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  1. I've just released version 0.3.0 which allows for converting mob skills and creating a mob_skill_db.txt file. To update your dp2rathena to the latest version, you'll need to run: pip install -U dp2rathena Instructions for how to use the new feature are listed at the top of this thread and within the tool help text. For example running the help command: dp2rathena mobskill --help Will produce this help text: Let me know if you come across any issues or have any requests/suggestions. I'll do my best to reply promptly
  2. Hi all, I put together a command-line tool to help save time when porting lots of existing items to an rAthena server. I noticed that the rAthena community often refers to divine-pride.net (DP) as a source of truth, so I figured it would be useful to connect with their API. Summary The tool uses data from divine-pride.net and attempts to map the API response to a desired rAthena database format. Installation Requires Python 3.6+ and pip installed: pip install dp2rathena Usage Generate a divine-pride.net API key if you don't have one yet (registration required), then you can start converting data: Example 1: Store API key and convert items with id 501 and 1101 dp2rathena config dp2rathena item 501 1101 Produces this output: Example 2: Re-use stored API key, convert mobskills for mobs with id 1002, 1049 and 1299 and save to a file called "attacks.txt" dp2rathena mobskill 1002 1049 1299 > C:\Users\Latios\Desktop\attacks.txt Produces a file in the Desktop folder called "attacks.txt": Further instructions can be found at the repository: https://github.com/Latiosu/dp2rathena Limitations The following item_db.yml fields are partially mapped: "Type" - when the item type is "Consumable" on DP and subtype "Special", we output a few possible options for user to choose the correct one (Healing, Usable, DelayConsume or Cash) "SubType" - when the item type is "Ammo" on DP, we output all rathena ammo subtypes for user to choose correct option as DP doesn't map all rathena ammo subtypes The following item_db.yml fields are excluded as DP API doesn't expose sufficient data to reverse-engineer the mapping: "Script" / "EquipScript" / "UnEquipScript" - script to execute when some action is performed with the item "Class" - upper class types that can equip item "Flags" - item flags such as "BuyingStore", "DeadBranch", "BindOnEquip", etc... "Delay" - item use delay "Stack" - item stack amount "NoUse" - conditions when the item is unusable "View" - view sprite of the item "AliasName" - another item's AegisName to be sent to client instead of this AegisName Let me know if you'd like to be able to convert other data from DP, some other suggestion or any questions. Edit: Updated instructions for usage
  3. latios


    I think ChocobotRO is a server worth trying! Anyone playing from the Asia-Pacific region will generally find good latency as server is based in Sydney, Australia.
  4. @ahloi007 The first issue is saying that "j" hasn't been defined on line 2705 in file pc.cpp. You'll want to look around the code there and try to figure out why the definition (e.g. "int j;") is missing. For example, in this part of the diff there is an "int j;" at the top, but isn't there for some reason in your code. @@ -2627,7 +2638,7 @@ void pc_exeautobonus(struct map_session_data *sd, std::vector<s_autobonus> *bonu int j; unsigned int equip_pos_idx = 0; //Create a list of all equipped positions to see if all items needed for the autobonus are still present [Playtester] - for(j = 0; j < EQI_MAX; j++) { + for(j = 0; j < EQI_MAX_BONUS; j++) { if(sd->equip_index[j] >= 0) equip_pos_idx |= sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[sd->equip_index[j]].equip; } The second issue is saying that the constant "EQI_MAX_BONUS" isn't found anywhere in the pc.cpp or pc.hpp files. In the diff, there is a section which indicates it should be added to pc.hpp. You'll want to check if it's there and if it is, figure out why it might not be found in pc.cpp. Here is the part of the diff where it gets added: diff --git a/src/map/pc.hpp b/src/map/pc.hpp index b52784b..23d1a85 100644 --- a/src/map/pc.hpp +++ b/src/map/pc.hpp @@ -84,7 +84,8 @@ enum equip_index { EQI_SHADOW_SHOES, EQI_SHADOW_ACC_R, EQI_SHADOW_ACC_L, - EQI_MAX + EQI_MAX, + EQI_MAX_BONUS = 10 };
  5. latios


    A new Sydney-based low-rate Renewal server that aims to support all Official content from kRO (plus some iRO). Opened March 2020 Episode 17.1 - Illusion Up-to-date rAthena with 2021 Client Max Level 200/70 Doram, Soul Reaper, Star Emperor available Quest-focused (no Job Changer NPC) Party-play encouraged (+20% EXP, 30-level range) Hourly and Daily Rewards Fixed Cast time disabled Renewal Drop table disabled Maintained by an active developer and rAthena contributor Open-source server modifications: https://github.com/Latiosu/rathena Discord: https://discord.gg/zNYTw2N Wiki: https://wiki.chocobot.cloud/
  6. What is the best way to help approved pull requests (not on hold) get merged? For example this filtered list of pull requests: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pulls?q=is%3Apr+is%3Aopen+review%3Aapproved+-label%3Astatus%3Aonhold Would adding things such as screenshots or a video of testing help? I suppose I'm wondering how to help aspiring contributors understand what work is remaining on a PR before it gets merged. It'd be helpful to know if we can do anything else to assist devs for a given PR.
