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  1. That looks a lot like a src mod I used a while ago. I needs to be updated to the lastest svn and I'm not a coder, but when it did work it would allow you to randomly find items as you walked around. Peopleperson49 Index: src/map/pc.h =================================================================== --- src/map/pc.h (revision 17079) +++ src/map/pc.h (working copy) @@ -24,6 +24,12 @@ #define MAX_PC_SKILL_REQUIRE 5 #define MAX_PC_FEELHATE 3 #define DAMAGELOG_SIZE_PC 100 // Any idea for this value? #define MAX_PC_BONUS_SCRIPT 20 +// [Xantara] Walking item/zeny modification +#define WALK_ZENY_CHANCE 2000 // 1 out of WALK_ZENY_CHANCE chance per step taken of receiving zeny +#define WALK_ZENY_AMOUNT 500 // Random zeny between 1 and WALK_ZENY_AMOUNT to give +#define WALK_GIFTBOX_GROUPID 4 // Group ID of the Giftbox (item_giftbox.txt) +#define WALK_GIFTBOX_CHANCE 5000 // 1 out of WALK_GIFTBOX_CHANCE chance per step taken of receiving a giftbox + struct weapon_data { int atkmods[3]; // all the variables except atkmods get zero'ed in each call of status_calc_pc Index: src/map/unit.c =================================================================== --- src/map/unit.c (revision 17079) +++ src/map/unit.c (working copy) @@ -165,6 +165,38 @@ ud->walk_count++; // Walked cell counter, to be used for walk-triggered skills. [Skotlex] status_change_end(bl, SC_ROLLINGCUTTER, INVALID_TIMER); // If you move, you lose your counters. [malufett] + if(sd && bl->type == BL_PC) { + // Zeny chance [Xantara] + if(rnd()%WALK_ZENY_CHANCE < 1) { + int flag = 3, zeny = rnd()%WALK_ZENY_AMOUNT+1; + char mes[CHAT_SIZE_MAX]; + + sprintf(mes, "You found some lost zeny on the ground!"); + clif_broadcast(bl, mes, (int)strlen(mes)+1, flag&0xf0, SELF); + + pc_getzeny(sd, zeny, LOG_TYPE_OTHER, NULL); + } + // Giftbox chance [Xantara] + if(rnd()%WALK_GIFTBOX_CHANCE < 1) { + int flag = 3; + char mes[CHAT_SIZE_MAX]; + struct item it; + + memset(&it,0,sizeof(it)); + it.nameid = itemdb_searchrandomid(WALK_GIFTBOX_GROUPID); + it.identify = 1; + + sprintf(mes,"You found a lost item on the ground!"); + clif_broadcast(bl, mes, (int)strlen(mes)+1, flag&0xf0, SELF); + + if ((flag = pc_additem(sd, &it, 1, LOG_TYPE_OTHER))) { + clif_additem(sd, 0, 0, flag); + if( pc_candrop(sd, &it) ) + map_addflooritem(&it,1,sd->bl.m,sd->bl.x,sd->bl.y,0,0,0,0); + } + } + } + if (bl->x != x || bl->y != y || ud->walktimer != INVALID_TIMER) return 0; //map_moveblock has altered the object beyond what we expected (moved/warped it)
  2. So far I have made hundreds of scripts and I'm fresh out of ideas for what to do next. If anybody has good ideas for scripts that haven't been done over and over again please post here. If you have an ideas for old scripts to make them better post also. Thanks. Peopleperson49
  3. I have to ask what is RODEX? Peopleperson49
  4. Whats with the autotrade saying that, "You should have a shop open to use @autotrade."? Peopleperson49 I forgot to mention I'm not a complete retard and I was vending when I got that message! Peopleperson49
  5. Will this fix the 2015 client error using mailboxes? Peopleperson49
  6. Lelouch this is not how mine are actually done. I used to use that method, but a couple years ago it quit working so I figure they changed some stuff and it quit working. I would be willing for you to give it a try and tell me if it works. If its working that way again it would be easier than my method. Thanks. Peopleperson49
  7. Thanks that work fine. Somebody should update the script_commands, lol. Peopleperson49
  8. I have tried several different variations of this with no luck. An I missing something to make this work or is it somehow broken? Peopleperson49
  9. I was playing with script commands I have never used, but for some reason I cannot get this to actually work. I have reviewed the script_commands.txt several times but none of my experimenting seems to work. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks. Peopleperson49 prontera,156,176,5 script Voguale#RoUG 929,{ if(getgmlevel()<20) { mes "[Voguale]"; mes "Hi!"; close; } monster "prontera",156,176,"Poring",1002,1; set .GID,[email protected][0]; setunitdata .GID,UMOB_HP,200000; setunitdata .GID,UMOB_MAXHP,200000; end; }
  10. I had not made any custom changes to that skill, however, replacing my code with your code in the re/db folder did seem to do the trick. Weird cause i cant seem to find any difference except for the end of mine had 5000,0,2400 on it. I'm not sure how the 2400 got to the end of it. Thanks for the assistance. Peopleperson49
  11. I updated a couple days ago to the latest version, but since doing that meteor storm no longer works. I can use the skill and cast it, but when its done casting the skill does nothing. No animation effect or damage is done. No errors or fail messages on the server during or after this. Does anyone have any ideas? Peopleperson49
  12. I was once again asked if and how it was possible to make custom guardians for castles. So I took this screenshot as a bit of proof, but I'm not sure this is the correct section to post it. This is more of a showcase of what can be done. Peopleperson49
  13. How would I go about removing the skill name text above both a mobs and a players head when they use any skill. For woe a lot of players using skills gets annoying and it can be the same way killing mobs. Better to just remove it totally. Thanks. Peopleperson49
  14. Nope I only found out how to modify current ones. But I have looked through LUA files also and didn't find anything either. Peopleperson49
  15. Euphys controller should be in his script collection. Peopleperson49