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  1. Hello, Since gravity has changed the itemInfo format. Recently, I have been getting quite a few requests to make something for idnum to ItemInfo converter. So here I am, made a tool + optional config in itemInfo to support older clients without changing the format. Tool Link: https://github.com/dastgir/Scripts/tree/master/Lua/multi-tools Usage is mentioned in Readme
  2. Hi there, was wondering if we could discuss business. Hit me up at [email protected] I'm unable to pm you here.

  3. That's different repo altogether, and the main focus isn't on it(and wouldn't be for upcoming months, except if jedzkie will work on it) Also, if you just say, we should focus on abc,xyz, You should also think that, there's some reason why ragemu was created...
  4. Curious: which server you talking about... @OnTopic You can view the files in grf even if its encrypted, the contents of it is however hard to obtain, you need to check which encryptor they used and the password for decrypt..
  5. They modify the client such that they can have many colors
  6. Dastgir


    What's the Treasure drops of Woe TE?
  7. Complete previous quest first, then next quest will be shown(that's how lua has been set)
  8. https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation This have more update lua's
  9. Did you even tried 2013 and 2014 clients??Diff client wih restore login window and you will get login screen and can run without any launcher (login screen patch even works for 2014-10), use NEMO for patching. As of launcher, the profile part is good.
  10. Budget goes around 99$ - 150$ That's too low but it can manage if you really know what you're doing. I suggest to make your budget higher than that maybe $500 or something. 300$ is enough for a starter (for a Unmanaged DDoS Protected DS) else 150$ is enough for a unmanaged DS(no protection by datacenter) P.S: Above quote is for starters, as you grow, you would need additional DS, for accumulating customers.
  11. There's many hosting and it really depends on your budget and specs you need(and the location of the ds you want) some of them: hetzner.de ovh.com datashack.net psychz.net .... there's many more
  12. https://github.com/dastgir/Scripts/tree/master/DLL/SplashInstruction given on that page, or else use 'Use Custom DLL' on Nemo Patcher Put harmony splash screen name as splash.bmp and move it to your client folder.
  13. So here's the problem, A+B=C and B>C, then absolutely B>A or B<A reasons: Case 1: Since A+B=C. A, B cannot exceed C if they both are positive. so 2 cases left are, (both negative) or (one negative and one positive). Case 2: For both negative ( A and B ): C will always be lesser than A and B examples: -1-2=-3 (A=-1,B=-2,C=-3) or -2-1=-3 (A=-2,B=-1,C=-3), so B can be greater or less than A(In both examples B>C) Case 3 (for one positive and one negative number): take examples, -1+2=1(A=-1,B=2,C=1) or 3-2=1(A=3,B=-2,C=1), in first case B>A (And B>C) and in second case B<A(B is not greater than C), so Answer is: 1) B is greater or less than A(If both numbers are negative) 2) B is greater than A (if A is negative and B is positive) 3) No relation (If both are positive numbers, or A is negative and B is positive) P.S: A cannot be equal to B in any case(since B>C). So according to the Question conditions of number being negative or positive, above three results can be obtained.)
  14. like which methods, all users are curious to know method to extract files from securegrf encrypted grfs.
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