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  1. Good day, I'm looking for help into how to edit the Shadow Size of an NPC sprite. I've added a custom NPC sprite but the shadow is not fitting to the Sprite size. Mobs such as egg monsters have a small shadow while large monsters have large shadows. Is there a way to edit NPC shadows size? Example image: Large size for Minorous mob, Small size for Dummy egg, Medium size for Human NPC.
  2. It would be perfect to have a OpenSetup.exe with this client's features. A quick mockup of what I mean:
  3. In regards of Monster's Magical attacks, since in Renewal enemies deal less damage with magic skills, is there a way to boost it? Swordfish inflicting Waterball, now in renewal, anyone can resist a few of those without proper equipment. In Pre-Re you were forced to obtain equipment such as cards in order to be able to level up freely in these maps.
  4. Sorry for the late reply! These are brand new textures, I followed browedit's tutorials on YouTube. I re-calculated the lightmaps in Browedit but it didn't fix the problem. I also ran the client as administrator but the issue remains.
  5. This may sound like a crazy idea but I want your feedback on this: Pre-renewal system with 3rd classes but the max level will remain 99. Once the player has reached Transcendent class lv99, it will turn High Novice (again) > High 1st Class (again) > 3rd Class at level 50, with a max level of 99. Edit: Nevermind, I was thinking of dumb ideas to fix Gravity's mess @[email protected] Ragnarok is a great game with many fun features but at the same time, all these updates and changes made it a complete mess, which, instead of fixing what was wrong, more features were added, making it a game which now seems the same as any other MMORPG but without reaching their level of refine.
  6. I agree with Playtester on having 1 or 2 high level monster on a map with low level ones, this to add the surprise effect and to be cautious while playing. No zombie-playing allowed, you gotta be ready to use your Fly wing whenever that Mimic appears nearby! Although, I would say it's a problem if there are 5+ high level monsters on a low level map. I've also noticed popular maps such as the ones you mentioned being cleaned from monsters and even the warp access (to gef_fild14). I'm unsure why this change was made in Renewal but since I really like the synergy of players x mobs in this map, I've added it back. I also plan on bringing the Demon Pungus map back because I used to see it as a place to farm Witched Starsand and where High Priests would level up with Magnus. But I have a concern in regards of this subject, I've brought back the pre-renewal Orcs located in this field (West Orc Village), but I see they're lower level than the renewal ones. I thought it would be fine leaving these here, but would it be a problem with the Renewal modified damage? This is actually my main question I've been having since a long time. So I don't remember Pre-renewal having anything complex in regards of Missing and the ammount of Damage dealt from Player to Monster if we compare their levels. I remember having a +7 gladius with cards against elemental/race and dealing large ammounts of damage to specific monsters (i.e. Archer with 4-card Composite Bow dealing 6k damage to Enchanted Peach Trees), which I think it's fair and motivational to the player, getting strong equipment to reach the best possible way to level up /farm on specific maps against certain mobs, but I see it differently in Renewal. In Renewal, it appears players miss very often against monsters with a few levels higher than them, and when the attack hits, it deals low damage. Once the player reaches the same level as the monster, the Missing is almost gone and the damage seems fine. Monsters deal more damage to players which their base level are lower. My question is: Is this an official thing from Renewal? I don't find it fair to any player and if there's a possibility to change it, please let me know. I don't think making my server pre-renewal would be the best thing, but changing this specific feature would work, in my opinion. I remember someone telling me about a server which the player is free to choose to play as Pre-renewal or Renewal; I'm surprised how this can work but I don't think it's the "best of both" option.
  7. Hello. I have added two custom textures to a map, these green and blue textures but it appears as to have black corners or spots as a pattern. My textures are plain color green and blue respectively. Anyone knows how to properly add custom textures without having this issue? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to change the attributes given by the Very Strong's benefits, since, these only give a small portion of bonus attack. I would like to change it to higher damage or even to add MATK into these. Is it possible? Where can I find the src for this? Thank you in advance!
  9. Sorry for necroposting but for anyone looking to fix this, I made it work by creating a SC_PKMODE status just as benching mentioned. Thank you! if( battle_config.vs_traps_bctall && (src->type&battle_config.vs_traps_bctall) && map_flag_vs(src->m) && sc && sc->data[SC_PKMODE]) target = BCT_ALL; I'm just wondering how can I detect if the player is in combat, to disable the toggle of PK mode to off. Not sure where to do that.
  10. Is it possible to add a @command when using a specific Skill? I'm enabling PKmode in my server and would like to make it more user-friendly by linking it to a skill instead of using "@pkmode" command in chat, and with this, I can add a cooldown to re-using the skill. Thanks in advance!
