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  1. Which code do you use within the item? I use this for the npc: unitskilluseid getcharid(3),"AM_PHARMACY",1;
  2. I have all the items in inventory, just as mentioned, when I try with Alchemist it works.
  3. Hello everyone, I made an NPC which makes the player cast Pharmacy, but apparently will only work on Alchemists who have the skill learned. I wish for every job to use it and to create potions, but I have a problem: If a Knight talks to this NPC, the skill fails with a window with the text: "You can't create items yet.". I've tried with an Alchemist and it works perfectly. I assume there is a Skill requirement within source but I can't manage to find it. Where can I find the skill requirement for Pharmacy to work successfully regardless of your job? Note 1: I do have all items required to prepare a potion in inventory. When trying with Alchemist, I can succesfully create a Red Potion for example. Having the same items as a Knight won't work.
  4. It works!! Thank you so much! I just had to add at the beginning: #include "script.hpp" #include "status.hpp" #include "unit.hpp" ++ #include "atcommand.hpp"
  5. Or is there a way to make a clif_displaymessage type of clif to not display a message but to make the user type a string automatically? Therefore, auto-typing a command.
  6. Yeah I'm trying adding lines such as: In skill.cpp: atcommand "@mycommand"; useatcmd "@mycommand"; atcommand_mycommand(); But these won't work. I only get errors in console when trying to recompile. And yes, @mycommand works by itself, but I want users to get acces to it through a Skill, not by typing the command
  7. So there is no way to use a command through the SRC? Like in skill.cpp, when using Bash skill for example, run a command from @command.
  8. How can you autofeed the pet? Is that a command or an option in the drop-down menu within the pet? I'm also having issues with this feature.
  9. Hello, How can a skill run a command? I know atcommand "@command"; and useatcmd "@command"; in an NPC script but these won't work in SRC. I would like to run a special command when using a specific skill. Thank you in advance!
  10. Thank you @LearningRO ! It works!!
  11. You can edit your data grf (or create a custom one) with this path folder: data\luafiles514\lua files\skilleffectinfo\ If you don't have this file, it can be downloaded from: https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE Inside, edit effectid.lub EF_FIREPILLARBOMB = 97, EF_DETECTING = 119, EF_TWOHANDQUICKEN = 130, <--Add this line EF_ICECRASH = 135, EF_BRANDISH2 = 144, Then skilleffectinfolist.lub, add the following lines at the end: }, [SKID.KN_TWOHANDQUICKEN] = { beginMotionType = ACTOR_STATE.ST_SKILL, effectNum = 1, effectID = { EFID.EF_TWOHANDQUICKEN } } (Add a coma to the previous closing bracket and the last line must not have a comma) Can't confirm if it completely works as you need to.
  12. Some people prefer these "modern" controls, and also, they're comfortable when grinding It would be nice to have the option, or I would pay extra if it's possible to add it for me anyways.
  13. Is it possible to add the Joystick controls (from Mobile) to PC ?
  14. I got this issue when trying to manually implement it: atcommand.cpp: In function 'int autoattack_timer(int, unsigned int, int, intptr_t)': atcommand.cpp:9270:28: error: invalid conversion from 'int (*)(int, unsigned int, int, intptr_t)' {aka int (*)(int, unsigned int, int, long int)'} to 'TimerFunc' {aka 'int (*)(int, long int, int, long int)'} [-fpermissive] add_timer(gettick()+2000,autoattack_timer,sd->bl.id,0); ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In file included from ../common/mmo.hpp:13, from atcommand.hpp:8, from atcommand.cpp:4: ../common/timer.hpp:54:38: note: initializing argument 2 of 'int add_timer(t_tick, TimerFunc, int, intptr_t)' int add_timer(t_tick tick, TimerFunc func, int id, intptr_t data); Any idea how can it be implemented in latest rAthena?