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  1. Hello, can add Storage and Save please.
  2. I use the latest version of rAthena. I'm using this exe. 2017-06-14bRagexeRE Added items in item_cash_db But the cash button is not shown. The roulette is not shown either Some help?
  3. Roulette and Cash Shop button work in this exe?
  4. Roulette and Cash Shop button work in this exe?
  5. Thanks. I think it may inconvenience users in the visual form of the game. Thanks.
  6. How to remove red mark from the cursor please.
  7. Does anyone know where to change the size of this?
  8. Xiao

    VNC Help Please

    Friend i need the commands to create the start buttons for the emulator and to compile.
  9. Xiao

    VNC Help Please

    Friend and treaty but I can not do it. Can you give me a little help more please.
  10. Xiao

    VNC Help Please

    Hello, could someone help me with a guide on how to create the accesses to start and compile the emulator from VNC? Thank.
  11. He tells me Reward is available but he does not give it to me automatically. Or should I add some npc to go claim the prize? I have active revision by ip and by mac last unique id. I have gepard shield =(
  12. I have the same problem. =( [Error]: Skill '65535' is undefined! status.c:108::status_skill2sc [Error]: status_skill2sc: Unsupported skill id 65535 [Error]: status_skill2sc: Unsupported skill id 0 My emulator: rAmod.