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  1. I already managed to fix it, thanks. i have same problem number 1 Could you fix it?
  2. No work for me. Emulator rAthena Commits on Feb 12, 2020.
  3. I have the same problem.
  4. Thanks for sharing this feature. I have a problem trying to compile. Attached image, I appreciate very much who can help me to solve it. i use the ( petstats rAthena Cpp.cs )
  5. I have a problem with this iRO_Daily_Quest_Alberta_Cargo.txt A level 1 player can go talk to the Cargo (6) and get all the experience and awards level 98. How to fix this?
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you that today I have updated some files and when compiling it shows me the following error. Could someone please tell me how to fix the utilities.cpp file? Thank you.
  7. I have the same problem. Help please.
  8. no work. An unexpected error has occurred. Please contact the admin.
  9. Deliver the images in photoshop to translate them into Spanish!
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