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  1. Some items are exclusive to mining! If the player wants to craft a special weapon, it can only be crafted with these exclusive ingredients. Or they could buy it from other players, but those who mine will earn extra cash!
  2. Did not found any Scripting Showcase section so I'm posting it here. Hope it isn't a problem! Mining System by OscarScorp & Zulf Inspired in Mining systems from other games, myself and in colaboration with Zulf (he did most part of the script), we've created a system with our own style and vision. Here's a 1-minute video explaining the major features: Features - Quest: After completing a quest, the user is able to do the following: - Craft pickaxes: In order to start mining, the user needs to craft & equip a Pickaxe (Old Pickaxe can also be used, but is the pickaxe with the lowest durability (7318 (Old_Pick)). - Equip pickaxes: by using a special item (0 weight, usable). - Mine: Start mining when finding these special NPCs by approaching and talking to them (must be up-close). - Rewards: Obtain a variety of items depending on the quality of the Mine. Low level mines drop items such as Iron Ore, Stone, Coal, Rough Oridecon, Rough Elunium. Medium level mines drop precious stones used for Forging Weapons, Oridecons and Eluniums. High level mines drop Diamond Carats, special forging ingredients. Epic level mines drop Enriched Elunium and Enriched Oridecon. These only appear at high level dungeons. - Level Up Mining Skill: The user is granted with a special Mining Skill (shown in the Misc tab) which can be leveled up from level 1 to a maximum of level 10. User only obtains exp for the Mining skill when mining. The higher the Mine tier, the higher the EXP is obtained. Higher Mining skill level unlocks the ability to mine from higher tier Mines. - Loot Chances: Every item has a drop chance which is increased by Mining Skill Level. Items that are more rare, have a lower chance to drop. Higher tier Pickaxes grants the user chance to drop 2 items when mining. Feedback is Appreciated! - If you happen to play in a server with this system, would you complete the quest and Mine? or would you leave it to other players? - The Mine sprites are done by me. What do you think? Are they easy to see? Are they too small or too large? Are the colors proper for the system? - We thought of a Stamina system (not implemented) which the user would require a certain ammount of Stamina in order to Mine, otherwise, the character will show a emote, with a message in chat, explaining that the user has very low Stamina and needs to recover. How to recover Stamina? By eating Cooking items (food which grants +1 to +10 status), this is to give more use to these foods and the Cooking quest. What do you think? Do you think it would turn it too tedious? Or do you think this system will promote players to cook and sell their food, and at the end, improving everyone's economy? - Any feedback is very appreciated! Note: Our server is not yet online. We're still working on it.
  3. If not, could anyone help me out with the Bowling Bash rework? I'm having a hard time figuring out how to implement the new changes.
  4. Hello everyone, My question is, will rAthena implement KRO's mass changes to many skills from 1st, 2nd and Trascendent class found here?: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3453-kro-mass-skills-balance-1st-2nd-and-transcendent-classes-skills/ One example: I find some of these changes very useful to these classes and I would like to know if rAthena devs have these changes in mind or are actually working on them. Thanks!
  5. Got mine working now. Here's my CampfireUpdater item if it helps anyone: 7203,Solid_Twig,Strong Branch,0,190,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ callfunc("func_UpdateCampFire", 5, 30, 5); },{},{}
  6. If you want, I can help you a bit on changing those two skills you mentioned into AoE, we could try.
  7. I do create an usable item but to no avail. Can I have a proper and working example from you please?
  8. Gotcha gotcha. It's working now. Thank you so much! Sorry to bother with another comment. How can I use an extender properly? I've added the script "callfunc("func_UpdateCampFire", <range>, <duration>, <heal_rate>);" but to no avail. How should the item be created? I have: 7203,Solid_Twig,Strong Branch,11,190,,10,,,,,,,,,,,,,{ callfunc("func_UpdateCampFire", 5, 30, 4); },{},{} But it does not work at all. It cannot be used and seems that it has no effect over the closest Campfire NPC created.
  9. Hello. First of all, great script! I've been looking for this script to be implemented in rAthena, so thank you so much! Now, I've encountered a few minor problems, so if I could get some assistance, will be greatly appreciated. First: I don't have the sprite for the campfire npc used. Does anyone knows where can I get it? --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Spr :: Cannot find File : sprite\npc\.spr --------------------------- Cannot find File : sprite\npc\.act --------------------------- Next, which values would you recommend me for using in <range>, <duration>, <heal_rate> ? Is it ok to have for example: "3, 12000, 50" for 3x3 cell area, 12 second duration and 50 hp heal every burst? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Once again, thanks for this script to everyone who worked on it /helped!
