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  1. @Cydh already update the diff. can refer here. https://rathena.org/board/topic/80110-global-damage-adjustment/
  2. Hi, As for #2943 old Global Damage Adjustment not working anymore. Hoping someone can update this diff to latest rathena. . Thank you.
  3. Thank you. Will this work for normal attack damage? If no, where part that i can adjust all normal attack damage for all Player group?
  4. Hello there, 1. How to increase damage globally? for normal attack damage and skill damage? /// Uncomment to enable skills damage adjustments /// By enabling this, db/skill_damage_db.txt and the skill_damage mapflag will adjust the /// damage rate of specified skills. #define ADJUST_SKILL_DAMAGE above just for skill and need to apply manual for each skill. Before mapflag revamp [Cleaned up the mapflag system (#2943)], i used Cydh Global Damage Adjustment. With this diff i was able to increase the overall damage. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Im using your Fishing and mission board with common 2.4.1 both working great,but cant make this item hunting run. getting same error as @rakuzas
  6. Hi everyone, 1. How to fix this hp/sp bar? Already set in player.conf to 2b hp/sp. 2. when give effect "bonus bAllStats,1000" in item_db, the status bar display -ve value. How to fix this?
  7. my script_constants.h doesnt have export_constant2. when i try place export_constant2("bSkipAmmo", SP_SKIPAMMO); it gave 66 error. (can refer attachment). also dont have export_constant("bAddStealRate", SP_ADD_STEAL_RATE); just have script_set_constant("bAddStealRate",SP_ADD_STEAL_RATE,false); so i try this script_set_constant("bAddStealRate",SP_ADD_STEAL_RATE,false); script_set_constant("bSkipAmmo",SP_SKIPAMMO,false); still no luck. also i try put export_constant("bSkipAmmo", SP_SKIPAMMO); at bottom, also not working. still giving pc_bonus : unknown type error..
  8. Im able to compile, but i receive this error in mapserv
  9. HI Anacondaqq, here the screenshot of where i put the code, n the error msg.
  10. Hi, thank you for your excellent server. its running well. Btw, im trying to add new custom bonus. Tried to follow this guide "https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Adding-New-Bonuses" but after compile it gave map_session_data error. Im using rAthena-15 from ur package. Where can i get the latest guide/tutorial on how to add new custom bonus type?
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