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  1. Tadaaaaaaa! Miss you!

    1. Azura Skyy

      Azura Skyy

      You ditched me

  2. Stop using others private server data.grf. Please make a fresh client data to your server.
  3. Youcan change it here. // Starting point for new characters // Format: <map_name>,<x>,<y>{:<map_name>,<x>,<y>...} // Max number of start points is MAX_STARTPOINT in char.h (default 5) // Location is randomly picked on character creation. // NOTE: For Doram, this requires client 20151001 or newer. start_point: iz_int,97,90:iz_int01,97,90:iz_int02,97,90:iz_int03,97,90:iz_int04,97,90 start_point_pre: new_1-1,53,111:new_2-1,53,111:new_3-1,53,111:new_4-1,53,111:new_5-1,53,111 start_point_doram: lasa_fild01,48,297
  4. Elsa Mist


    Pastikan kamu mengunakan .lub files yg sesuai dengan client date yg digunakan.
  5. +1 for this. They use rA and its free! A lot of people working hard in rA at the background yet they(the people) kept the updates they got for them self. I think rA should stop updates the new contents and bug fix. xD Or maybe can make an Paid Bug Fix forum too... XOXOXO
  6. It is would very best if you can make it integrating with bootstrap. Btw, your design is clean and neat. Just keep it up.
  7. Elsa Mist


    Boleh rujuk disini. 2015 2014
  8. Mind show your edited scripts?
  9. The script is using setarray. // [0] = Zeny, [1] = Item ID, [2] = Item Amount; setarray .ssm_prize[0],125,501,10; setarray .tsm_prize[0],450,501,30; You can read it more about setarray here. You can set multiple items. Syntax setarray <array name>[<first value>],<value>{,<value>...<value>};
  10. Yes check inside you phpmyadmin than the login table there should be account ID 1 give that account a password and username copy those also in your map and char_athena
  11. This inter_athena.conf? or check your phpmyadmin database?
  12. using latest git? Since im testing it just now with client date given and didnt get any problem. Since you didn't even change that part.
  13. What client date did you use?
  14. Is it a live server? If yes, you need to truncate your sql.
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