  7. I have also been wondering why Dancer/Bard songs aren't showing skill effects. I'm looking through the commit to see if I can spot anything that might have caused it. @CyberDevil Are you able to confirm that the Dancer/Bard skills work again when you deploy the previous commit 850904a?
  8. Apologies, I may not be able to fix it such that it works with "git apply" for some time. It will have to be a manual process for now.
  9. @ahloi007 Ah apologies, I think I've made a mistake in the uploaded diff. I'll post a fixed version soon, one that works when you run: git apply "Costume System v2.diff"
  10. Thanks @Emistry, that makes sense. Although if I wanted to create a Pull Request to amend values in mob_db.txt based on values in the kRO database on Divine-Pride (e.g. Combat Basilisk Base & Job EXP https://www.divine-pride.net/database/monster/3503/combat-basilisk) would that be rejected since it's not 100% proof direct from kRO (like in-game screenshots)? I suppose I could also just create the PR and see if it's rejected or not. Basically, I'm wondering what alternative sources (besides AEGIS conversion or direct from kRO) I could use to assist with updating rAthena DBs.
  11. Hi there fellow rAthenians (is that right?), I've loved playing RO since I was rather young (back in 2004) and have played it on and off since. I have many fond memories of the original servers and various private servers when I discovered them many years later. I've recently setup my own private server based in Sydney using rAthena and it's been a blast. I'm really loving all the wonderful contributions and content the community here has made. I'm planning to keep an eye out on how I can give back to rAthena for the many joys it has enabled me to have. Hello again and thanks to everyone here in advance! - Latios
  12. Would anyone here happen to know what rAthena uses as a reference or source of truth for correcting mistakes in mob_db.txt? In other words, how would someone know whether a line in mob_db.txt has a mistake in it or not? I have done some digging around the forums and previous GitHub commits but haven't found that states where the values come from or what process to use to confirm correctness. I personally have been using a combination of Divine-Pride, RMS Mob DB and iRO Wiki DB and seeing which has most realistic values and correlating with similar mobs.
  13. @Amir Azman Nyliar's script for Charleston Crisis still works for the rAthena: rAthena Script: https://github.com/Nyliar/RagnarokContent/tree/master/Instance/Officials/Rathena/CharlestonCrisis Client & Server files (in case you are missing them): https://github.com/Nyliar/RagnarokContent/tree/master/Instance/Officials/Common Files/CharlestonCrisis Also remember to update the following line in your "db/re/instance_db.txt" (example diff below): -// 30,Charleston in Distress,3600,300,[email protected],127,282 +30,Charleston Crisis,3600,300,[email protected],127,282 I also replaced Nyliar's merchant with CrazyArashi's merchants since I liked the layout much more. Here is how it looks on my server:
  14. @Captain Oh I see what you mean. There is a nice example of how to remove this limitation in this thread: Hopefully that meets your needs.
  15. Hi all, I've modified secret's script to service third jobs only with the jRO costume. This was to get around the confusing issues that appear with skills when switching base classes. For those who were still wondering how to fix the issue where costume doesn't stay after player reconnects, you'll need to turn on "save_body_style" in your battle config. Here's what rathena's doc/script_commands.txt says: Only the look data for hairstyle, hair color and clothes color are saved to the char server's database and will persist. Body style will also persist if 'save_body_style' configuration is enabled in '/conf/battle/client.conf'. Screenshot of modified script (and NPC sprite): DressRoom_ThirdOnly.txt
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