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  1. is there any english storage texture for 20180307 client? coz mine its still in korean
  2. you have to use or consume 12786,Change_Slot_Card,Character Position Change Coupon in order to move your character
  3. yeah i l kniow that patch what im trying to say is how to add it on "character creation window". i want to put my custom hairs in there
  4. is there a way to add up my 30 custom hairs inside this hair list selection?
  5. guys did u notice this problem when u patch ur client with increase hairtsyle limit in game patch for 2018 clients? @ the character creation menu, select your 1st hairtstyle for male and it will show a wrong hairstyle on your character.. does anyone knows how to fix this?
  6. need aggressive AI for homunculus and mercenary (walking in circles when master is sitting), im using nazzyai way back 2017 and its perfectly working but when i upgraded my client to 2018 nazzyai isnt working anymore.. anyone who have a ai for 2018?
  7. Oh boy i wish that itll be included to the master soon
  8. @hendra814 yup refine ui system.. Where can i find them
  9. Im using zack, but now since u mention that asheraf also have a contribution in english translations i figured out that asherafs files is the one that i need thnx @hendra814 +1
  10. wheres the renewal refine system? it seems that im still using the old refine system (w/o refine interface)? how am i suppose to use that system?
  11. am i missing something? i already have the latest ROenglishRE-master but still showing some korean characters in game.. is there already english interface bmps for 2018? any msgstringtable for 2018 clients ?
  12. i already try what u said but its still not working
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