Legendary Killing Part 1" Target: - MobID: 1086 Count: 1 - MobID: 1115 Count: 1 - MobID: 1150 Count: 1 - MobID: 1159 Count: 1 - MobID: 1112 Count: 1 - MobID: 1583 Count: 1 - MobID: 1492 Count: 1 - MobID: 1046 Count: 1 - MobID: 1252 Count: 1 - MobID: 1418 Count: 1 Reward: ItemID: 32609 Amount: 10 Score: 100 This achievement will require these 10 monsters to be killed (in no order).
  5. Aleos

    Support to RO: Zero

    Sorry, but I don't see the benefit to adding full support of Ragnarok Zero. We are already months/years behind renewal and adding this on top of our limited staff resources would just not work out well. Although it's still available for users to go about and get the information and release it for public. The link you provided above only adds support for the Ragnarok Zero clients, which I'm not against for that but could lead to differences in the future.
  6. Aleos

    [RENEWAL] Lasagna Map is Empty (WHY?)

    Please keep support questions in the support section. Moving topic. I suggest you check out the rAthena Wiki so that you can familiarize yourself with making sure you have what you need.
  7. Aleos

    Day and Night Mode

    Please keep your support questions to the support section. Moved topic.
  8. Aleos

    [RESOLVED] Rejected from server (3)

    You shouldn't have to touch anything in those files. I would revert all the changes you made in packets.h and go to src/custom/defines_pre.h and add: #define PACKETVER YYYYMMDD Change the date to what you're using that is supported by rAthena. If you leave packet obfuscation enabled server side (it's on by default) then when you diff your client make sure you do not select the option to disable packet obfuscation. You should be fine from there.
  9. Aleos

    How to update gcc / g ++ to version 5?

    I've updated the CentOS wiki page with steps on how to get version 5.
  10. Aleos

    error on compile server last vers

    The script.c warnings were fixed in Git Hash: 43949b8. The libconfig warnings are of no concern.
  11. Aleos

    error on compile server last vers

    These are just shadow warnings, nothing major from stopping you from running a server. To get these warnings suppressed you need to make sure your G++ is version 5 or newer. Make sure you run ./configure after you update your G++.
  12. Aleos

    Achievement System

    Achievement System As of Git Hash: 7f5411d, rAthena now supports the Achievement System! Thanks to @Luxuri, @Nova, @Lemongrass, and @Tokei for their help with information and implementation! Thanks to all the users who helped test the PR and report issues on the feature! Basic Information Requires client 2015-05-13 and higher. Includes Title System which is integrated into the Achievement System. Rewards are given through the RODEX System. Added new atcommand reloadachievementdb. Added new script commands achievementinfo, achievementadd, achievementremove, achievementcomplete, and achievementexists. TODO Confirm Achievement Level EXP 8-20. Confirm Old Money Pocket Zeny amount. Figure out how AG_CHATTING, AG_EAT, AG_HEAR, and AG_SEE work on official servers.
  13. Packet Database Overhaul As of Git Hash: f0ab8d2, the packet database has had a complete overhaul! Thanks to @Lemongrass for his work on it! What does this mean? The clientinfo.xml client version value will be ignored from now on. The src/custom/defines_pre.h and src/custom/defines_post.h are there for people their own packets, set PACKETVER, and set custom Packet Obfuscation keys without having to modify the default header files. By setting PACKETVER the server will configure everything else on it's own from now on. Custom Packet Obfuscation keys use the following format: #define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_KEY1 <key1> #define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_KEY2 <key2> #define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_KEY3 <key3> The shuffled packets and official obfuscation keys are in their own header files for easy lookup. Adds support for a lot of missing clients and features for almost all clients from 2016 and 2017. Dropped atcommand reloadpacketdb and script command is_clientver.
  14. Aleos

    RODEX Support

    RODEX Support As of Git Hash: 58776da, rAthena now supports the RODEX System! Thanks to @Lemongrass for getting it applied to rAthena! What is RODEX? RODEX (RO Delivery Express) is the replacement of the Mail System within RO. (Read more here) Requires PACKETVER 20150513 or newer. All mailbox NPC are disabled as RODEX is accessible through the client. Basic configurations can be found in conf/battle/misc.conf with more configurations in conf/char_athena.conf. mail_return_days and mail_delete_days are defaulted to 15 days for when an unread message is returned and another 15 days for when that returned message is finally deleted. As with the previous mail system, zeny and items can be sent through RODEX. RODEX supports up to 5 attached items now, as opposed to 1. A tax of 2,500 zeny per item (misc.conf::mail_attachment_price) and a tax of 2% zeny when sending zeny (misc.conf::mail_zeny_fee). Players are given a default of 100 mail stamps a day. (misc.conf::mail_daily_count)
  15. Microsoft Visual Studio Refactor As of Git Hash: cacd98d, rAthena has removed support for MSVS 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015 solution and projects and introduced an improved MSVS 2013 solution. Details: MSVS 2008, 2010, and 2012 have been removed because their support from Microsoft has ended. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we understand these tools are fairly large for people to have to acquire again but this refactor has laid a foundation for the future development of rAthena! For people who download MSVS 2017, think of this as a long term investment as this version will be supported for quite a few more years from Microsoft and the solution is easily adaptable to any newer version to come! MSVS 2013 was chosen as the default because it is the first release from Microsoft as a free community tool as well as support for C++ 11 (for future work on the C++ branch). Support for MSVS 2015 and 2017 still exists. Simply open the rAthena Solution and select Ok when it prompts about upgrading the solution files. Each component (char, login, map, etc.) now has their own project file. Removed redundancy by creating a core (common) project file. Added true x64 build support for Windows operating systems. Process of migrating your customized codebase should be effortless. If there are additional custom source files added, you can add them to the new solution easily. Migrating from earlier versions of Visual Studio: If you were using old versions of Visual Studio, we recommend you to use Visual Studio 2017 which requires only about 6 GB of disk space with only necessary components for building rAthena installed while older versions, i.e, Visual Studio 2012 requires about 10GB. VS2017 also loads faster than its ancestors 2013, 2015. Thanks to @Sirius_Black, @Secrets, and @Lemongrass for their work on this!