  11. In src/map/skill.cpp, search (ctrl+f) for "MH_MAGMA_FLOW", at this part: case MH_MAGMA_FLOW: case MH_PAIN_KILLER: sc_start(src,bl, type, 100, skill_lv, skill_get_time(skill_id, skill_lv)); if (hd) skill_blockhomun_start(hd, skill_id, skill_get_cooldown(skill_id, skill_lv)); break; Add the following line below case "MH_MAGMA_FLOW:" clif_specialeffect(bl,1,AREA); //bl = target. or src = player. | 1 = effect ID or name | AREA = seen by everyone, can be changed to Player only if I remember correctly. You can find the effect list here or here. Hope it works for you!
  12. In regards of PVM (Monsters): I'm thinking on commenting all Renewal's lv1 to lv90 monsters from the database (mob_db.txt) and using the pre-renewal mob_db.txt instead. Do you think it will solve this issue? (additionally to the file changes I've already mentioned). This would mean in a pre-renewal experience from lv1 to lv90, afterwards it would be a renewal experience.
  13. Thank you for your feedback! You're right. Honestly, to me, Renewal was all flashy effects, damage numbers and cool sprites. Bringing new classes to the table was exciting, everything new sounds exciting (I love the Rebellion sprite), but once I started playing for some time, I found it wasn't the same experience back in pre-renewal. I had a hard time understanding the differences, but now the gap is getting clearer. At the same time, I want to understand what people like about Renewal. I know I like some of the 3rd classes abilities --these specifically seem to fix some of the job's flaws, as if skills such as Clementia, Canto Candidus, Reading Spellbook (without Freezing Spell) and others, were really meant for previous classes. I should've written this down in my original post, my apologies. If people like Renewal must be because it's fun. Being any class they prefer to play as, which can deal large ammounts of damage, means no more restraints of choosing a specific class. As an RPG player and game designer, the "power-building" or "snowball effect" is present. People enjoy having their character grow, getting stronger, but it seems Gravity made a mistake on trying to mimic other mmorpgs as mentioned, changing the style and resulting in a power-hungry game. New 1st and 2nd Job Skills I believe these classes are missing some of the "fun" from higher jobs, therefore I am working on adding new abilities (but not as strong) to them. Making jobs more viable on leveling but not completely independent. I'm focusing on making them fun. True. I altered my level_penalty.txt to make it so users recieve 10% EXP from monsters with 15 levels lower than them, but to obtain 200% EXP from Monsters 30 levels above, encouraging the high-risk, high-reward gameplay (or simply make parties). I haven't tested this penalty/bonus curve so I'm unsure if it will work in game with many players. I also have to note, that defeating monsters 31 levels above yours, won't grant you more than 10% EXP - do you think I should get rid of this limit? I also modified the drop modifier to be 100% flat to any level, never liked it. Quests in Renewal I was told Eden had its flaws, such as the equipment being stronger than the rest of the items for the same level-range, making them almost useless, but the quests also brought an issue to the game. Players saw these quests as the optimal way to level up, now almost nobody wanted to adventure themselves to hunt exp. Before, in pre-renewal, I remember many maps being filled with players, now these maps are empty. When I played in a renewal server and asked where to level up, players always told me to "just go to Eden, finish quests up to lv99 then do these other quests". I found that to be too repetitive and ending in people not wanting to repeat the process not wanting to create a new character since it would be the same boring process, meaning no replaybility. I am considering removing Eden entirely, but I didn't see the positive points from it, as you said, these quests sent players to hunt to specific maps. An incentive for players to adventure themselves. I can add some quests for this purpose, but not as many for players to only rely on these to get up to lv99. I am thinking of adding one or two quests for lv20-25, then there will be no quests for players until lv33-36. During these gaps, players are forced to search and hunt for new mobs, adventure themselves into new maps, but these previous quests would teach them to use their feet and go into an adventure into new maps. Power-hungry & Grinding I have seen some RO channels and, honestly, I'm tired of watching the same behaviour on every video: "Here's a new instance with stronger equipment. Forget the previous ones obtained from 2-3 instances ago". I'm tired of seeing the only goal of becoming stronger and stronger, getting +20 equipments with 3+ enchantments which empower your character to have +200 DEX for a few seconds to finally solo every instance. My head hurts everytime I see this. But isn't this the point of an RPG? To become stronger? This is why I'm confused and lost of how to bring balance to Gravity's mess. I don't want to have a server where I must add new instances, mobs and stronger equipments every month in order to entertain people, or is this the real goal of modern Ragnarok Online? Was it better to make a x2 rates server where people had to grind for months to become one of the strongest in their server, until eventually more players become that level cap and then getting bored because there is no more content? Now I'm not just a player, but a developer as well. I want to deliver the fun and greatness of Renewal and bring back the joy of the true Ragnarok experience from pre-renewal (without the flaws of both).