  10. Got my issue fixed. Apparently, if I want to create a new status with a duration like BURNING, it should be using the already created time durations instead of adding a new time such as I did (3500). /*========================================== [Playtester] * Returns the interval for status changes that iterate multiple times * through the timer (e.g. those that deal damage in regular intervals) * @param type: Status change (SC_*) *------------------------------------------*/ static int status_get_sc_interval(enum sc_type type) { switch (type) { case SC_POISON: case SC_DPOISON: case SC_LEECHESEND: return 1000; case SC_BURNING: case SC_PYREXIA: return 3000; //I created 3500; here, which I should not do. Fix: use return 3000 or any other already stablished. case SC_MAGICMUSHROOM: return 4000; case SC_STONE: return 5000; case SC_BLEEDING: case SC_TOXIN: return 10000; default: break; } return 0; }
  11. You are correct. In DB you can make some changes to the skill such as element, range, but when it comes to Single target to AoE skill, you cannot change it and must be created within the src. I also wanted to do that and had to create a new skill in the AoE skills section.
  12. Good day, I've been looking for a solution to this for a while and haven't found anything. Does anyone knows how to add new custom visual effects such as Burning (red flame on top of player)? Image: https://imgur.com/a/ZAAHSkj My plan is to copy the Burning files and edit the bmp file, but I don't know which other file is required or what is needed to be added in src. Any help will be appreciated!
  13. Within status.h and status.c, I have created multiple Status for items and skills, but just got into the problem of my last three statuses won't even start upon using some skills, for example, when using Bash it should mark the player with a new status named "SC_BASHMARK", but it won't be applied. Trying with SC_BURNING or even another new status I made a few days ago, does work, but not with my new desired status, even when using items. Is there a limit for SC? If so, where can I find it to edit it?
  14. I was also looking into this, and even to add skills which can't be used while in mado. Here's how you do it: You have to open db/re/skill_db.txt (or pre-re if you're using pre-renewal) and look for the skill you want to edit: 2280,0,8,4,-1,0x2,2:2:3:3:3,5,-6,no,0,0x40000,0,weapon,0,0x04000, NC_AXETORNADO,Axe Tornado Here we can see Axe Tornado is listed as unable to be used while in mado. This is because of the last numbers: "0x04000". // 16 inf3 (skill information 3): // 0x04000 - skill that can't be used while in mado If you wish to have Axe Tornado to be used while IN mado, simply change that number to "0x0", like so: 2280,0,8,4,-1,0x2,2:2:3:3:3,5,-6,no,0,0x40000,0,weapon,0,0x0, NC_AXETORNADO,Axe Tornado For statuses to be removed or be ineffective while during Mado, go into src/map/pc.c and look for this: if( (sd->class_&MAPID_THIRDMASK) == MAPID_MECHANIC ) { if( type&OPTION_MADOGEAR && !(p_type&OPTION_MADOGEAR) ) { status_calc_pc(sd,SCO_NONE); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_MAXIMIZEPOWER,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_OVERTHRUST,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_WEAPONPERFECTION,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_ADRENALINE,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_CARTBOOST,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_MELTDOWN,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_MAXOVERTHRUST,INVALID_TIMER); pc_bonus_script_clear(sd,BSF_REM_ON_MADOGEAR); } else if( !(type&OPTION_MADOGEAR) && p_type&OPTION_MADOGEAR ) { status_calc_pc(sd,SCO_NONE); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_SHAPESHIFT,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_HOVERING,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_ACCELERATION,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_OVERHEAT_LIMITPOINT,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_OVERHEAT,INVALID_TIMER); pc_bonus_script_clear(sd,BSF_REM_ON_MADOGEAR); } } Add your desired mado-banned status before pc_bonus_script_clear(sd,BSF_REM_ON_MADOGEAR); Just like this: status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_MAXOVERTHRUST,INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(&sd->bl,SC_YOURSTATUSHERE,INVALID_TIMER); pc_bonus_script_clear(sd,BSF_REM_ON_MADOGEAR); Hope it helps!