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  1. This gramps is completely custom and is way beyond the normal quests. With it you don't even need the quest boards. Peopleperson49
  2. Also if you do have an issue please specify which version you are using. Thank you. Peopleperson49
  3. That rank info error is not actually an error. Go to the bottom of the script and you will see a table to put in your PHPMyAdminin. If you have the current script then their is an option to disable the rank stuff. As for the missing item 40737, that is my custom super blue gemstone. You need to use your own item or the default reset stone that the official version uses. It really sounds like your using an old version as I made the later version uses the official reset stone item and disabled the rank script by default.
  4. This function is very easy and I have used it for sometime, however, I need cannot seem to get it to detect when an item already has an extra enchantment such as a crimson weapon. Is that even possible with this command, but right now I have my doubts... Peopleperson49 Never mind, figured it out and it seems so simple now... Peopleperson49
  5. Six pages and I still didn't see my issue. It's been quite some time for me but trying to update this client for a friend and it is really irritating me. I can nemo it but most patches say they can't find the path, but besides that when I try to run the new client I get the error entry point not found. I will include the popup box below. Thanks. P.S. clients were never my strong suit so all of you that they are, mad props! Peopleperson49
  6. I will be glad to assist you. Thank you for purchasing it. Just message me with your details.
  7. That's really weird... This is what I see. Peopleperson49
  8. Let me try to add them here again. I can still download them just fine from the first post. It shows they have already been downloaded 5 or 6 times so it is working for some people. Please let me know if these still don't work. Peopleperson49 IndBonusPack1.patch IndBonusPack2.patch IndOnAtkCast.patch
  9. All 3 are downloading for me in the first post of the topic that I started. You really should read from the beginning, lol. Have a nice day. Peopleperson49 I would like to point out that if you look at the script and item type commands doc, most stuff there never came from the official servers. Someone along the way said that would be something useful and they added it. This isn't anything different. Their is no negatives to adding them in anyway except the few minutes time of already overworked DEVs... They are quite powerful commands that have a lot of versatility. Once added they would only make rA stronger overall. Since they are simple items type commands their isn't much difficulty adding them to the git. As I said before it just takes a few minutes for someone with DEV access to add them. Once added they are there forever. Peopleperson49
  10. This is completely possible they the have been adapted in some way under another name. OnAtkCast was simple and wasn't based on an attack chance that the server had to calculate with each attack. It does it with every attack flawlessly and the speed was based on the players attack speed. With bAutoSpell the player still has to physically attack, but that attack is limited by the range of the weapon they hold. For example that wizard has bAutoSpeed set to 100% cast of fireball it would be trying to cast it at the wands physical attack at the range of 1-3. The wizard will get pummeled. With OnAtkCast the range would be what ever it is for that skill so something like magic crasher or fire ball gives them considerable distance. I have played with bAutoSpell before... The command AspdLimitIncrease is also great for servers... Anyways thanks for the reply. Peopleperson49
  11. Indy made some awesome script commands that even to this day are very helpful. It wouldn't take much to add them permanently so that they could be used by all. OnAtkCast is freaking awesome in its own right. For example, I made all my wands magic crasher when the wearer of any wand physically attacks. Other things can be done like making a wand attack with a fireball every physical attack. It allowed me to give healer and wizard classes an actual magical based physical attack similar to many other games out their. Peopleperson49 bIndOnAtkCast bIndMatkEvasion bIndDispellResist bIndSelfDmgOnSpell bIndAnkleSnareImmunity bIndNoNinjaOrbReq bIndDispellDeflect bIndHealMaxHPBoost bIndPerfectDodgeIgnore bIndAtkElemBoost bIndAspdLimitIncrease IndBonusPack1.patch IndBonusPack2.patch IndOnAtkCast.patch
  12. This was made in the period of time when I wasn't doing anything with RO. I am in the military and my deployment got extended multiple times so I had to leave my server to be managed by others must longer than expected. They ran it into the ground and when I got back it was dead. Before I left for deployment it had almost 1200 regular players (which costs me out the butt for hosting). I had got lucky a couple times and absorbed a couple big servers that went down and it was still growing. After the official shut down I just didn't have the heart to restart again as long as I am in the military. I am still looking for a good mid rate server to share all my custom stuff with, but so far nothing has presented itself. Long story short, sorry I don't have it. Peopleperson49
  13. I'm glad they could be of service. I would like to stress that you will have to update them as files change or get restructured over time. You might be able to pay someone a few dollars to update them for you and maybe share them here again to give back. Either way if I need them then I will just update them myself, but others might appreciate it. Peopleperson49
  14. I never delete anything, lol. But, I don't know where the OnAtkCast went. I will post it if I find it. It was a real shame when they choose not to add these to the svn back in the day. I used the OnAtkCast on every one of my wands to allow players to do ranged magic damage when they were equipped. Ironically it's exactly how Ragnarok M does it now, years later. Since I always added back with each update it probably got lost somewhere. Peopleperson49 Edited: I said I never delete anything... Since these were originally paid items I wouldn't normally give them out, but Ind gave them out several years back in the one of the posts above and his links are now broken. Keep in mind that these patches WILL WILL WILL need to be updated or manually installed to work correctly! However, I recently installed the OnAtkCast on a test server and it worked fine manually doing it. OR BETTER YET PLEASE ADD THEM TO THE GITHUB FOREVER!!! IndBonusPack1.patch IndBonusPack2.patch IndOnAtkCast.patch
  15. View File Zombie Tag Zombie tag is a pvp script that spawns a number of custom zombies mobs every minute. The goal is for players to survive for the full 10 minutes. When a player gets killed they respawn as a zombie. Once a zombie they are unkillable, but can still kill any other surviving players. Submitter Peopleperson49 Submitted 10/11/2019 Category Games, Events, Quests Video Content Author Peopleperson49  
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