  14. Hello everyone, I'm here to ask you all about your experiences between pre-renewal and renewal servers, to come up with an attempt of a solution to create the best of both worlds. Introduction I've tried to search for what people liked about pre-renewal servers, what people disliked, what are people enjoying in renewal and what many people dislike but still play it nevertheless. I'm currently working on a server but I'm in the phase of heavy experimenting and would like to come up with a mixture of the best experiences from pre-re and from renewal. Even though it may seem impossible, I want to try. First, I'll talk about what I've seen in forums, comments from friends and my own experiences, then, I kindly ask you to comment your own opinion. What did you liked most of pre-renewal (if you played it) and what do you enjoy most of renewal? and at the same time, please explain thoroughly, what do you dislike about each. Pre-renewal Pros - Heavy party-looking: People were looking for parties since it looked like the most optimal and viable way to level up. I remember the old times when people were (almost) desperately looking for dps, healer, mober/tank in various maps since those were the most optimal to level up due to experience gained. No quests, it was mainly killing a large group of monsters or keep on grinding for hours for that sweet sweet 0.05% EXP (this might sound like a downside but we'll talk about that later). Seals: Fur Seals in Kokomo beach (cmd_fild02). Many people were looking for party in a small area with a tent and a hammock, like if it was meant for that. The "safe area" where everyone looked for party, and some protected the players with chat-rooms. Mi Gaos: At the south of Louyang (lou_fild01). Mages and archers would target the sandies, while high-vit/flee jobs such as Knights or Assassins could protect the range attackers. Priests were always welcome. Geographers: If you didn't have a party, you can come to the north of Einbroch to grind for some hours, maybe find someone to level up together, even adventure in a party into new areas. Isis and Ancient Mummies: At the end of Morroc Pyramids, people were gathering at the corner of the map to find people to join their mega-party of 15 players, to kill Isis, Mummys, sometimes fly from Mimics, Ancient Mummies for the strong ones and if you're lucky enough, encounter Osiris for the whole map (or those nearby) to fight him. Majoruros: Only some jobs could go into the deepest cave of Glast Heim in order to obtain large amounts of EXP when defeating Majoruros in group. You'd need a mober, a Bard and a 2 Wizards (or 1 skilled HW) in order to defeat groups of these bulls. Skeggiolds: Assassins, Gunslingers and Hunters (believe it or not) had a hard time being accepted to high-level parties, therefore they could gather at Odin's temple. Priests would buff the ranged DPS while give Aspersio to melee classes. Now for something a bit odd: Thor's Volcano in pre-re: Only the most elite and prepared players could enter a party at this dungeon. Monsters are ferocious. These one-shot you with a fireball, therefore a Pasana card was a must. A Jakk card for the squishy ones. These areas were magical because people gathered to make parties, to group up and level up together. Players were looking for more at cities, this playstyle made people come together, it was almost obligatory. - Stats were stronger than equipment, therefore having equipment didn’t have a strong impact on performance compared to Stats. Even if you had a +7 set with cards, a skilled and leveled player could beat you. Pre-renewal Cons Since the class system was almost obligatory in order to level up, people like Priests sometimes didn’t have a party to play with and it was almost impossible to level up by themselves, forcing them to play another class instead. The areas to level up were limited by your Job. Grind-heavy: Hours, days, weeks, months. A player had to invest many hours of their time in order to be successful at the game. The system worked, but it had its flaws, this might made Gravity thought of their “solution”... Renewal Pros Changes to monsters made it so the leveling experience was more lineal and easier for new players to follow. Eden quests for players to level up faster, reaching high level and the most wanted by everyone, 3rd classes. With very strong abilities, now every class could deal AoE damage. Crazy amounts of damage meant not depending on parties. Now many can go on their own. Renewal Cons Changes to monsters made it so the leveling experience was more lineal and less open. Back in pre-renewal, a skilled player could level up in difficult areas such as Enchanted Peach Trees in Gonryun while still being an Archer. Now in renewal, it is impossible due to the level changes, Flee increment and low experience gain if your base level is too low or high from the monster. It is less of an open world and more of a linear experience. The changes made it so parties were not popular anymore, at least not for leveling at low levels. Everyone focuses on 3rd classes and the end game, as if reaching level 125+ was "the real deal". Level up faster, higher rates, the faster to reach 3rd class the better. No desire to level up but instead, reach the end-game and/or focus on pvp and woe. What happened to the adventuring in an MMORPG? That's what I've learned so far. But please, if you have any opinions, cons, pros, enjoyable experiences or bad experiences on any, please comment down below. I would love to see if we can come up with the best of both worlds for everyone!